Spike Your Water For Taste And Hydration

Staying Hydrated

Are you staying hydrated every day?

You know that drinking enough water on a day to day basis is important but yet, you just can’t seem to hit your daily quota.

How can you make getting in your necessary fluid easier? If you’re struggling, we have tips to help you get the job done.

Staying well hydrated is important throughout the day as this will ensure that you keep your energy levels up, that you maintain a rapid metabolic rate, that you don’t eat because you’re thirsty, and to help cleanse and detoxify your body.

Water is the best source of hydration as it’s clean, natural, and calorie free.  That said, some people simply don’t like the taste of it.

After three glasses, you’re ready for something else and often turn to calorie-containing options such as fruit smoothies, fruit juice, soft drinks, or alcohol instead. 

All of these will just move you away from your goals, so it’s important you find ways to instead get that water in and stay on track with your plan.

Here are five tips to help you keep on track…

Add Fruit Or Cucumber To Your Water

The first delicious way to make your water more palatable is to simply add a few fresh berries, oranges, or even some sliced cucumber to your jug of water.  Add this and then let it sit overnight.

The next morning, your water will be lightly flavoured with whatever you added to it and will offer a much more refreshing taste that you might find keeps you coming back for more.

This won’t add any calories to the water, so you can still drink as much as you want without worry.

Snack On Fruit Throughout The Day

Speaking of fruit, remember that you can get water from consuming plenty of fresh produce throughout the day.

Both fruit and vegetables will supply you with a high dose of water along with vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Just note that this option will contain calories, so you’ll need to add those to your daily total.

Still though, most people should be eating more fresh produce on a day to day basis, so this tip only helps, not hinders your plan.

Fruit and Vegetables

Daily servings of fruit and veges rich in water keep you hydrated

Serve A Broth Based Soup

Another way to easily boost your water intake is to prepare a broth based soup.

You can whip up a batch of delicious vegetable soup or prepare some bone broth using chicken bones as well.

Either way, this soup as well will provide a number of nutrients that will help fuel your body well while also keeping your hydration status in check.

Use BCAA’s

You might also choose to supplement with branched chain amino acids, which are specific amino acids that help assist with muscular repair, recovery, and energy.

You mix this flavoured supplement in with a tall glass of water, so it’ll add flavour without the calories and sugar other flavoured beverages would have.

Plus, you might just find you get a better workout in because of it.

Try Herbal Tea

Finally, the last method to stay hydrated without adding calories to your diet is to try utilising herbal tea more often.

This is basically flavoured non-calorie water and many herbal teas also offer other health benefits as well.

Try this next time you need a mug of a warm comforting liquid.

These are just some of the fast and easy ways to get your water intake up. Focus on using these as often as possible and you can ensure that you don’t fall short of your hydration needs any longer.