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Skinny To Bulk For Every Guy

Building muscle is easy when you know which exercises trigger the most muscle growth.

Our Muscle Building Guide shows you:
– Which exercises build muscle fast
– Weight lifting techniques that trigger muscle growth
– Muscle building foods that fuel muscle growth while you sleep

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How To Lose Weight

Shed Weight Fast And Safe

Weight loss is a much emotional as it is physical.

Read our Weight Loss Guide to discover:
– How to lose weight quickly but safely
– What to look for in a weight loss program to lose weight and keep it off
– Weight loss motivation and supplements to keep you on track

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How To Get Toned

Get Toned, Slim And Sexy

Tone up and get sexy for summer, a wedding or just to look amazing for your partner.

In our Toning Guide, you’ll learn:
– Which exercises are best for fat burning
– Which foods burn fat and which foods create body fat
– When is the best time to exercise?

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How To Build Strength

Weak To Strong At Any Age

Strength training is important for everyone, from Mums and Dads, teenagers to seniors.

Our Strength Training Guide reveals:
– The best strength training exercises to get strong fast
– How to incorporate strength training into your exercise routine to maintain strength
– The components of a strength training program

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How To Get Fit

Get Fit And Live Healthier

Making the decision to work on your fitness can be the start of a lifelong journey to better health.

In our Fitness Guide we reveal:
– Components of fitness for complete health
– How to get fit and maintain fitness long term
– The best fitness exercises and nutrition for real health

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How To Eat Healthy

Life Or Death With Every Bite

When it comes to healthy eating, it’s often a battle between your thoughts and your tongue.

Use our Healthy Eating Guide to discover:
– How food affects your body and your health
– Micro and macro nutrients and how much you need
– How much protein and carbs your body really needs

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The Exercises.com.au team making fitness fun!

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore… keep it motivating and fun with new exercises, training locations and workout buddies to reach your fitness goals sooner…

Sydney Opera House Dips

Laurie hits triceps with Sydney Opera House dips!

Sydney Harbour Bridge Pull Ups

Teagan extends for Sydney Harbour Bridge pull ups!

Australian Fitness Models

Teagan, Dmitri and Laurie flex the team colours

Latest Reviews

Checkout our reviews of the top exercise equipment including treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, adjustable dumbbells, exercise bikes, home gyms, row machines and more…

For gym equipment Australia, discover the leading equipment manufacturers and brands bringing you the latest technology to keep you fit and motivated.

Best Home Gyms Australia
Best Elliptical Cross Trainers Australia
Best Exercise Bikes Australia
Best Treadmill Australia
Best Rowing Machine Australia
Best Adjustable Dumbbells Australia
Best Pilates Reformer Australia

What Day Is It?

With over 500 exercise videos from expert personal trainers here in one site you’ll have endless workout options to keep your sessions fresh and motivating.

Receive step-by-step instructions for popular exercises like squats, bicep curls, bench press, crunches and more so that you’re exercising correctly and safely either at home or the gym…

Chest Day

Discover which chest exercises help carve out pecs of gold.

From old classic bench press to cable flys, it’s pecs day.

Abs Day

Use these abs exercises to carve out your six-pack to hit the beach for summer.

These core exercises also target obliques giving you washboard abs that will be the envy of your mates.

Glutes Day

Include our glute exercises into your low body routine to build awesome glutes worthy of envy.

Get your sexy back by the end of the month.

Arms Day

These arm exercises will peak your biceps and flare your triceps to create guns to be proud of.

Start with some traditional bicep exercises so you’ll be beach-ready in summer and add in triceps exercises to your workouts and you’ll be busting sleeves in no time.

Checkout awesome forearm exercises for various ways to target forearms for growth and tone.

Be Popeye with or without the spinach with these sleeve stretchers.

Legs Day

Add these leg exercises to your workouts to start building quadzilla thighs and awesome calves.

Start with quads exercises to get the blood flowing and remember to include hamstring exercises in your workout for full leg development.

To grow calves, you need the right calf exercises along with the right technique.

Spark growth with slow up, slow down reps to keep tension on the muscles and build size and shape.

Back Day

Checkout these back exercises to build muscle and strength and get the coveted V shape.

Include lower back exercises, then head north with traps exercises and finish strong with some targeted lats exercises.

Shoulders Day

Use our shoulder exercises to target the anterior, medial or posterior deltoid muscles of the shoulders to create envious peaks.

These shoulder builders will have you sleeveless in no time.

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