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Compare Elliptical Cross Trainers In Australia Before You Buy

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If you’re researching the best elliptical cross trainers in Australia to decide which one is right to buy, this review is for you.

Our guide will help you find the ideal cross trainer for home use so you can get started with your new exercise program.

We’ve compared the 5 top elliptical trainers in Australia detailing the features and benefits of each so that you know which is the best elliptical cross trainer for the money.

Whether you’re wanting a cross trainer for weight loss or just for general cardiovascular fitness, it’s a fantastic piece of indoor exercise equipment that you can use in just about any area of your home.

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And if you’re looking for a different type of equipment, checkout the best rowing machine Australia to challenge yourself in a completely new way.

What is a cross trainer and what does it do for your body?

An elliptical cross trainer is a cross between a treadmill and a stepper with the added benefit of an arm exerciser. You stand with each foot on a separate platform and push to walk forward in a fixed range of motion while simultaneously pushing and pulling on long vertical bars to exercise your arms.

SportsArt Foundation Series Elliptical Cross Trainer

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Co-Founder, Matt Adams

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The Best Elliptical Cross Trainers Australia Compared

Image:Product Name:Top Features: Type:Who's It For?Our Rating:Where To Buy:
SportsArt Foundation Series Elliptical Cross TrainerSportsArt Foundation Series Elliptical-Classified as ‘light commercial’
-40 levels of resistance
-Pedal cushioning system
-Wireless heart rate monitor
-Manually Adjustable Foot Stride
Rear wheel driveBeginner to Advanced4.95Check the Price
Freeform E2000 Elliptical Cross Trainer AustraliaFreeform Cardio E2000-Commercial Grade Elliptical Cross Trainer
-Cordless elliptical cross trainer
-24 levels of electromagnetic resistance
-8 different exercise programs
-2 way flywheel (forward & reverse option)
-ZoneTech Heart Rate Monitor
-AAA Fitness Rating
Rear wheel driveBeginner to Advanced4.9Check the Price
Freeform Cardio E1000 Elliptical Cross TrainerFreeform Cardio E1000-Semi-commercial 10kg two-way flywheel (forward & reverse option)
-15 levels of resistance
-Dual-Grip ZoneTech Heart Rate Monitor
-Backed by a commercial lifetime frame & 2-year motor Warranty*
Front wheel driveBeginner to Advanced4.85Check the Price
Lifespan Fitness XT44 Elliptical Cross TrainerLifespan Fitness XT44-Hybrid air and magnetic resistance system
-24 resistance levels
-12 different workout programs
-2 way flywheel (forward & reverse option)
-Silent Belt Drive
-Transport Wheels & Floor Levellers
Front wheel driveBeginner to Advanced4.9Check the Price
Lifespan Fitness X22 Elliptical Cross TrainerLifespan Fitness X Trainer X-22-13 workout programs
-4 User customisable programs
-5 HRC Programs (55%, 65%, 75%, 85% and manual)
Rear wheel driveBeginner to Intermediate4.7Check the Price

Reviews Of The Best Elliptical Cross Trainers Australia 2023

You can find an elliptical cross trainer for sale either at a local retail store nearby, or an online shop, but we’ve shortcut the time it takes by reviewing the top cross trainers for home to narrow the field.

Take your time to read through the specifications, discover the features and benefits and read reviews from others customers that have bought and used the trainers.

The best elliptical machine reviews are ones that put quality above all else, because you don’t want a machine falling apart in a couple of years and have to replace it.

In addition, if you don’t feel good about the machine or don’t feel good when using the machine, you probably won’t use it!

We’ve listed only QUALITY elliptical cross trainers and we’d highly recommend you stay away from cheap elliptical machines to avoid disappointment.

Pretty much all of the elliptical cross trainer machines on amazon and ebay are cheap, low quality machines (just look at the reviews), which is why we suggest avoiding brands like PowerTrain and Everfit.

We’ve listed the best elliptical cross trainers for home use in Australia in order from most expensive (around $5,500) to least expensive (around $600) to ensure we reviewed a good range of machines with varying features and quality.

With all this in mind, let’s get into it…

SportsArt Foundation Series Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

SportsArt Foundation Series Elliptical Cross Trainer
SportsArt Foundation Series Cross Trainer

The SportsArt Foundation Series Elliptical is a self-generating elliptical cross trainer classified as ‘light commercial’ due to its quality and durability.

This elliptical offers a smooth and solid feel while you exercise, giving you stability and a feeling of safety and security.

The machine features a built-in wireless Polar® HR receiver which offers multiple language options such as English, Spanish and French.

The SportsArt Foundation Series Elliptical will give you a full-body workout with low impact on your joints, ideal if you’ve got pre-existing health issues or would like to exercise safely and prevent joint issues in the future.

Product Snapshot

Machine Dimensions: 201cm x 62cm x 173cm
Length of Stride:  18″ – 25.5″ (45.7cm – 64.8cm)
Console Dashboard: Tri-Color LED
User Weight Maximum: 181.8 kg (400 lbs)

Features and Benefits

User-Powered, featuring QuickStart function for each program. Offers 40 levels of resistanceUser friendly, multiple programs for variety and to challenge yourself, and 40 resistance levels allows you to build fitness up over time.
Pedal cushioning system (MyFlex™) offers comfortable platform for your feet during a workoutThis means an even lower impact on your joints… ankles, knees and hips. Great if you have existing injuries, are rehabbing or to prevent injuries.
Wireless heart rate monitor when paired with heart rate transmitterKeeping your heart rate up means burning more fat, ideal if your goal with your elliptical is weight loss.
Manually Adjustable Foot StrideEnjoy greater control of your stride during your workout, ideal if you’re ‘vertically challenged’ or if you’re tall.
Integrated mobile phone/tablet holderPerfect for watching a TV show, movie or documentary either as a distraction or for time-saving.
Dual Headphone Jack with Volume Control Plug in to listen to your exercise song mix or to listen to a podcast while you workout.
Cardio AdvisorA visual display of your heart rate and an optimal heart rate for weight loss and cardio training zones.
Optional extras include: iPod/iPhone 30-Pin Connector,
SA WELL+™, and MYE 900MHZ semi-integrated receiver
Customise your elliptical for extra motivation to exercise

Editors Rating:  4.95 Stars (out of 5)

Freeform Cardio E2000 Commercial Self Generating Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Freeform E2000 Elliptical Cross Trainer Australia
Freeform E2000 Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Freeform E2000 Self Generating Elliptical Cross Trainer is a light commercial machine that offers good quality, durability and reliability.

It’s a cordless elliptical cross trainer ideal for those looking for a solid machine built to last that will help you lose weight or get fit and maintain your ideal weight and fitness level.

The big plus with the E2000 is that it delivers a whopping 24 levels of electromagnetic resistance along with 8 different exercise programs. Not to mention it has a 2 way flywheel, allowing you to move in a forward and backward motion.

And the fact that it’s cordless, it won’t chew up any electricity.

Product Snapshot

Machine Dimensions: 240cm (L) x 71cm (W) x 83cm (H)
Length of Stride: 45cm (18″)
Console Dashboard: LED
User Weight Maximum: 180kg (400lbs)

Features and Benefits

ZoneTech Heart Rate Monitor (Dual-Grip)Knowing your heart rate allows you to deliberately keep it high for a prolonged period which increases fat burning and cardiovascular fitness. Achieve your fitness goals fast by optimising your exercise
Various Training Programs - 8 specific pre-set programs and 24 levels of resistance available.Variety in your workouts is the key to progress, whether that progress for you means weight loss or fitness. Increasing resistance means burning more fat and getting fitter faster.
MediaView Platform - Connect your phone or tabletStay connected with your favourite app, TV show, Netflix or whatever! It’s all at your fingertips.
FreeMix 5.0 Sound System with 2 built-in speakers.Pump your favourite music playlist for your workouts to get motivated and stay motivated!
AAA Fitness Rating – The elliptical cross trainer of choice by strength coaches, athletes and personal trainers.Buy with confidence knowing that your AAA-rated elliptical is used by the best in the industry.
Portability and Comfort - Easy to move wheels. Ergonomic design for optimum body positioning and support to maintain low impact workouts.The E2000 reduces pressure on your joints during workouts, and its portability means you can move it around your home to workout anytime, anywhere.
Commercial Grade Elliptical Cross Trainer –designed for tough environments and regular use. Commercial-grade equipment means you’re getting quality, stability, durability and reliability. Get value for money on your investment for years to come.

Editors Rating:  4.9 Stars (out of 5)

Freeform Cardio E1000 Light Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Freeform Cardio E1000 Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Freeform E1000 is a top of the line elliptical cross trainer machine for domestic use and/or light commercial use.

It’s the perfect machine for your home gym if you’re seeking a quality piece of equipment for weight loss workouts or to improve cardiovascular fitness.

Featuring a semi-commercial 10kg two-way flywheel, its quality build means greater durability, reliability and 15 levels of resistance for your workouts.

With an easy to use control panel right in front of you, simply choose your workout program and press go!

It can also be folded away easily and is portable to move it around your home as needed.

Product Snapshot

Machine Dimensions: 189 (L) x 56 (W) x 161 (H)
Length of Stride: 18″ (45cm)
Console Dashboard: LED
User Weight Maximum: 150kg (330lbs)

Features and Benefits

Front-mounted transport wheelsEasily move it around your home or studio or store it away with an easy foldable design.
10kg flywheel and single rail track systemOffers an extended range of backwards motion, engaging more muscles during your workout.
Ergonomic design with the front flywheel puts the user in a more upright position, compared with ellipticals with rear-mounted flywheelsReduces pressure and stress in the knees, back and shoulders.
Dual-Grip ZoneTech Heart Rate Monitor.Keep your heart rate up to increase fat burning for weight loss and improved cardiovascular fitness.
Digital console tracks your time, distance, pulse, calories, speed, RPM and resistance levels with the LED display.Adjust your workout settings within 15 levels quickly and easily using the console or the handle grip buttons so you don’t interrupt your workout.
Dock your smart phone or tablet on the in-built MediaView Platform.Stay connected for chats, messages, movies or podcasts while you’re exercising.
FreeMix 5.0 Sound System with 2 in-built speakersPump up with your most energising music playlist for your elliptical workout to get motivated and stay motivated.
Used by strength coaches, athletes and personal trainers.Trust that you’re exercising on a high quality elliptical cross trainer used by the experts
Backed by a commercial lifetime frame & 2-year motor Warranty (subject to conditions, see merchant’s website for details)The manufacturer’s warranty and servicing department is based in Australia and are just a phone call away.

Editors Rating:  4.85 Stars (out of 5)

Lifespan Fitness XT-44 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Lifespan Fitness XT44 Elliptical Cross Trainer
Lifespan Fitness XT 44 Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Lifespan Fitness XT-44 Elliptical Cross Trainer is an innovative machine as it features a hybrid air and magnetic resistance system that increase the resistance gradually as you push harder to increase your RPM (Revolutions Per Minute).

This is ideal if you’re the kind of person who wants to get the most out of every workout, or if you’re using your elliptical cross trainer for weight loss as well as for cardiovascular fitness goals.

The XT-44 is a front-wheel-drive elliptical cross trainer which provides greater stability and an overall smoother workout. It’s probably the best priced elliptical machine when taking into account overall features for the money.

Get the benefit of cross trainer workout with one-button access to 24 resistance levels thanks to the Variable Automatic Resistance (VAR) and 12 in-built workout programs.

Product Snapshot

Machine Dimensions: 162cm x 65cm x 180cm (L x W x H)
Length of Stride: 20″ (52cm)
Console Dashboard: LED Dot Matrix
User Weight Maximum: 170kg (374lbs)

Features and Benefits

Hybrid system of air and magnetic resistanceThe harder you push during your workout, the more resistance the XT-44 provides, so you can burn more fat and achieve greater cardiovascular fitness.
The magnetic resistance provides a wide range of smooth resistance, while the air resistance means there’s no maximum limit to your workouts.
Front-Wheel Drive EllipticalThe large heavy-duty flywheel means you get greater stability and a smoother workout with rear rail rollers. Front-wheel drive delivers a flatter, more natural elliptical motion than rear wheel drive ellipticals.
Variable Automatic ResistanceThe Variable Automatic Resistance (VAR) allows quick adjustment of your workout, with 24 resistance levels and 12 different workout programs. Enjoy one-button changes in intensity or switch to a different workout entirely.
Effective Programs for the Best ResultsWith 12 workout programs to choose from, it’ll feel like you have your own personal trainer at home.
Programs include a fitness test, weight loss, interval training, heart rate targeting and more, and you can even create and customise your own program. And your dashboard shows your time, speed, distance, calories, RPM and pulse to motivate you to keep going.
Dedicated iPad/Tablet HolderStay entertained (or distracted?) while you workout with your favourite show, movie or podcast. Connect your device with the built-in speaker system for a better experience.
Reversible MotionPedalling forwards or backwards targets different muscles and adds a nice variation to your workouts.
Silent Belt DriveEnjoy a smooth and quiet workout with the durable belt drivetrain.
Dual Roller GuidesWith a roller under each foot, you’ll receive smooth and consistent strides.
Transport Wheels & Floor LevellersStabilise your workouts with adjustable floor levellers and between workouts, durable wheels allow for easy movement around the house.
Large Anti-Slip Foot PlatesStay safe during your workout with anti-slip foot plates.
Padded HandlesProvide a better grip during your workout.

Editors Rating:  4.9 Stars (out of 5)

Lifespan Fitness X Trainer X-22 Cross Trainer Review

Lifespan Fitness X22 Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Lifespan Fitness X Trainer X-22 Elliptical Cross Trainer is a great option for buying an elliptical trainer at a lower price level without the bells and whistles while still enjoying the main benefit which is the exercise itself.

The X-22 offers 13 workout programs and 5 HRC Programs (55%, 65%, 75%, 85% and manual) as well as 4 User customisable programs.

There’s even a body fat calculator recovery mode to use during your cool-down. The dashboard allows you to track your time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate/pulse.

The X-22 could be the best elliptical to buy if you’re on a budget.

Product Snapshot

Machine Dimensions: 131cm x 62cm x 160cm (L x W x H)
Length of Stride: 14″ (36cm)
Console Dashboard: Large LCD display
User Weight Maximum: 130kg (286lbs)

Features and Benefits

13 workout programsGreat if you’re a beginner or just want a set-and-forget approach to your workout. Choose from several elliptical cross trainer workouts such as weight loss, interval training and more.
4 user customisable programsCome up with your own program and add it to the system to have your very own workout customised for your training needs.

Editors Rating:  4.75 Stars (out of 5)

What’s the difference between a cross trainer and an elliptical trainer?

If you’re wondering ‘is an elliptical the same as a cross trainer?’ you’re not alone. It’s a confusing topic.

The difference between a cross trainer and an elliptical trainer is that a cross trainer has moving bars for you to hold onto which gives an upper body workout as well as the standard lower body movement.

An elliptical machine on the other hand just has static bars that you hold while you move your lower body.

So an elliptical trainer vs cross trainer, the elliptical cross trainer is the more effective equipment as it works both your upper and lower body simultaneously.

An elliptical cross trainer machine is a fantastic option for home workouts because you can set it up in your lounge room so you can exercise while watching TV, or add it as a valuable piece of equipment in your home gym.

So, in deciding between an elliptical or cross trainer, the choice is clear. The additional arm exerciser gives you greater variety and will keep your workouts more interesting.

To find the ideal elliptical cross trainer Australia, checkout the following comparison chart and reviews below. We’ve featured the best elliptical brands on the market that we can recommend with confidence.

Elliptical Cross Trainer Benefits

There are so many elliptical cross trainer benefits and we’ve listed them below, but let’s talk first about your health and fitness goals…

What’s your goal? To lose weight? To build cardiovascular fitness? To tone up your lower body?

It’s all possible with an elliptical cross trainer and the best part of course is that it almost doesn’t feel like exercise!

You can use it for general movement’s sake or you can add more resistance by changing the settings on the electronic dashboard if you want to increase the intensity, increase your heart rate and burn more fat.

But if you’re having a “lazy day”, you can just set it to a low setting and just go through the motions so you’re at least getting in the minimum recommend daily amount of exercise. [external link here]

What are some elliptical cross trainer uses?

Firstly, it’s a great piece of equipment for daily cardio. Secondly, because of the resistance placed on the lower body to step/push/walk forward (with various resistance settings available), you’re activating the quads, glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles, so you’re toning muscles with every session.

Some of the benefits of a cross trainer machine include:

Calories Burned – every minute you’re using your elliptical cross trainer you’re burning calories.

The amount of cross trainer calories burned ultimately depends on the intensity of your workout. The higher the resistance, the more your body has to work, and therefore, more calories are burned.

As a guide…

  • A 55kg (120lbs) women, exercising on an elliptical machine for 30 minutes at mid-intensity burns approximately 144 calories. The average calories per day needed for a woman is 2000kcal, therefore this amount of elliptical trainer exercise burns almost 10% of daily calories.
  • A 80kg (176lbs) man, exercising on a cross trainer for 30 minutes at mid-intensity burns approximately 210 calories. The average calories per day needed for a man is 2500kcal, therefore this amount of elliptical exercise burns almost 10% of daily calories.

Muscles Used – the elliptical cross trainer muscles used include the glutes, quads hamstrings and calves in the lower body, along with upper body arms and shoulders.

Multiple Workouts – A cross trainer machine allows for multiple types of workouts which gives you greater flexibility in your exercise program. The quality and price of the machine will determine the amount of workouts available to you on the machine’s dashboard.

The benefits of a cross trainer workout include intense cardiovascular activity which is great for heart health, blood circulation and overall health and well-being. Plus you also benefit from the resistance training as your lower body works to propel your feet forward to complete each ‘step’ of the workout.

Weight Loss – if you’re wondering has anyone lost weight on a cross trainer, the answer is a definite yes!

Anyone concerned about elliptical cross trainer weight loss just needs to turn to the multiple workouts that these machines offer on their electronic dashboard where you’ll find various intensity volumes, programs as well as heart-rate-targeted workouts which can burn more fat and help to keep you motivated.

So what’s the best elliptical for weight loss?

Take a look over the elliptical cross trainer reviews Australia below for more details about each one along with the many settings and programs that come standard.

Heart Rate – A cross trainer heart rate workout can be altered around your current fitness level. So if you’re a beginner elliptical user, it’s best to start with lower intensity workouts to build up your fitness.

And gradually you can begin to increase the elliptical workout intensity to increase your heart rate which in turn burns more fat and builds overall fitness.

Elliptical Cross Trainer Types

There are 4 types of elliptical cross trainers, with the point of difference being the placement of the drive system (aka. “Flywheel”), which is what drives the elliptical motion of the machine.

Determining the best elliptical exercise machine is subjective as everyone has likes and dislikes when it comes to positioning yourself on the machine as well as the position of the flywheel and the impact that may or may not have on your experience as you exercise.

Front-Drive Elliptical Cross Trainers – usually lower-priced machines, the flywheel is positioned at the front of the elliptical. The result being that as the exerciser, you may be in a slight forward lean, similar to when using a stair climber machine.

Centre-Drive Elliptical Cross Trainers – mainly in compact elliptical cross trainers where the flywheel is located to one side of the machine, perfect for small spaces such as apartments.

Rear-Drive Elliptical Cross Trainers – usually featured in higher-priced ellipticals, the rear-drive system has the flywheel positioned behind the user which is designed to create a more smooth, circular pedal motion. This often results in the user being in a more upright position which minimises any additional tension on the joints and lower back.

Hybrid Elliptical Cross Trainers – a 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer that also includes a second type of exercise equipment built-in, such as a stationary exercise bike. By having a 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer & exercise bike you can switch between them one-day-to-the-next to keep your cardio workouts interesting.

There’s also the elliptical stepper cross trainer which gives you a stepper and cross trainer all in one.

Both are great options if you want a variety of cardio machines without having to purchase two separate pieces of equipment.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Elliptical Cross Trainer

If you’re doing an elliptical cross trainer price comparison, we’ve done this for you by reviewing 5 of the top elliptical cross trainers and listed them from most expensive to least expensive.

Here are the factors you need to take into account before you buy an elliptical cross trainer:

Size – if you’re looking for a small cross trainer for an apartment, checkout the ones we’ve reviewed below as they vary in size.

Obviously a compact elliptical cross trainer is the way to go but there are certain limitations purely due to the nature of the machine itself within the long/high handle bars as well as the foot platforms which need space to move back and forth during the exercise, so do keep this in mind.

Stability – this is often where price is the biggest factor in buying an elliptical cross trainer. The higher priced, higher quality machine will provide greater stability while you’re using it. Cheaper machines often move, slide or creak as you use them.

Quality – this is driven by the elliptical trainer cost and the brand itself for the most part. The best elliptical for home use is the one that lasts the longest, which is why a quality machine is an investment in your health over the long term.

Resistance Levels – resistance builds fitness. Not to mention building strength in your lower body. The number of resistance levels in your elliptical cross trainer is important for continuing to build your fitness, so you can go from beginner to advanced and get the most out of your elliptical machine.

Technology – staying connected to the web and your favourite apps is important to track your fitness and overall health. Most quality ellipticals enable you to connect your tablet or smart phone, and multi-tasking by combining exercise and education means you get fitter and smarter at the same time!

Stride Length – this shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re super-tall! But even if the stride length is less you can still counteract this by increasing the resistance, so you still receive the benefit from the machine either way.

Manual Vs Electric – which is better when it comes to an electric cross trainer vs manual cross trainer? This can be an important factor if you’re environmentally-conscious, but it makes no difference on your ability to exercise using the machine.

Choosing An Elliptical Cross Trainer

If you’re wondering how to choose an elliptical cross trainer, the following comparisons with other popular home exercise equipment will help.

What’s the best elliptical machine for home? Our reviews below outline the various benefits of a cross trainer machine which will help you decide on this too.

But let’s first discuss how ellipticals compare with other popular cardio equipment…

Stepper Vs Elliptical Machine

What’s better, a stepper or an elliptical? It’s a common question, and the answer is that an elliptical is better than a stepper because you’re working your legs and arms on an elliptical cross trainer, whereas on a stepper, you’re only working your legs.

And if you want a more intense leg workout on an elliptical, all you have to do is increase the resistance using the machine’s dashboard. So an elliptical is more of a 2 in 1 machine.

Elliptical Cross Trainer Vs Treadmill

Elliptical Cross Trainer vs Treadmill

An elliptical cross trainer vs treadmill is a common comparison but they’re quite different because an elliptical machine offers much more resistance in your workouts, which means you’ll increase your heart rate and burn more fat.

A treadmill only offers different inclines as a means of resistance, which, while useful, unfortunately doesn’t compare well against an elliptical cross trainer machine that provides an upper and lower body workout all-in-one.

What are the benefits of cross trainer vs treadmill?

With an elliptical, you get a 2-in-1 machine, whereas with a treadmill, you can either walk or run and that’s it.

So if it comes down to an elliptical trainer or treadmill, the elliptical is the clear choice in our opinion.

Elliptical Cross Trainer Vs Exercise Bike

An elliptical cross trainer vs exercise bike is a comparison that shouldn’t be a consideration as they work different muscles and are simply a different type and style of exercise.

An elliptical cross trainer works both your upper and lower body, but your lower body receives most of the resistance. But your arms are moving back and forth at the same time, so you expend more energy and therefore burn more calories. And just like with an exercise bike, you can raise and lower the intensity (resistance) level of your workout.

An exercise bike is a fantastic piece of home fitness equipment in its own right, but when you compare a stationary bike vs elliptical cross trainer, the elliptical wins in our opinion as you get both an upper and lower body workout all in one.

Elliptical Cross Trainer Vs Running

An elliptical cross trainer vs running really isn’t a fair comparison. It’s really a matter of preference and convenience. There are valuable benefits of elliptical machines and of running.

The positive of a cross trainer however is that it’s a low-to-nil impact machine, meaning there’s little to no impact on your joints as you exercise on the machine.

Compare that to running which is a high-impact exercise that is proven to be bad for your joints, particularly knees, over the long term.

An elliptical also allows you to exercise indoors, so if it’s raining outside, you can still keep up your elliptical exercise program.

Elliptical Cross Trainer Vs Rowing Machine

Elliptical Cross Trainer vs Rowing Machine

If you’re comparing an elliptical cross trainer vs rowing machine, they offer very different experiences, especially when it comes to the muscles targeted during the exercise.

An elliptical cross trainer primarily targets the lower body. The muscles worked are quads, glutes and hamstrings with minor impact on the calves. There’s also the arm exerciser, but there’s not a huge amount of resistance on the arms as the motion of the entire machine is driven from the feet on the platforms and pushing/walking forward.

A rowing machine on the other hand primarily targets the upper back and rear deltoids (rear shoulders), and to a lesser extent, quads and glutes as you push off the foot pads as part of the rowing motion.

So it really comes down to the experience you want, as they’re both cardio machines.

An elliptical is a bit more user friendly in that you’re more likely to sustain the exercise over a longer time period, whereas a rowing machine can be quite heavy-going, and you’re unlikely to be able to (or wanting to) row for 10 minutes or more at one time.

Elliptical Cross Trainers Australia FAQs

Question:  What is a cross trainer machine?

A cross trainer machine is a cardio exerciser that is essentially a cross between a treadmill and a stepper, with the added benefit of an arm exerciser thanks to the vertical bars that you hold onto and push and pull as you work your legs.

Question: What does an elliptical cross trainer do?

An elliptical cross trainer helps you build cardiovascular fitness as well as strengthen your lower and upper body. The machine primary works the lower body including quads, glutes and hamstrings, but also works the arms thanks to the vertical bars that you push and pull during the exercise.

Question: Is cross trainer cardio?

Yes, a cross trainer is a cardio exercise machine that can help you build cardiovascular fitness, reach the recommended daily exercise for adults and achieve other goals such as weight loss.

Question: What’s the best elliptical trainer for home use?

This depends on your budget, fitness level and goals. The elliptical trainer reviews we’ve outlined on this page will help you determine the best elliptical trainer for home that suits your needs, space and budget.

Question: What’s the best way to use cross trainer?

If you’re a beginner exerciser and not sure how to use an elliptical cross trainer, the best way to start is with the pre-set programs. Each machine offers different in-built programs for different goals (eg. Weight loss, cardio fitness, etc) and fitness levels (beginner, advanced, etc).

So it’s best to begin by using those and as you become comfortable with the machine, you can start experimenting with the many programs on offer.


Question: Is a cross trainer good for losing weight?

Yes, a cross trainer is good for losing weight including belly fat because it’s a machine that provides both a cardio workout as well as strength training in the lower body. Your quads are your largest muscles, so the more you work your quads, the more calories you burn.

Also factor in your food (calorie) intake during the day, as you need to expend (use) more calories than you take in (in order to create a ‘calorie deficit’ that results in weight loss). Combining regular exercise, a healthy diet and a calorie-deficit each day is an effective way to lose weight and keep it off.


Comparing Elliptical Cross Trainer Brands

Searching for the best cross trainer brands is a matter of reading reviews from trusted sources as well as actual buyers of the cross trainer machines themselves.

We’ve done this for you by featuring our 5 top elliptical cross trainers on this page.

The best fitness elliptical cross trainer for you is the one that suits your goals, budget, space and portability requirements.

In terms of large retailers offering ellipticals, the problem you may find with a Amart elliptical cross trainer is lack of quality due to the store being quite price-focused. So sure, you’ll find cheap elliptical cross trainers for sale but just don’t expect the quality to be there.

If you’re shopping at the big department stores for example, a Big W elliptical cross trainer might seem attractive as it’s another inexpensive elliptical cross trainer option that on the surface will save you a few dollars, but you may have to replace it in a year or two. So just be mindful of that.

Depending on your budget, you may be considering a Crane elliptical trainer which has been sold through stores such as Aldi. This is another cheaper option that could be a good starter elliptical but just don’t expect it to last.

Cheap Elliptical Cross Trainers Australia – Are They Worth Buying?

It’s understandable to search for the best price on elliptical machines but keep in mind that price is often a good indicator of quality, so you may not get the longevity out of your purchase if you go with a cheaper option.

Alternatively, if price is crucial and you’re happy to simply purchase what you can afford, then a cheap elliptical cross trainer is a good way to get started with your fitness or weight loss plan.

Often, for a few dollars more you can step up to the next price bracket and get a good value cross trainer that will be manufactured using better quality materials, therefore making it more durable and reliable.

For the best priced cross trainer, the models we featured above represent what we believe is a good mix between price and quality and we hope that through reading their features, benefits and our review you’ll be able to decide which is the best cross trainer for your needs.


We’ve now reached the end of our review of the best home elliptical machines in Australia.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the elliptical trainer tips and reviews we’ve outlined above and that it helps you find the ideal home cross trainer for your requirements which includes the right brand, model and price.

The best deals on elliptical machines can be found online and by clicking through on the links above you can read more about the machines on the merchant’s website.

If you have any questions about anything in our reviews, please leave a comment below…