Are These Things Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals?

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Are certain vices keeping you from achieving your goals?

Feeling frustrated with your workout program?

If you’ve been hitting the gym regularly for three to four weeks now and have yet to see any progress taking place, there’s a good chance you may be on the verge of calling it quits.

‘Why keep going if it’s not paying off?’ – this may be the exact thought that’s crossing your mind.

Before you throw in the towel, run through the following checklist of reasons as to why your workout may not be delivering as anticipated.

Your Diet Isn’t Up To Par

he first reason you may not be getting results actually has nothing to do with your workout session at all.  The biggest problem for many people is the fact that their diet just isn’t up to par.

If you are hoping to see a transformation taking place, this involves both your diet as well as your exercise.

If you aren’t eating right, you simply won’t be burning off the excess body fat that would help you see noticeable results.

Make a few changes to your diet and that should get you on track.

Your Workouts Aren’t Changing

Another big problem for many people is the fact they hit the gym and do the same workout each and every time.

So sure, you may never miss a beat in terms of showing up, but if your body isn’t feeling challenged, it’s not going to be changing.

Try and alter something about your workout at the start of every week.

This could be your exercise selection, your rep range, the number of sets performed, the rest taken, or the weight lifted.

Just do something that changes to help get your body changing as well.

You’re Utilising Light Weight-High Rep Training

Another big issue for some is that they’re not challenging themselves enough in terms of total weight lifted.

This often happens with women who fear getting ‘bulky’ and as such, resort to lifting very light weights.

Pick up a weight that challenges you. If you can easily do 12-15 reps and keep going, this is a strong signal you simply are not doing enough to really give your body the stimulus it needs to improve.

Rest assured that you are not going to get ‘bulky’ from picking up light weights.

You’re Exercising Daily

Over Exercising

Are you exercising too much?

Sometimes the real problem is exercising too much.   Is there such a thing, you might wonder?

There is. If you are hitting the gym daily, you aren’t giving your body the chance to recover, growing stronger than it was before.

As such, you won’t see progress. Always try and remind yourself that real progress comes when you are out of the gym, not while you are in it.

During your workout, you’re actually making yourself weaker; it’s when you’re out of the gym recovering that you get stronger and see gains.

You’re Not Being Honest With Yourself

Finally, the last reason your workout may not be working is if you aren’t being truly honest with yourself.  Are you actually putting in maximum effort?

If you’re simply going through the motions, you won’t be much better off than if you didn’t show up in the first place.

To see remarkable results from a workout program, you need to put in the effort.  Effort in equals results out. Always remember this.

Be honest with your own self-evaluation and if you feel like you could be giving more, you’ve likely found your solution.

So keep these quick tips in mind next time you’re feeling frustrated.  Have a good look at whether any of them may be playing a role in your own lack of progress.