Why The Deadlift Is Possibly Your Most Important Exercise


Deadlifts engage almost every muscle in your body!

Of all the exercises that you plan to do in your workout program, one of the most important ones to be doing on a regular basis is the deadlift.

While squats are often considered to be the ‘king’ of lower body movements, one must not overlook what the deadlift has to offer.

Truth be told, this exercise is almost more powerful than the squat.

Let’s look at five reasons why you should ensure deadlifts are a part of your workout protocol.

Great Muscle Activation

The first reason to deadlift is simple: this one exercise will utilise almost every muscle group in the entire body.

The quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves will all be contracting hard as main movers in this exercise, while the core, back, and arms will all act as stabilisers as you lift the weight up and down.

Having this single exercise in your workout program can dramatically cut back on how many total exercises you need to get into your protocol plan.

Increased Metabolic Rate

The next reason to deadlift is because of the impact it has on your metabolic rate. The more muscles that you work in each and every rep you do, the faster your metabolic rate will be.

Not only will you burn a high number of calories while doing this exercise, you will continue to burn a high number of calories after it’s finished as part of your post workout calorie burn.

This leads to excellent fat loss results.

Hormonal Stimulation

The next great thing about the deadlift is that it’ll give you excellent hormonal stimulation as well.

This move is perfect for causing a high dose of testosterone to be released throughout the body, which can then be used for new lean muscle tissue generation as well as for enhanced fat burning.

Women will benefit from this increased testosterone release by way of seeing a tighter, fit body form.

Improved Strength

Deadlift Technique

It’s crucial to use the right technique for deadlifts

If one of your main goals is to improve your strength levels in the gym, the deadlift can’t be beat.

Because you have so many muscle fibres working in each and every rep you do, this means that you’ll be able to hoist a very heavy amount of weight, which in turn means excellent strength gains are seen.

This improved strength level will also transfer over to other exercises you might perform in the gym, as well as everyday activities you do as you go about your life.

Remember that one of the primary goals of building strength in the gym is to make everyday life easier, so you want exercises that are going to give you this.

Enhanced Mind Control

Finally, the last great thing about deadlifts is that they’ll give you enhanced mind control.

This exercise is not easy and if you’re aiming to lift a maximum weight, you are going to have to give it everything you’ve got.

This takes a high level of mental focus, determination, and tenacity – all of which can help you become a better lifter overall.

The more of a mental edge you have thanks to doing your deadlifts, the greater amount of weight you’ll be able to lift in other exercises you do as well.

So keep these five reasons in mind. If you aren’t yet deadlifting in your workout program, it’s time that you got started.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting this exercise in your workout protocol.