Get A Quick Travel Workout In With A Resistance Band!

Resistance Band Workout

Grab a towel and a resistance band for a quick travel workout!

If you’re about to head out on a holiday but are feeling slightly anxious about what this means for your fitness plan, why not take a resistance band with you?

Resistance bands can easily be put right into your suitcase and pulled out when needed.

While you may not get the exact same workout in that you would get in your home gym, you can come up with a workout plan that is very close to what you would have otherwise done, ensuring that you keep in shape while you’re away.

To help you devise a workout plan to use while traveling, let’s go over a few of the key tips that you need to know.

Creating A Time Efficient Workout

The first factor to take into account is the fact that this workout is going to need to be time efficient.

Since you likely won’t have a full hour while on holiday to spend doing the workout (or simply won’t want to spend that much time!) you want something that you can do in 20 minutes or less.

Fortunately, if the intensity of the workout is high enough, you can do everything you need in this short period of time.

As an added benefit, because the workout itself will be so fast paced, you’ll continue to burn calories for hours after the workout is done.

This is thanks to the EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) factor that comes into play.

Choosing Hotel-Room Friendly Exercises

The next step in creating this traveling workout program is selecting exercises that are hotel-room friendly.

You won’t have nearly as much space in a cramped hotel room as you will in your own home gym, so this must be taken into account.

Exercises like walking lunges for instance then simply won’t do.

You’ll want to perform exercises that also incorporate the use of any other props you might be able to find in the hotel room such as chairs or the bed.

Setting Up Your Workout During The Holiday

Finally, when it comes to setting up your workouts, try and do them first thing in the morning if you can.

Resistance Band Workout

There’s almost no limit to what exercises you can do with your resistance band

Most people will find that if they leave their workouts until later on in the day, they’ll eventually simply push them out, saying they’ll do them tomorrow.

The point of your holiday is to get in some rest and relaxation and you may simply not find that you can relax fully until that workout is done.

Plus, doing it first thing in the day will also give you a great boost of energy for the rest of whatever you have planned.

Aim to do this workout every other day for best results. As it is a full body plan, you’ll want to have one day off between sessions for recovery purposes.

Your Traveling Resistance Band Workout

Here is your traveling resistance band workout. Be sure that you do a five to ten minute warm-up prior to starting, which could consist of some light marching in place in your hotel room or walking up five to ten flights of stairs in the hotel.

Then after the workout is over, also be sure that you do a brief cool-down as well to help stretch out the muscles and get your heart rate back to normal.

Perform the circuit as indicated, doing 10-20 reps of each exercise.

Push Ups
Band Shoulder Press
Running Knee Raises
Band Bent Over Rows
Bicycle Crunch
Band Squats
Band Bicep Curls
Plank Hold (30 seconds)
Band Tricep Extensions
Band Stationary Lunges
Lying Leg Raises
Band Lateral Raises
Band Calf Raises
Step-Ups (on the chair)

Once you’re done, head out an enjoy yourself, you deserve it!