Build Your Biceps With These 4 Strategies

Build Biceps

Time Under Tension(TUT) is the key to building big bi’s

Looking to build your biceps?

The biceps are one of the most coveted muscle groups for many men because few things will show off your arm muscles like a good bicep flex.

If you’ve built some mass and are feeling relatively happy with your arms, with a few small tricks and techniques, you can go from good to great.

Arm training needs to be specifically planned in your workout routine.

Too many people make the mistake of thinking that they can simply perform set after set of curls and you’ll magically be seeing excellent gains.  This isn’t quite how things work however. 

Too much direct bicep training is actually undesirable because it means you’ll be taken away from the training that can also help grow your biceps – heavy compound back work.

So this said, let’s go over four secrets that will help you take your biceps to a whole new level.

Focus On The Squeeze

The first and possibly most important thing you need to do if you are going to see excellent biceps is to make sure that you are focusing on the muscle squeeze.

Too many people rush through the movement and while they are recruiting their muscles, they aren’t doing so to maximum effect.

When doing any sort of curl, imagine in your mind how the muscle is shortening with each and every muscle fibre contracting fully into a tight ball.

At the very top of the exercise, the ball should be feeling extremely tight and hard.

If someone was to touch your bicep at this point, they should feel that muscle cramped up under your skin.

If you don’t focus on this very last squeeze at the top of the exercise, you’re really missing out on the great benefits your arm training could bring you.

Control The Eccentric Phase

Next, after coming out of the top bicep curl position, you’ll want to ensure that you lower the weight down as slowly as possible, maintaining a high level of tension on the muscle at all times.

Lower the weight too fast and you’re essentially robbing yourself of half the benefits that the exercise would otherwise bring.

Slow and steady should be the name of your game here.

Lower the weight down to the same count, if not longer than you used to raise the weight up to start with.

To produce optimum muscle building, you’ll want to be aiming for a tempo of around 3 seconds to curl the weight upwards and then another 3 seconds or so to lower the weight down.

If you like, you could even extend that to four seconds.

Much of the results that you see are going to be attributed to that eccentric portion of the exercise so be sure that you are not skipping over it.

Get Seated

Another quick tip to consider as you go about your arm workout is to move your curls to the seated position.

Get Big Arms

Go seated to maintain strict form as you lift and lower the dumbbell

By doing your regular bicep curls seated against a fully upright incline bench, you’ll virtually be minimising the amount of momentum that you can use as you perform that exercise.

Those who do this exercise in the standing position often get into the habit of swinging the weight up, minimising how much actual muscle tension is being experienced.

Going seated prevents this entirely provided you make sure that you keep your arms in the locked position at the sides of the body.

Change Your Hand Position

You’ll also want to consider changing your hand position during your bicep curling moves.

Be sure that with each workout that you do, you perform some standard bicep curl movements with the palms facing toward the ceiling and likewise, also perform some hammer curl bicep curls with the hands facing in towards each other.

Having both of these varieties in the program will help target both heads of your bicep effectively, ensuring that you see optimal results.

These are the top tips to know and remember regarding bicep training.

Incorporate these principles into your workout routine and you’ll have unlocked the secret to optimal growth and development.