Keep Fit And Safe With These Cardio Pregnancy Exercises

Pregnancy Exercise

Swimming is perhaps the best zero-impact exercise during pregnancy

Whether you’ve just found out you’re pregnant or you’re a few months along already and are looking for ways to keep in shape, the great news is there are plenty of options.

Many women are overly cautious while pregnant and while it’s good to make sure that you are safe, you can still keep fit and have fun at the same time.

The trick is to know which exercises are pregnancy-friendly and which you should refrain from doing.

Let’s go over 3 safe pregnancy exercises that you can take part in if you want to keep your cardiovascular fitness level up.


The first great exercise to consider is swimming. Swimming is an excellent option for pregnant women because it’s completely non-impact.

As your body will be going through many changes during pregnancy, along with the fact you’ll be carrying more weight, this no-impact activity will be very welcomed.

Swimming is also a great way to work both the upper and lower body, so is a very complete workout to consider.

If you aren’t going to be doing much strength training activity, swimming is a smart go-to as you’ll be working against the resistance of the water while you do it.


Walking is the next activity you might want to consider as a pregnancy exercise.

Walking is a great cardio activity you can do for most of your pregnancy as a low impact exercise, anytime, anywhere.

Brisk walking, either on flat ground or uphill if you want to get a little more glute and hamstring activation, is a perfect way to keep fit.

This is also a great activity to do with other pregnant women, so is a nice way to be social and do something good for your body at the same time.

If you are going to walk uphill, just be sure to pay attention to your heart rate and ensure that it doesn’t get too high.

It’s okay to increase it a little, but keep it to around 60-70% of your maximum heart rate.

Aerobics Class

Aerobics class is the final option to consider if you want to get your cardiovascular training in while pregnant.

Pregnancy Aerobics

Pregnancy aerobics classes are specifically designed to keep you safe while keeping you fit too!

The great thing about aerobics class is that you can often find classes that are offered just for pregnant women, so you can be sure that these are safe to do.

If you can’t find a local pregnancy aerobics class, consider finding a normal class and  talk to the teacher before you begin and let him or her know that you are pregnant.

You may need to modify the exercises slightly based on what you can do and bring down the intensity slightly depending on how advanced the class is, but most aerobics classes do you have you performing upright exercises, all of which should you have no problem taking part in.

There are three great cardio exercise options that you can include in your pregnancy exercise plan.

Also remember that exercise doesn’t have to take place in the gym or be ‘formal’ exercises.

Simply getting up and moving around while pregnant can help keep your fitness level up and make it easier to get back into shape after you give birth.

The most important thing during this time is to simply stay mobile, whether that means formal exercise as noted above or simply maintaining your active day to day life.