Tone Up Your Shoulders With These Exercises…

Smith Machine Shoulder Press

Smith Machine Shoulder Press is a great exercise for shoulder development

If there is a body part that immediately draws attention to the eyes, it would be the shoulders.

Nothing looks better on clothes than a set of firm, toned, tight and supple shoulders.

Women such as Jessica Biel, Miranda Kerr and Maria Sharapova are beautiful but their toned shoulders get a lot attention also.

And who can forget Linda Hamilton’s character “Sarah Connor” in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”?

Her toned shoulders sent women from the aerobics classes to the weight room!

Best 6 Exercises For Super Sexy Shoulders

1. Smith Machine Shoulder Press

The Smith Machine is a fantastic equipment to use because you can focus 100% on form and technique.

Smith Machine Shoulder Press is a safe alternative to Barbell Presses because at the bottom position, your elbows remain under the bar but alongside your lats which gives better support.

This exercise hits all 3 heads of your shoulders and allows you to maintain constant range of motion.

Perform in a seated position using an incline bench set at a 70 degree to protect your lower back.

Here’s a cool technique you can use: turn the incline bench to face the other way so that when you un-rack the bar, your wrist will be at a 90 degree angle and in line with your elbows.

This position will shift more focus on the showy lateral heads of your shoulders.

Recommended set and rep range: 4 sets x 10 reps

2. Seated Dumbbell Press

Seated Dumbbell Press is the best shaping exercise you can do for your shoulders. First, it hits all 3 heads of the shoulders.

Second, you can vary the range of motion to shift focus on areas you want to concentrate on.

Third, as a free weight exercise, it stimulates more muscle fibres.

This is a great 2nd exercise in your rotation after Smith Machine Shoulder Press which warmed up the entire shoulder girdle making Seated Dumbbell Press easier and safer to do.

Here’s a cool technique you can use: While performing Seated Dumbbell Press, keep your thumbs higher than your pinky.

This places more emphasis on the lateral head of your shoulders.

Recommended set and rep range: 3 sets x 12-15 reps

3. Lateral Raises

Lateral Raises are a great way to isolate the lateral head of the shoulders.

The lateral head creates the round, capped look which draws attention to your shoulders.

There are 3 ways to do lateral raises: seated, standing or one arm at a time. In any variation, always focus on form and technique.

Lateral raises are more productive when done in a controlled manner and precise technique.

Here are 2 cool techniques you can use: First, when performing lateral raises keep your pinky higher than the thumb. Imagine pouring a pitcher of water.

Cool technique # 2: If you’re strong enough, do single arm lateral raises with an empty EZ curl bar.

Using an EZ curl bar requires more balance and stability and will recruit more muscle fibres to work.

This means better, more toned shoulders!

Recommended set and rep range: 3 sets x 12-15 reps

4. Face Pulls

Most people are not aware that the area which best frames the shoulders are the posterior or rear heads.

This is because the rear heads tie in with the upper back muscles. It pushes your shoulders outward giving you a nice, square-ish frame that looks great on sleeveless clothing!

The best way to hit the rear shoulders are with Face Pulls because there is constant tension throughout the exercise and you can hold the bottom position for as long as you can to create greater contraction.

The harder the contraction, the more muscle fibres are developed leading to more toned shoulders.

Here’s a cool technique you can use: Pull toward your forehead with your elbows angled slightly upward.

Recommended set and rep range: 3 sets x 10-12 reps

5. Inverted Rows

Inverted Rows are a great finisher to a back workout but they can also be used to conclude a shoulder workout.

Inverted Rows hits your rear shoulders, traps and upper back. It is a bodyweight exercise which means different fibres are stimulated.

Here’s a cool technique you can use: Keep your feet elevated on a bench.

Dumbbell Press

Seated or standing Dumbbell Press is a great home or gym shoulder exercise

This makes Inverted Rows more challenging as your lower body is taken away from the exercise.

Recommended set and rep range: 2 sets x 15-20 reps

6. Car Drivers

Car Drivers are a uniquely named exercise that hits the front head of your shoulders. This exercise will help improve mobility and flexibility in your shoulders.

If you have nagging shoulder injuries, this is a good exercise for rehabilitation.

You should not use heavy weight for Car Drivers as range of motion is more important.

Here’s a cool technique you can use: Perform Car Drivers as a time under tension exercise. Try to do as many good reps as you can in 30 seconds or 1 minute.

Recommended set and rep range: 2 sets x 20 reps or 2 sets x 1 minute

At the end of your shoulder workout, do not forget to perform static stretching exercises.

Static stretching helps improve blood flow, removes toxins, enhances recovery time and keeps your shoulders flexible and mobile.

All of these contribute to getting super sexy shoulders in no time!