Mental Tips To Workout When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

Too Tired To Workout

Having one of those days in the gym when you’re just not feelin it?

There are always going to be those days in the gym where you simply aren’t feeling it.

Perhaps you are tired and the workout is just dragging on or you might have a nagging injury that is making itself heard.

Or, you may just find that your mind won’t focus and instead, you keep thinking about other things that are not gym related.

Whatever the case, you may wonder how you’ll make it through this tough workout.  When things just aren’t going your way, it helps to have a game plan in place.  
Let’s go over four things that you can do to make the most of your time in the gym.

Focus On Form

First, if you are facing a really bad case of fatigue and simply can’t push any harder, it might just be time to stop pushing.

Rather than trying to lift heavy and set a new PR, focus on reducing the amount of weight you’re lifting and instead, focus on your form.

Work on strengthening that mind-muscle connection so that when you do finally move into your heavy lifting again the next time, you get more from that session.

It’s important to check your form every so often to ensure you aren’t building up any bad habits, so doing it on a day you just aren’t feeling it anyway will ensure that day doesn’t go to waste.

Try Something New

Next, you might consider trying something new entirely.  Add in a new exercise and use this day to get the feel of it.

You should never lift really heavy when first adding in a new exercise as you first need to familiarise yourself with good form.

It’s important that you do experiment with new exercises from time to time as this is what will keep your body responding and guessing as to what’s coming next.

Plus, it also makes the workout that much more interesting, which may in itself help you put forth more effort.

Switch Gears Entirely

Tired during workout

Don’t give up! Just adjust your workout slightly to support you flat feelings

Another option is to switch gears entirely. If you really just don’t feel much like strength training or doing your cardio workout, use the day to focus on flexibility instead.

Go over to the ab mats and stretch for 20 minutes.  This won’t require too much physical energy thus you can do it in a partially fatigued state and it will still provide great fitness benefits.

The more flexible you are, the easier you can perform all the other exercises you plan to do in your workout routine, so don’t think of this as wasted time.

Remind Yourself Good Things Don’t Come Easily

Finally, if it’s simply a matter of you not feeling so into it, try and remind yourself that good things don’t come easily.

There are always going to be those days when you’d just rather not do your workout.

What separates the truly successful individuals from those who aren’t as successful however is how well they push through anyway.

If you can keep going and get through the workout, it will only make you mentally stronger.

And that can really come into play during other times when you need that mental tenacity to finish a heavy set or otherwise.

Just note that there is a difference between pushing through some fatigue and knowing when you really just need a day off.

If your body is in pain or it’s clear you really shouldn’t be in the gym, learn to listen.

So keep these quick tips in mind. If you aren’t feeling into your workout, don’t let it become a complete waste.

See what you can do to make the most of the time so that you can still reap benefits.