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Exercises.com.au is a platform.

Exercises.com.au is a platform for you to get healthy, stay healthy and lead an active lifestyle.

Exercises.com.au is a platform for health and fitness related companies to attract new customers actively engaged in exercise and healthy living.

Exercises.com.au is a platform for health and fitness experts to share their knowledge and expertise, demonstrate exercises and workouts, build their profile and get more clients.

You and Exercises.com.au

Our aim is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals through expert-led exercises and workouts, nutritional advice, motivation and inspiration.

Our demonstration videos cater to people of all levels of fitness, and all ages.

Our site isn’t for fitness ‘fanatics’ necessarily, it’s for anyone wishing to learn more, do more and be more.

Improving upon yesterday is all you need to do, and we’re here to help you follow through.

Drawing from experts in Australia and internationally through articles and videos we bring you the latest information and advice on topics such as exercises, workouts, health, nutrition, muscle building, strength training, toning, fitness, weight loss and more!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help make Australia the healthiest nation in the world.

With rates of obesity on the rise along with various lifestyle diseases, it’s time for change.

Change starts with education, and we’re here to educate members of the community, both in Australia and internationally about the importance of exercise, healthy eating and living an active lifestyle.

And we’ll also show you how to do it.

Our team will guide you, push you and support you to become healthier, fitter, better, and have fun along the way.

Exercise should be a choice, not a chore.

To effect change, we’ll be engaging with Government and Industry representatives to formulate and deliver health and exercise-based programs throughout the community at all levels, regardless of age, gender, location or finances.

Change is no longer a choice, it’s a must.

The Launch

Exercises.com.au officially launched on the 2nd November, 2016.

We started the website however in May 2015, and after 18 long months of planning and execution of our ambitious targets, we achieved our goal… creating over 1,000 pages, filming over 650 exercise and workout videos, producing 500+ written articles and creating 1000+ photos (including exercise demos, food pics, fitness quotes, fitness-lifestyle and behind-the-scenes pics).

We launched with 523 videos on YouTube. From a content perspective, we are one of the largest fitness channels on YouTube.

Our goal from the outset was to be Australia’s #1 exercise and fitness website.

And we’re just getting started.

The Website

Our website is designed with you in mind.

Our website is mobile friendly so you can access it 24/7, anytime, anywhere from your mobile device.

With our site, you now have a personal trainer, nutritionist and workout buddy with you 24/7, in your pocket.

Enjoy hundreds of exercises, workouts and articles at your fingertips, all you need to do is put your sneakers on.

Ninety percent of the content on our website is free to access, allowing people from all walks of life to access our exercise demonstrations and expert articles at no cost.

Our Online Challenges give you can access to our expert Workout videos on topics such as Muscle Building, Weight Loss, and many more to come.

You can follow along with the workouts on your smart phone at home, at the gym or just about anywhere!


Website Network

As an Australian website, we use a .com.au domain name, but any English-speaking person around the world with an internet connection can access our website and follow our demonstrations, read articles, become a customer and become an advocate.

With over 1 Billion English-speaking people using the Internet, the sky’s the limit.


The Market

The fitness industry in Australia is currently under-serviced in terms of online exercise/fitness education.

Search ‘exercises’ or ‘fitness’ using google.com.au and you’ll notice that the top ranking websites are all USA-based websites.

There was NO one, single, valuable online resource for Australians to access exercise demonstrations, advice and guidance on what exercises to do, how to do them, when to do them, how to do them safely and why you should do them.

Exercises.com.au is the solution.

Our website caters to men and women of all ages.

We’re focused on the general market, people who want or know they need to change their lifestyle to become more active and health-conscious, along with people who are already living a healthy lifestyle and would like to continually improve their knowledge and their fitness.

We aim to build strong relationships with customers by providing ongoing expert content via our website, social media and member-based online community.


Our audience of active exercisers are also seeking products and services to enhance their health and well-being, such as:  Supplements, Clothing, Equipment, Gyms/Fitness Centres, Technology/Wearables, Apps, Food & Beverages, Personal Trainers, Fitness Careers, Health Consultants, Health Insurance and more.

If your products or services include one or more of the above, your new customers can be found on exercises.com.au.

Various marketing and sponsorship opportunities will arise for our partners to grow their brand and connect with customers as our website develops. But you’ll need to be on the inside.

Who are We?

We are a team of specialists that include Personal Trainers, Nutritionists and Dietitians, Writers, Authors, and Online Marketing Experts, with more joining our team regularly to help us reach our ambitious goals.

Meet Dmitri, our Head Trainer and Official Spokesmodel.

Our specialists help you get the results you want. We’re here to give you advice, tips, guidance, routines, workouts and more to help you achieve and maintain your ideal body and a healthy lifestyle.


Have you completed one of our exercise programs or online fitness challenges and would like to leave a review about your experience or results you’ve gained from the program?

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Thanks in advance and we look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals again in the future.


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We’re glad you’ve decided to join us on our journey to change Australia and the world.

Together, we can do it.



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