How To Choose The Best Fat Loss Program

Fat Loss Programs

Choosing the right fat loss program can mean shedding those last unwanted kilos

Gearing up to start a fat loss diet plan? Before you run out and start up on the first plan you find that promises good results, it’s time to put a little effort into choosing your plan.

The plan you choose to use could make or break your success in a number of ways.  First, it must be effective in theory.

If the plan isn’t designed properly, it may not matter how well you follow it, it won’t bring results.

Likewise, if you can’t follow the plan simply because you don’t enjoy being on it, this too will lead to lack of results.

So this said, let’s look at four steps to take to find a diet plan that fits your situation.

Assess The Calorie Content

The first thing that you’ll want to do when selecting a fat loss diet is to take a look at how many calories it provides. 

Are you getting a sustainable number? If the diet is any lower than around 1200-1300 per day for females or 1500-1600 per day for males, this diet is too low for you to be on.

Remember, getting to your end goal is important, but it’s never worth sacrificing your health for.  At these levels, you simply aren’t eating enough to get your basic nutritional needs met.

Assess The Protein Level

After you’ve looked at the calorie content, you’ll then want to look at the protein it contains.

If the diet is too low in protein, malnutrition will occur and you may begin to lose lean muscle mass rather than body fat.

You want to aim for around 0.8 grams of protein per kilo of body weight at the bare minimum.

Most of those people who are active on a regular basis would do better taking in 1-1.5 grams or more per kilo of body weight.

Remember that you can always add more protein to a given diet if everything else looks good.

Assess The Food Choices

Next up, look at the food choices. Is the plan promoting a wide variety of natural foods?

Are you required to eat any pre-made foods or supplements on the protocol?

Are the foods you are to be eating ones that you actually enjoy?

It’s important that you both enjoy the foods on the plan and that the diet is promoting natural, unprocessed foods.

This will indicate a smart plan that is easily sustainable and that will provide you with adequate nutrition.

If it’s not, know that that plan is only going to be beneficial short term.

Fat Loss Program

Measuring fat loss through your program is essential

Assess The Long-Term Outlook

Finally, you’ll also want to assess the long-term outlook of this plan. By this, I mean how long you think you’ll stick with it.

Is it a plan you could see yourself doing for years to come?

Remember, if you want to keep the weight off, you are looking for a lifestyle change here.

This means that you may add more food into your meal plan at a later date once you’ve lost the weight, but you will never go back to eating how you did before.

If the plan isn’t something that you could see yourself doing for the long haul, it might be time to keep looking.

If you do find such a plan, it’ll make moving to weight maintenance that much easier.

So there you have the key steps to take to figure out which fat loss diet you should be using.

Spend some time looking for the right plan – it will pay off in the end in terms of the results that you see.