Are These Things Slowing Your Metabolism?

Slow Metabolism

A slow metabolism is the enemy of weight loss

Wondering why you can’t seem to shake those final 10 kilos?  Your metabolism may be to blame.

While a few too many people tend to blame their ‘slow metabolism’ for their weight loss woes when they simply aren’t eating as well or exercising as much as they could, for some individuals, it really is why they struggle so much.

While some people are born with a naturally faster metabolic rate than others, there are things that you might be doing on a daily basis that are impacting yours – often without you even realising it.

Let’s go over four of these factors right now so that you can get a more clear idea why you may not be seeing the fat loss you hoped for.

You’re Yo-Yo Dieting

The first reason you may not be losing weight as desired is if you’re yo-yo dieting, or just crash dieting.  Very low calorie intakes will crush your metabolic rate as it slows down to preserve energy as best as possible.

If you are constantly eating in this state, or often rebound, eating a higher level of calories after you just can’t take it any longer, you’ll be gaining fat faster than you thought possible.

A lower calorie diet is good, a very low calorie diet is not. It’s a fine line you must make sure you don’t cross.

You’re Not Sleeping Enough

Another common reason your metabolism may be sluggish is if you aren’t getting a good 8-9 hours of sleep each night.  Sleep is critical to overall health as well as helping you maintain a proper body weight.

If you aren’t sleeping enough at night, not only will your body be more prone to storing body fat (especially the midsection), but you’ll be burning fewer calories all day long, making weight gain that much more probable.

Lack of sleep will disrupt the natural hormone balance taking place in your body and this can mean you just don’t function as well as you should.

If you’ve been burning the midnight oil, it might be time to reconsider this habit.

You’re Not Getting Enough Protein

Fish Protein

Are you getting enough protein?

The next reason you may not be seeing the fat loss you desire is if you aren’t getting enough protein.  This is due to two different reasons.  First, protein itself is a highly metabolic nutrient.

Your body will expend more energy simply breaking protein down than it will fat or carbohydrates. Therefore, with every protein rich food you eat, you get a slight boost to your metabolic rate.

Second, protein also helps to preserve lean muscle mass. If you begin losing lean muscle thanks to not getting enough protein, this can then mean that you’ll see a permanent decline in your metabolic rate.  This makes losing weight harder, as well as keeping that weight off feel like mission impossible.

You’re Lacking Lean Muscle Mass

Speaking of muscle mass, this is the last reason why your metabolic rate may be moving along more slowly than you’d like.

If you simply don’t have a good level of lean muscle mass built up, this means that you’ll require fewer calories on a day to day basis to maintain your body weight.

Building more muscle is one of the best things that you can do to speed up your metabolism, so make sure that you are focusing on that.

So keep these quick tips in mind.  All of them could be impacting you, making it that much harder to see the weight loss results that you desire.  Don’t give up if you do have a slower metabolic rate as there are many things that you can do to change it.