How To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

Prepare for Workout

Warmup with a light weight to get the blood flowing to the muscles

Gearing up for a resistance training session?

If you’re investing a good amount of time each week into your workouts, you’re going to want to be sure you’re doing what you can to see optimal results.

Far too many people hit the gym and do the same session over and over or simply repeat mistakes week after week.

In order to see fastest results, you need a workout that’s both efficient and effective.

Let’s look at five quick tips to improve your resistance training sessions.

Start With One Set Of Light Weight

Rather than diving right into a working set with the normal weight you use, focus on starting with a lighter weight first.

While you may feel like you’re wasting time in doing so, you aren’t. That light weight set will help enhance your mind-muscle connection, really getting you feeling each and every rep you do.

Plus, it’ll also help get the blood flowing to the muscle you’re working, which increases your overall strength output.

Stand In Front Of A Mirror

Next, consider standing in front of a mirror as you do each exercise.

This isn’t to check out your newly fit body, but rather, to ensure you are using perfect form.

Often what we think we look like and what we actually look like are two very different things.

Don’t go by feeling. Unless you see yourself performing the exercise perfectly, you don’t know for certain that you are.

If you get distracted by the mirror or are doing an exercise that’s simply too hard to watch yourself while doing, have someone video tape you instead.

Focus On Your Breathing

One of the worst mistakes you can do as you go about your sessions is hold your breath.

This will increase your blood pressure levels dramatically (possibly to dangerous levels) while also reducing how much total force you are able to generate.  All in all, it’s a fast way to see fewer results.

Start paying attention to your breathing pattern. Breathe in on the eccentric phase and out on the concentric phase.

By regulating your breathing, you’ll also be more in tune with your body which can mean greater mind-muscle connection as well.

Go From Big To Small

When structuring your workout, always start with the largest muscle groups first and then work your way to the smaller ones.

As larger muscle groups demand more energy for each rep, you want to be at your most fresh for these sets.

Workout Tips

Use a mirror to check your form as you lift

Not to mention, most times when you work a large muscle group, a smaller muscle group will be assisting that motion, meaning you don’t have to perform as much work for that group later on.

The only exception to this rule would be if you are using an advanced principle such as pre-fatiguing where you are specifically supposed to work a smaller muscle before a larger one.

Hydrate Adequately

Finally, always ensure that you are hydrating properly.

Bring some water – or an electrolyte replacement beverage if you are sweating heavily to sip on during your workout session.

Even slight dehydration can impair strength, concentration, and drive, not to mention make it harder to recover after the workout is completed.

Just do be careful about sipping any calorie containing beverage during your workout.

Not only could this meddle with your blood sugar but it could also lead to weight gain over time.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will be setting yourself up for the most effective resistance training workouts possible.

When you go in with a smart game plan, you’ll come out with great results.