Build Your Core With These Top Medicine Ball Exercises

Medicine Ball Exercises

Build core strength with the added resistance of a medicine ball

Want to build your core strength?

One of the best ways to do this is with a medicine ball, because not only will your abs have to work against the weight of your body, but this additional weight as well.

The medicine ball is perfect as it’s round, easy to carry, comes in different weights and can be used in a range of different exercises.

To help you chisel your abs and get a strong core, let’s look at four different medicine ball core building exercises to add to your program today.

Side To Side Twist

The side to side twist is a very basic ab exercise that is going to hit your front abs as well as your obliques.

To do this one, position yourself on the floor as you would in a normal sit-up exercise.

Now, holding the ball directly in front of the chest, sit straight up and once you’re at the midway point, twist to one side of the body, aiming to touch that medicine ball to the floor on that side.

Pause and then twist back to center.  Now lower yourself back down into the starting position again.

Next time as you sit up, twist to the other side.  Continue alternating sides until all reps are completed.

Decline Sit Up

The decline sit-up is especially great for boosting core strength because of the fact it’s going to have you working against gravity as well.

Perfect for targeting your lower ab muscles, it’ll help give you that six pack look you’re going for.

Simply get into a decline ab bench, tucking your feet under the foot pads and hold the medicine ball again at chest level.

Now lean back against the bench into the decline position and once there, sit back up again to complete the rep. Continue on until all reps are completed.

Medicine Ball Exercises

Get a solo workout in or join a group for more fun and support

Note that if you want to advance this exercise, you’ll simply want to place the ball up over the head as you execute the movement pattern.

Partner Pass

The partner pass is the next smart move to add to your ab workout routine.

To perform this, stand back to back with a partner, one of you holding a medicine ball.

Now twist to one side as they twist to the same side and pass that ball over to them.

As they receive the ball, they are to immediately begin to twist to the opposing side as well, as you do the same. Now they can pass that ball off to you.

Continue on in this manner, completing the circuit until five to ten circuits are completed.

Once they are, switch the direction of the pass so that you work both sides equally.

Lying Leg Raise

Finally, the last move to bring strength to your lower abs is the lying leg raise.

This one will be performed just as you would a standard leg raise only this time you will be placing the medicine ball between the feet as you execute the movement.

Get down on your back, placing the ball between your legs and then slowly lower it down to the ground until it’s almost touching.

Pause there and then lift back up to complete the rep.

Continue on until all reps are completed, making sure to never let that lower back lift up off the ground.

These are four great medicine ball exercises that you can do to increase the overall strength development of your core.

Do these a few times a week and soon you’ll be seeing a difference.