Build Your Back With These Targeted Exercises

Back Workout

Build your back with an intense weekly workout

If you’re getting ready for a back workout in the gym, there are a few things that you should know before you get started.

Training back is a very intense day as these are large muscles in the body that account for a great deal of your total upper body area.

Most people are not giving back the attention that it deserves in the gym, so it’s critical that you ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

As you get started, let’s go over four tips that you should remember about training back.

Incorporate these in and you’ll be seeing optimal success.

Train Horizontal And Vertical Movements Equally

The first thing to note is that it’s critical you have balance in your workout program. 

For example, if you are doing six sets of moves that have you pulling on a horizontal plane of motion, make sure that you also have six moves that have you pulling on a vertical plane of motion.

This will create better muscle symmetry and balance in the body, preventing certain muscles from being stronger than others.  When that occurs, it can quickly lead to injury.

The only exception to this rule is if you are already suffering from a muscular imbalance and are simply trying to fix it.

Avoid Momentum

Next, make sure that you avoid momentum as you go about your workout sessions. As most moves are pulling in nature, it’s easy to get the whole body into it, helping you hoist the weight.

The minute momentum comes into the picture though is the minute that your progress will fly out the window.

You want to keep your body as stable as possible, only moving the muscles that are working.

Womens Back Exercises

Try a close grip exercise to target your inner middle back muscles

If you can do this, you’ll be placing far more stress and tension on the target muscle group, seeing better results because of it.

Mix It Up

It’s also essential that you mix up your workout routine as well. For instance, if you are always doing pull-downs, consider doing some pull-ups for a change of pace.

This will challenge your body in a new manner, allowing you to see ongoing results.

Remember that your body adapts quickly, so if you’ve been doing the same workout over and over again, this isn’t going to lead to results any time soon.

Aim to change something about your workout at least once every 2 weeks, whether it’s an exercise, lifting in a different rep range, performing more sets, or otherwise.

Vary Your Grip

Finally, one last thing to remember is to consider varying your grip as you go about the exercises you’re doing.

For instance, doing a pull-down with a wide grip is going to be very beneficial for increasing the thickness of the back, while if you do a pull-down with a narrow grip, you’ll be hitting your mid-back to a larger degree.

Likewise, doing a pull-up with an overhand grip is going to hit your back well, however if you flip your hands around and use an underhand grip, you’ll be working your biceps to a larger degree.

Small changes like this add up and can also keep you more mentally interested in your workout program, which can also be beneficial for seeing ongoing results.

So keep these points in mind next time you’re headed to the gym for a back workout.  Building a great back takes a high amount of time and effort, so be sure that you get started off properly so that you can see optimal results in the future.