How To Keep In Shape During Your Trip

Hotel Gym

Book a hotel with a gym to keep your workouts on track

Gearing up for a holiday?  It should be a time of rest, relaxation, and enjoyment, not stress.

But yet, for those who are serious about their fitness regime and diet plan, holidays can prove to bring on more stress than they normally feel.

You’re going outside of your ‘comfort zone’ and will no longer have your home gym and kitchen available when you need it.

What will this mean to your plans?  If you find yourself thinking this way and getting some anxiety over your upcoming holiday, it’s time to relax and know that if you go in with a few smart strategies, you can come out with your fitness in check.

While you may not gain fitness on holidays, you definitely don’t need to lose it.

Here are five quick tips to stay fit on holidays.

Book A Hotel With A Gym

First, consider calling ahead and trying to book a hotel with a gym. While you typically won’t get too many options at a hotel gym, something is better than nothing.

Usually you can find some cardio equipment and if you’re lucky, some free weights.

Pack Some Equipment

If getting a hotel with a gym is not an option, you can pack your own alternatives.

A resistance band makes for a great way to get in a strength boosting session quickly and will also provide you with a metabolic boost for the rest of the day.

It packs very nicely in your schedule, so can quickly be used in a pinch.  Likewise, add in a skipping rope.

If you can find somewhere open to skip, this will make for a perfect cardio solution.

If you aren’t a skipper, running stairs is also a great alternative and in a hotel, there should be no shortage of staircases.

Schedule That Workout Early

When it comes to planning your workouts, do your best to get them in first thing in the morning.

If you do it and get it out of the way before your day begins, you can rest comfortably knowing that you’ve already done something good for your body.

You never know what the day will bring when you’re on holidays, so don’t let your schedule crowd out your best intensions to get fit.

Set that alarm 30 minutes earlier and just get up and do it.

Get Out And Sight See By Foot

In addition to doing your morning workouts, you’ll also want to get out and sight see by foot.

Walking around and checking out the local sites is a great way to get some activity in, burn a few calories, and keep your fitness in check.

The more walking you can do while on holiday, the easier you will maintain your body weight.

Trail Mix

Buying mixed nuts, seeds and dry fruit on holiday will prevent unhealthy snacking

If you are going to indulge in local cuisine, you definitely want to be adding as much activity to your day as you can.

Pack Nutritious Foods

Finally, last but not least, focus on packing some nutritious foods with you.

You can opt for non-perishable items like low sodium beef jerky, protein powder, canned tuna with a pop top, nut butter, rice cakes, and whole grain cereals that are fast and easy to take with you as snacks throughout the day.

This can help prevent you from turning to convenience food options, which would not serve your body well.

If you go in with a plan, there’s no reason you have to let that holiday set you back fitness wise.

Just remember to adjust your expectations to that of maintaining your fitness and you won’t be disappointed.