Build Your Chest With These 4 Push-Ups

Push Ups

Build, strengthen or tone chest muscles with these push-up variations

Have an upper body workout coming up ahead? If so, don’t neglect the push-up exercise.

Far too often this exercise is forgotten about in a workout program and instead, bench press is favored.

While there’s no question about the fact that if you want pure strength gains, the bench press will likely be a better solution, push-ups can be great to use as a finishing move or to simply boost your muscular endurance and core strength.

And, with so many different variations available that you can do, there’s no reason to ever become bored.

This said, let’s go over four different push-up variations that you should be considering.

Triangle Push-Ups

The first push-up variety is the triangle push up. This push-up is going to help to strengthen the chest as well as the triceps to a larger degree thanks to your hand placement on the ground.

Simply form a triangle with the thumbs and forefingers and then begin the normal push-up action.

One Arm Push-Ups

One arm push ups are the next variety for those who really want a challenge.

You’ll likely find that these will take a lot more strength than any other style of push-up, so focus on building that large strength base first before attempting them.

When you do this variety, perform an equal number of reps to each side to ensure that no muscular imbalances develop.

The great thing about this variety is that they’ll work your stabilisation muscles as you balance on that single arm while executing the movement.

Note that you will need to place the arm directly beneath you when doing this move in order to keep your body balanced.

Push Up Exercises

Challenge yourself by adding one more push-up every day

Exercise Ball Push-Ups

Another more advanced push-up you can do is the exercise ball push-up.  This one is going to bring the core into play a great deal, helping you see firm, flat abs.

The easier variety is to place the exercise ball underneath your feet and perform a regular style push-up from there, while the more challenging variety is to place the hands on top of the exercise ball and do your push-ups in that regard.

Both styles will have you immediately feeling the increased tension in the abdominal region.

While doing this exercise, just be sure that you never let the hips fall or come up. Doing so will place great strain on the lower back and will eventually lead to lower back pain.

Push-Ups To Row

Finally, the last push-up variation that you might want to consider is also going to bring your back into play, giving you multiple strengthening benefits.

For this one, you simply place a dumbbell on the floor directly underneath one of your hands when in the push-up position.

Now, get into that starting pose and begin your push-up.

As you push yourself up, you’ll then want to reach toward the dumbbell, grab it, and then pull it directly up into a row.

Position the dumbbell back down on the ground as you do and then lower yourself back into the push-up position.

Aim to complete 8-10 reps per side and then rest and perform to the other side, being sure to do an equal number of reps on that side as well.

Like the above, also be sure to keep your core tight the entire time to avoid a lower back sway or rise up.

So there you have a few interesting and challenging push-up variations you can add to your next workout session.  Make sure that you aren’t missing out on what this exercise has to offer.