Are You Unknowingly Overloading On Calories?

Calories in Condiments

Are you checking labels of condiments?

Trying to slim down but struggling? If so, you might want to take into account whether there are any sneaky sources of calories coming into your daily diet plan.

Many people often account for the main foods they eat – removing items such as pizza, pasta, burgers, and so forth, but neglect other areas that may be contributing excess calories.

Unless these are eliminated, you are going to continue to go on to see problems occur.

Let’s look at the four sneaky sources of calories that you will want to banish from your current diet plan.

Condiments And Sauces

First, consider any condiments or sauces that you’re using on a regular basis. Start reading the nutritional label on those sauces.  How many calories are there per serving?

Next, how many servings are you actually eating?  Remember, if it’s 1 tbsp. per serving and you eat a quarter cup on your meal, this means you need to multiple all nutritional values by four as well.

This can be a real wake-up call for many.  Also check to see if the first couple of ingredients contain sugar. If so, that is definitely one sauce or condiment you want to put back.


Ice Tea Calories

So called ‘healthy beverages’ like ice tea are full of sugar and should be avoided

Beverages are another sneaky place that calories like to sneak into your diet plan. If you’re regularly indulging in gourmet coffees, fruit smoothies, or energy drinks, you could be taking in far more calories than you ever thought possible.

Most people will also not eat less because of these calories, so they simply get tacked on to your daily total.

If you’re trying to stay lean, this clearly isn’t going to work in your favour. To get around this, focus on only drinking water, herbal teas, or protein based smoothies.  These are the only liquids that should pass your lips.

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are another food to watch out for, not because the nutritional content is poor, but rather because they add up so quickly.

If you misjudge a serving size, you could easily be taking in 50-100 calories more per serving. Do this 3 times per day and that adds up fast.

If you want to stay as lean as possible, it’s a must that you keep tabs on your serving sizes. Measure out all foods – peanut butter, olive oil, and any nuts or seeds you eat.

At nine calories per gram, these foods simply pack in too many calories for you to be unsure about how much you are eating.

Breakfast Cereal

Finally, the last food to double check is your breakfast cereal.  You want to not only look at how much sugar is in that cereal because so called ‘healthy cereals’ can still be incredibly high in sugar, but in addition to that, also consider how many servings are represented on the nutritional panel.

If your cereal is a ½ cup serving and you eat 1½ cups, you’ve now taken in three times the amount of energy, and milk hasn’t even been accounted for.

Breakfast cereals are very easy to overeat in, so get your measuring cups out before you fill your bowl.  Or, better yet, find a cereal that has a larger serving size of one cup per 100-120 calories.

If you want a top notch breakfast cereal, oatmeal simply won’t be beat.  Its high fibre, low sugar, and high energy.  You can’t go wrong here.

So there you have some of the sneaky sources of calories that could be causing your diet to fall off track.  Are any of these posing problems for you?