Looking For Faster Recovery From Your Workouts?


Adding BCAA’s to your supplement program can have many benefits for growth and recovery

One particular supplement you may have heard about before and are wondering if you should give a try is Branched Chain Amino Acids.

These are three particular amino acids, L-Leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-Valine that are utilised directly by muscle tissues.

While you will get these from the meat sources that you consume in your daily diet, when taken in supplement form, they can bypass the liver, moving right into the muscle tissues.

This can help out in a number of ways.  Let’s look at four reasons why using BCAA’s is such a wise move.

Improved Muscular Energy

The first reason to use a high quality BCAA product is because it can help to enhance your overall level of muscular energy.

By taking the BCAA’s, you will be able to get in more reps and sets during the workout than if you had gone without.

If you choose to combine the BCAA’s with Creatine, another product that will delay the onset of fatigue, you’re in an even better position.

This can then mean greater strength and muscle size gains thanks to the increased workload you’re doing.

Decreased Muscle Breakdown

The next reason to use BCAA’s is because they can really help to limit the overall level of muscular breakdown that’s occurring as you do each workout.

This then means that the recovery process won’t be quite so involved post-workout, meaning you can get back into the gym again sooner and continue on with your training.

If you are doing highly demanding workout sessions, which are quite damaging to your muscle tissues, this can really work in your favour.

If you typically find that you feel very run-down and fatigued post workout – even into the next day – BCAA’s can help you avoid this.

Improved Metabolic Rate

Another benefit of branched chain amino acids that few people know about is the fact that they can also improve your overall metabolic rate.

They do this directly by increasing the level of protein synthesis taking place in the body, which then speeds up how many calories you’re burning, as well as indirectly by helping you gain more lean muscle mass, which then means you’ll have a higher resting metabolic rate as well.

All in all, with both of these acting in your favor, it can mean a leaner body composition over time.

BCAA Supplement

Looking for greater strength output during your workouts?

Especially if you’re eating properly to lose body fat, this can make a significant difference.

Increased Strength Output

Finally, the last reason that you should be considering using BCAA’s is because they can provide a greater overall strength output during the workout session as well.

You’ll notice that you exert more overall muscular power when using this product, which means more weight lifted and more strength gained.

This over time can really amplify the overall results that you see.

So there you have the main reasons why you should be considering a quality BCAA product.

When looking for these products, do keep in mind that often supplement companies will pair the BCAA’s with other ingredients, usually designed to enhance your energy levels.

This can be fine, however if any stimulatory ingredients (such as caffeine) are in the product, you’ll want to be more careful about when you take it and how much you’re using.

Otherwise, it may lead to unwanted side effects and begin to interfere with your sleep quality.

All in all though, you will see great results by including BCAA’s in your overall supplement protocol. It’s one product that’s great to use both during as well as after your gym sessions.