Avoid These Common Diet Mistakes

Diet Mistakes

Are you committing these weight loss sins?

New to your weight loss diet? If so, you need to come to terms with a few of the key mistakes most new dieters make and ensure that you side-step them as you move forward.

Sadly, many dieters make grave errors that can really end up costing them big in the future, which will only lead to frustration and them possibly falling right off their diet plan.

Let’s walk you through what these four sins are so that you can fully understand whether they are impacting you.

Calories To The Extreme

he first big problem is taking your calorie intake to the extreme. You think, if 1400 calories is good, that must mean that 1000 calories is even better.

Only it isn’t.  Remember, your body needs a certain amount of nutrients each day to simply function.

If you take your calories too low, you won’t be giving your body these nutrients and as such, may start to find that fat loss screeches to a halt.

Your body will begin protecting its fat stores for fear of starvation. When this happens, you won’t be seeing progress any time soon.

The Omission Of Entire Food Groups

Another big error is completely omitting entire food groups.  You gave up grains a long time ago – or perhaps, you’ve banned dairy.

Maybe it’s fruit you won’t let slip past your lips.

Whatever the case may be, this sort of diet is anything but healthy. While you may need to reduce/omit dairy if you are lactose intolerant, if you aren’t, there’s no reason to cut it out.

It’ll provide the important calcium your bones need to stay strong.

A balanced diet should have room for all the main food groups – meats, grains, fruits, vegetables, and fats.

Lack Of Planning

Diet Meal Preparation

Meal planning is half the secret to effective weight loss

Another error that typically occurs is a complete and total lack of planning.  You go about your day, neglecting to think about what you’re eating at your next meal.

Only, your day doesn’t go as planned and now you’re stuck at work late without any sort of healthy food in sight.

Lack of planning is a recipe for disaster as far as your diet goes.  Those who fail to plan, plan to fail, as the saying goes.

Each day you should know very well what you are eating for the meals ahead and if possible, already have them prepared.

The less work you need to do to stick with your diet, the better.

Black And White Thinking

Finally, the last big problem among new dieters is black and white thinking. They figure that they need to be 100% on at all times or they might as well not even try.

What often happens in this scenario is they will make a mistake – they always will – and when they do, they’ll immediately start eating far more than they ever would have before.

The reason? They feel like they’ve blown it, so why even try?  Soon they are one box of cookies deep and wondering where they went wrong.

Black and white thinking patterns will only hinder your progress. You must remember that it’s less about being perfect and more about maintaining control over your choices.

Remember, you are always in control and have the power to change what you are doing at any given moment.  Start utilising that power.

So there you have the top diet sins that many new dieters make.  Do you see yourself in any of these? If so, it’s time to make some changes so that you can move forward and see the success that you desire.