Discover The Common Lies About Fat Loss

Lies About Fat Loss

Discover the 7 biggest fat loss lies…

Getting all geared up to kick-start your new weight loss exercise program and nutrition plan? If so, you’ve likely done your research and feel very ready to forge onward.

But, can you trust that research? That is really the question you must be asking yourself because sadly, much of what you read is only going to lead you astray.

There are a number of fat loss lies in the industry that you must ensure you are making yourself aware of because if you don’t, the chances you see the results you desire will be slim – no pun intended.

Let’s go over the 7 fat loss lies to know about so that you can side-step them in your approach.

Fat Loss Lie #1: Eating Before Bed Leads To Weight Gain

Do you have a nightly cut-off from all food sources? If so, you aren’t alone. Many people often think that eating past a certain time point in the evening will mean direct fat gain.

Basically, if they eat it, it’ll be put on their hips, thighs, underarms, or lower abs.

Nothing is further from the truth.  Fact is, it’s your total daily calorie intake that is going to establish whether you gain or lose body fat.  It matters less when you’re at these calories, however that said, spreading them out over the course of the day is going to lead to superior results thanks to hunger control.

There’s nothing wrong with having a late-night snack provided it satisfies two requirements.

1.    It’s accounted for as part of your total daily calorie intake.
2.    You eat healthy foods you would eat during other times of the day.

If you are noshing on chips, ice cream, or other sweets before bed, chances are you’ll be overeating in calories, therefore this will lead to weight gain. Not to mention these foods are not providing your body with nutrition, so aren’t ideal no matter what time of day it is.

These are the foods, however, most people do eat before bed. Choose smartly and you can have that before-bed snack.

Fat Loss Lie #2: You MUST Low Carb Diet For Optimal Results

The next lie is that low carb diets are the only way to see success. Again, this isn’t the case.  While low carb diets definitely do tend to help many people realize their goals, some people feel miserable on them.

And, if they do, the chances they stick to them are incredibly low.  Always choose a diet that you feel you will enjoy and be able to follow over the long haul.

If two days on a low carb diet make you want to eat everything in sight, chances are no matter how great that diet is in theory, it won’t be successful for you.

Many people have great success using calorie reduced, moderate carb diets.  Don’t fear carbs.  Choose them wisely, but do make them a part of your plan if you want.

Fat Loss Lie #3: If Some Exercise Is Good, More Is Better

Now we come to an exercise lie – the notion that if some is good, more is better.  Remember, each time you exercise, you place a stress on your body.  After that stress is placed on you, you need some recovery time to rebuild yourself back stronger than you were before.

Too much exercise just means no recovery time to get stronger and eventually you’ll be feeling weaker than ever before.

Losing Weight

Is it possible to exercise too much?

Carry on like this and it’ll only be so long before you can’t exercise and you’re sidelined with injuries, over-training, or just plain burnout.

Rest is a key part of a balanced workout program.

Fat Loss Lie #4: Cardio Should Be Your Primary Focus

Another notion that must be put to rest is the thought that cardio should be the primary focus of your workout protocol.  Many people still believe cardio is best for fat burning while weight lifting is for weight gain.

But, weight lifting is one of the best exercises for both fat loss and muscle gain.  The reason?  It’ll boost your metabolic rate for hours after you’ve done it and it will completely reshape your body.

While cardio training may make you a smaller version of your current self, weight lifting will completely transform your physique.

It should be your go-to form of exercise.

Fat Loss Lie #5: Results Will Be Steady

Another lie to note is that results will be steady. You lose 3 kilos that first week and feel elated.  Next week, you only lose two.  The following week, it’s down to one pound.  You feel defeated.

What happened?  Don’t get too hung up on the exact amount you are losing week to week as it will never be linear.  Some weeks you’ll lose more, others you’ll lose less.  Especially when you first get started, there’s a high chance you’re weight loss will be faster than normal.

Instead, just ensure that each week you are losing some weight overall. If you are, you’re moving in the right direction.  It’s only when the scale stands still for two more weeks at once that you should reexamine your food intake and exercise program.

Fat Loss Lie #6: Enough Exercise Can Overcome Poor Food Choices

Another lie that too many people fall for is the thought that enough exercise can help you overcome poor food choices.  Basically, if you exercise hard enough, it won’t matter that you ate that slice of pizza or had the piece of cake.

While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence (and no, you don’t have to rush off to the gym to do an hour of cardio to ‘burn’ it off), take note that you will never overcome a bad diet with exercise.

Healthy Eating

The biggest fat loss will come from dietary changes.

You’d simply have to exercise too many hours in the day and eventually your body would give out.  Weight loss will move along much easier and faster if you get your diet under control.

Always remember that you can easily take in 500+ calories in as few as 2 minutes with certain foods choices, but those same 500+ calories will typically take at least 45 minutes or more in the gym to burn off.

Fat Loss Lie #7: You Will Be Miserable

Finally, the last lie that you need to know is the lie that you are going to be miserable. Many people have this idea that dieting is going to be torture and as such, avoid it at all costs.

They put it off, not ready to ‘face the music’.

Get this thought out your mind.  Dieting does not need to be torture. In fact, many people will find they feel better while dieting because their food choices dramatically improve.

As long as you steer clear from crash diets – which have no place in a smart plan, there’s no reason to hate your life.  Choose a diet and exercise program that you could see yourself using forever and that will be the one you will have success with.

So keep these lies in mind.  Are you falling for any of them? If so, make sure that you make some changes to put them behind you.