Are You Making These Mistakes Without Realising It?

Gym Ego

Has ego replaced health as your reason for working out?

If you’ve been hitting the gym for a while now, you may think that you have your workouts under control.

You know just what to be doing and when and figure that you will constantly be seeing progress.

But, could you be making a few mistakes and not even realise it?

Sadly, many people do just that and it can cost them lots of progress over time.

By going over the following errors that some experienced gym goers make, you can ensure that you are doing everything right and are on track to optimal results.

You Neglect Form Check-Ups

The first mistake that too many advanced lifters make is not doing form check-ups.

Every few months or so, back off the weight and simply focus on form.  Do this for one week (or at least one workout for every exercise session).

By checking your form like this, you will ensure you aren’t building any bad habits without realising it.

Remember, if you don’t use proper form as you go about each lift, you aren’t going to see the benefits that you should be.

In addition to that, you are also going to be at a greater risk of injury as the amount of weight you lift continues to increase.

You Let Your Ego Get In The Way

It’s also important that you never let your ego get in the way.

If you head into the gym with the mindset that you need to show-off and lift as much weight for everyone to see and ‘admire’, chances are you are not doing the exercise correctly.

Too much weight will almost always cause you to sacrifice good form.

While it’s one thing to cheat your form slightly to squeeze out your very last rep before you hit the point of full fatigue, it’s quite another to be using poor form right from the start because the weight you’re lifting is just too heavy for you.

You Program-Hop

The next critical error that you want to avoid is program hopping.

Some advanced lifters figure if they aren’t seeing results in a week or two, that’s a good sign that program just isn’t for them.

Next thing you know, they’re off and onto another program instead.

Don’t let this happen to you. It’s a must that you give every program you do a chance to deliver results.

Even if you are very experienced, at times, you may not see results for two or even three weeks once starting a plan.

Bad Habits

Bad habits outside the gym can’t be fixed by a hard workout or two

And, if your diet isn’t up to par, you may never see results. Be sure that you are keeping check of that and being patient.

Of course this doesn’t mean you should sit on a program for months on end that you aren’t seeing results with, but don’t be too quick to hop on and off plans.

You Don’t Periodise Your Plan

Finally, don’t forget to periodise your training. You can’t be pushing to 100% each and every workout all year long.

You do need to take a break here and there and have a deloading week or simply focus on another element of your training.

Change is good when it comes to fitness because with change often comes results.

Get out a full year’s worth of program planning before you even begin to ensure you don’t get caught up in this trap.

These are some of the main points to know and remember regarding mistakes advanced lifters are making.

Do you see yourself in any of these?