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Compare Exercise Bikes in Australia Before You Buy

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Buying an exercise bike is exciting, especially if it’s your first one!

It can also be a minefield, with so many types, models and brands available; it’s hard to know what the best exercise bikes in Australia are.

To make it easier, our complete exercise bike reviews Australia will help you compare and decide:
1) Which type of exercise bike is best?
2) What’s the difference between each type of exercise bike?
3) What do I need to consider when comparing exercises bikes?

There are 3 good reasons why riding a home exercise bike is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy.

One, it doesn’t require much space in your home. You can buy a compact exercise bike that can easily be stored or a portable exercise bike you can take anywhere for a quick change of scenery.

Two, riding an exercise bike is a low-impact form of physical activity.

You can get a good fat-burning workout without putting undue stress on your knees, ankles, and lower back.

Third, an exercise bike will not ride your bank account to the ground. There are many types of exercise bikes on the market.

Your choice should be the one that will help you achieve your goals, and the perfect home exercise bike isn’t necessarily the most expensive one available.

To make it easier for you to find which exercise bike fits your budget and meets your fitness goals, we have created this buyer’s guide of the best exercise bikes in Australia.

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The Best Exercise Bikes Australia Compared

Image:Product Name:Type:Resistance:Max User Weight:Our Rating:Where To Buy:
Schwinn 570U Upright Exercise Bike ReviewSchwinn 570UUpright Exercise BikeMagnetic136kgs (299.2lbs)4.7Check the Price
York C415 Upright Exercise Bike ReviewYork C415Upright Exercise BikeMagnetic140kgs (308lbs)4.7Check the Price
TRUE Fitness C900 Recumbent Exercise Bike ReviewTRUE Fitness C900RecumbentHybrid Self-Generating181kgs (400lbs)4.9Check the Price
York Fitness Performance Recumbent Exercise Bike ReviewYork Fitness PerformanceRecumbentMagnetic100kgs (220lbs)4.9Check the Price
Vortex V1000 Spin Exercise Bike ReviewVortex V-1000SpinTyphoon Rev-Generating136 kgs (299.2lbs)4.8Check the Price
Lifespan Fitness SP-460 Spin Exercise Bike ReviewLifespan Fitness SP-460SpinManual125kgs (275lbs)4.8Check the Price
Assault Fitness Air Bike ReviewAssault Fitness Air BikeAir Exercise BikeFan Blades136kgs (299.2lbs)4.9Check the Price
Lifespan Fitness Exer-90H Air Exercise Bike ReviewLifespan Fitness Exer-90HAir Exercise BikeManual160kgs (352lbs)4.9Check the Price
SF-B1203 Exercise BikeSunny Health & Fitness SF-B1203Upright Exercise BikeManual, Chain Drive110kgs (242lbs)4.5Check the Price (On Amazon Australia)

Reviews Of The Best Exercise Bikes Australia 2023

Are you ready to pedal your way to fitness or perhaps weight loss? Before heading over to a local exercise equipment store, take some time to read our reviews on the best exercise bikes in Australia.

We’ve reviewed the top 2 exercise bikes of each of these 4 types: Upright, Recumbent, Spin, and Air.

This way you’ll have a full outline of the benefits of each type and can accordingly decide on the right brand and model.

Best Upright Exercise Bike Australia

Schwinn 570U Upright Exercise Bike Review

Schwinn 570U Upright Exercise Bike Review
Schwinn 570U Upright Exercise Bike Review

The name Schwinn has become synonymous with high quality bikes for the great outdoors so it should be no surprise that the company has made one of the best upright exercise bikes for indoor use.

The Schwinn 570U Upright Bike is designed to give you a smooth and comfortable ride with its ergonomic seat, angled and padded handle bars, and stable frame.

It is also fitted with the latest technology such as the RideSocial compatible console to make your workouts more fun and effective.

The Schwinn 570U has received some of the best upright exercise bike reviews in Australia.

Product Snapshot

Brand: Schwinn
Type: Upright Bike
Category: Exercise Bike
Model: 570U
Weight: 26.5kgs (58.3lbs)
Dimensions:105cm x 34cm x 141cm
Colour: Black and Silver


  • Electronically adjustable magnetic brakes
  • Computer Console
  • Chest Strap
  • Saddle Adjustment
  • Gel Saddle
  • Pedals with Toe Clips and Straps
  • Transport Wheels
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Power Supply

Features & Benefits

RideSocial Compatible ConsoleTrack exercise performance and to connect to other apps via Bluetooth technology
Padded Handle Bar and SeatMore comfort while riding
High Speed, High Drive Inertia SystemProvide smooth, quiet workouts
28 Levels of ResistanceComputer-controlled for more precise but intense workouts
29 Exercise ProgramsChange up your workouts to make them fun and challenging
Stable FrameDurable and long-lasting design
4-User ProfilesCreate personalised workouts

What I Like:

  • Compact design makes it the ideal indoor exercise bike.
  • Sturdy and durable frame can accommodate a max user weight of 136kgs (300lbs).
  • Built-in exercise programs takes away the guesswork and makes workouts more interesting.
  • Ergonomic and padded seating and angled handle bars improves the level of comfort while riding.

What I Dislike:

  • Users of the 570U have mentioned the console having low resolution screens that make data harder to read.
  • Limited warranty of only 90 days is low compared to other brands that offer warranties of up to 1-year.

Editors Rating:  4.7 Stars (out of 5)

York C415 Stationary Upright Exercise Bike Review

York C415 Upright Exercise Bike Review
York C415 Upright Exercise Bike Review

If you’re the type of person who likes a change of scenery when you workout, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-82952 Upright Exercise Bike is our top recommended exercise bike for home use.

The SF-82952 has built-in wheels that allow you to move the bike to different areas of your home.

You can pedal away those calories while watching TV with the family in the living room today and have a relaxing garden view as your scenery tomorrow.

This makes the SF-89592 one of the best sit down exercise bikes in Australia.

Product Snapshot

Brand: York
Type: Upright Bike
Category: Exercise Bike
Model: C415
Weight: 30kgs (66 lbs)
Dimensions: 107cm x 54cm x 128cm
Colour: Grey


  • 32 Levels of Resistance; electronically-controlled
  • Hand Pulse Sensors
  • 10kg (22lbs) Flywheel
  • 3-piece Crank System
  • Extra-Large Seat with Reinforced Cushioning
  • Rake and Slide Seat Adjustment
  • Built-in Adjustable Stabiliser to Uneven Surfaces
  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Transportation Wheels

Features & Benefits

Electronically-Controlled 32 Levels of ResistanceFast and easy way to adjust the intensity of your workouts
12 ProgramsChange up your workouts without the guesswork
Hand Pulse SensorsKeep track of your heart rate, time, calories burned, distance, speed, and RPM
Extra Large SeatBetter comfort during exercise
Adjustable HandlebarsCustomise the height of the handlebars for more effective and comfortable workouts
131 x 59mm LCD Blue BacklitRead the numbers on the interface without straining your eyes
Transportation WheelsMove the C415 around for a change in scenery
Water Bottle HolderStay hydrated during your workout

What I Like:

  • Easy to use
  • Very comfortable
  • Preset programs are challenging
  • Exercise bike feels very stable

What I Dislike:

  • Owner’s Manual is not easy to understand
  • Lifetime Warranty is only on the frame; warranty on parts is good for only 1 year.

Editors Rating:  4.7 Stars (out of 5)

Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Australia

TRUE Fitness C900 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

TRUE Fitness C900 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review
TRUE Fitness C900 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

The C900 Recumbent Bike is a top rated exercise bike that will make the toughest workouts feel smooth and comfortable. It boasts a compact, space-saving design that will fit in most rooms in your home.

Because the C900 is quiet, you can watch your favourite shows with the family without distracting them. It is the ideal exercise bike for home use in Australia.

When it comes to the top recumbent exercise bike reviews, the C900 has received plenty, so it’s a safe, solid purchase.

The C900 is one the best recumbent exercise bikes that you can buy if you’re doing rehab work and have limited mobility. It’s an easy bike to get on and off as you don’t have to step over the frame to reach the seat.

Product Snapshot

Brand: TRUE Fitness
Type: Recumbent Bike
Category: Exercise Bike
Model: C900
Weight: 81kgs (181lbs)
Dimensions: 147cm x 66cm x 130cm)
Colour: Black


  • Dual Stage Drive System
  • Reclining Back Seat
  • Dual Sided Pedals
  • Ratcheting Straps
  • Multi-Position Handlebar
  • Console with 4 options
  • Water Bottle Holder

Features & Benefits

Self-Generating CapabilityLower electrical consumption
Dual Stage Drive SystemCreates a smoother ride
4-Option Console Allows you to track performance, choose workout programs, and select entertainment options
30 Levels of ResistanceAdjust the intensity of your workouts
Reclining Seat BackErgonomically designed for comfort and makes it easy to get on and off the bike
Angled Handlebar DesignLess strain on wrists, elbows, and shoulders; better comfort
Contact Heart Rate MonitoringKeep track of your working heart rate

What I Like:

  • Compact design allows you to fit the C900 comfortably in any room in your home.
  • Self-generating capability of the C900 saves on your electric bills.
  • Reclining seat back, angled handlebar, and weighted ratcheting pedals makes exercising on the C900 more comfortable.
  • 4-Option Console offers programs and features that will make exercise more fun, effective, and interesting.
  • 3-piece forged steel crank system with sealed bearings makes the C900 a durable, safe, and noise-free piece of home gym equipment.

What I Dislike:

  • Price is higher than other brands of recumbent exercise bikes in Australia.
  • Arm rests are only an optional feature.
  • 81kg weight makes the C900 a heavy model and will be difficult to move around the home.

Editors Rating:  4.9 Stars (out of 5)

York Fitness Performance Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

York Fitness Performance Recumbent Exercise Bike Review
York Fitness Performance Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

York is a company that has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of top-quality exercise bikes. With the Performance series, York has upped the ante on ensuring quality, durability, and comfort while keeping prices down to an affordable level.

If you’re planning to buy an exercise bike online, consider the York Fitness Performance Recumbent Bike.

The York Fitness Performance Recumbent Exercise Bike features 8 levels of manual resistance to make sure you get the most out of your workouts without paying extra dollars for electronically-controlled resistance levels.

It has a step-through design to make it easier for those with injuries or undergoing rehab to get in and out of the bike. The seat is larger and padded with extra cushioning so you can pedal a few more kilometres in comfort.

Product Snapshot

Brand: York
Type: Recumbent Bike
Category: Exercise Bike
Model: Performance Series
Weight: 50kgs (110lbs)
Dimensions: 129cm x 64cm x 95cm
Colour: Black


  • 1-piece Crank
  • 4kgs (8.8lbs) Flywheel
  • Built-in Adjustable Stabilisers for Uneven Surfaces
  • Extra Large, Extra Padded Seat
  • Transportation Wheels
  • Built-In Computer/Monitor

Features & Benefits

8 Levels of Manual ResistanceIncrease the intensity of your workouts
Built-In Adjustable StabilisersKeep your riding stable in any area of the room
Computer/MonitorTrack your workout performance
Extra Large, Extra Cushioned SeatBetter riding comfort
Step-Through DesignEasy to get in and get out of the bike
HandlebarsMaintain proper form throughout your exercise
Transportation Wheels Get a session in anywhere indoors or even outdoors

What I Like:

  • Very comfortable ride
  • Affordable
  • Compact design helps save space
  • No frills; everything you want in a basic recumbent bike

What I Dislike:

  • Manually-adjusted resistance can be cumbersome

Best Spin Exercise Bikes Australia

Vortex V1000 Spin Exercise Bike Review

Vortex V1000 Spin Exercise Bike Review

With the Vortex V1000 Spin Bike, you can enjoy the same intense spin workouts you get from a commercial gym in the comfort of your home. The V1000 is engineered for maximum performance and durability.

It’s a great spin exercise bike that features an ultra-smooth belt drive on top of a sturdy and solid frame to guarantee the best riding experience.

The V1000 has received many positive spin exercise bike reviews in Australia because it uses the same components as a professional racing bike. These components include non-slip handlebars and racing pedals with straps.

Product Snapshot

Brand: Vortex
Type: Spin Bike
Category: Exercise Bike
Model: V1000
Weight: 49kgs (107.8lbs)
Dimensions: 112cm x 26cm x 97.5cm
Colour: Black


  • Typhonic Rev Generation 4-Drive Mechanism
  • Flywheel with protective cover
  • French Hutchinson 8pj High-Strength Belt
  • Emergency locking brakes
  • Handlebars
  • Seat
  • Console

Features & Benefits

Typhonic Rev Generation 4-Drive MechanismAdjust level of intensity of your workouts
Stress Protect DesignReduce risk of injury to knees, lower back, feet, and ankles
ConsoleAccess various spinning programs; monitor your performance
Transport WheelsMove the V1000 to any location in your home with ease
Adjustable Seat and HandlebarsAdjust angle and height of seat and handlebars according to your leverages
VorTex DuracoreErgonomically designed padded seat for maximum riding comfort
Heavy Duty DesignV1000 can accommodate maximum user weight of 140kgs (308lbs)

What I Like:

  • Durable design makes riding easier and more comfortable; unit is easy to assemble.
  • Adjustable handlebar and seat allows taller riders to get safer and more effective workouts.
  • Heavier users can use the V1000 for their weight loss programs.
  • The V1000’s features such as the Stress Protect Design, ergonomically designed chairs, and adjustable handlebars ensure the user’s safety.
  • Console’s programs include workouts for long-distance riding and sprints.

What I Dislike:

  • Pedals generate a clicking sound.
  • Does not come with pedal cleats.

Editors Rating:  4.8 Stars (out of 5)

Lifespan Fitness SP-460 Spin Exercise Bike Review

Lifespan Fitness SP-460 Spin Exercise Bike Review
Lifespan Fitness SP-460 Spin Exercise Bike Review

How good of a spin bike is the Lifespan Fitness SP-460? It set the Guinness World Record for the most number of Spin Bikes in a 45-minute spin class – 290 Spin Bikes!

The SP-460 is one of the top Spin cycling exercise bikes to buy online.

What makes the Lifespan Fitness SP-460 the perfect exercise bike for your home gym?

It’s made of a top-quality steel frame that is moulded to give you the same experience as riding your bike on the road. When you ride the Lifespan Fitness SP-460, you won’t feel any vibration or shaking when your workout requires you to sprint or climb steep hills.

The flywheel weighs-in at a solid 18kgs or 39.6lbs to guarantee you a smooth ride even when you’re turning those pedals at high speeds.

Product Snapshot

Brand: Lifespan Fitness
Type: Spin Bike
Category: Exercise Bike
Model: SP-460
Weight: 40kgs (88lbs)
Dimensions: 130cm x 52cm x 125cm
Colour: Black


  • High-Quality Steel Frame
  • 18kg (39.6lbs)TrueSpin Precision Flywheel
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Toe Clip Pedals
  • Floor Levellers
  • Transport Wheels
  • Multifunctional LCD Display
  • Water Bottle Holder

Features & Benefits

High-Quality Tubular Steel FrameGreater durability and more stable ride
Almost Unlimited Resistance LevelBreak barriers and keep improving by challenging yourself with high levels of resistance in your workouts
TrueSpin Precision FlywheelSmoother ride and lower maintenance costs
Toe Clip PedalsGet the same feel as riding an outdoor bike
Multi-functional LCD DisplayStay on top of your performance numbers
Floor LevelersKeep your workout sessions stable all the time
Adjustable Handlebars and SeatCustomise the riding experience based on your height and comfort level
Transport WheelsMove your bike anywhere in your home

What I Like:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable ride
  • The bike gives a sturdy ride every time
  • Reasonably-priced

What I Dislike:

  • Limited adjustment options for seat and handlebar

Editors Rating:  4.8 Stars (out of 5)

Best Air Exercise Bikes Australia

Assault Fitness Air Bike Review

Assault Fitness Air Bike Review
Assault Fitness Air Bike Review

The Assault Fitness Air Bike AS-AssaultB was designed by engineers who are fitness enthusiasts themselves.

The team also consulted with athletes, doctors, and trainers to create the best air exercise bike possible.

How good is the Assault Air Fitness Bike? This model received nearly 200 5-star reviews making it one of the best reviewed air exercise bikes in Australia.

The Assault Air Fitness bike is designed to handle the toughest cycling workouts while giving you maximum comfort and ease of use. For high performance athletes, the Assault Fitness Air Bike should be the top exercise bike on your list.

Product Snapshot

Brand: Assault Fitness
Type: Air Bike
Category: Exercise Bike
Model: AS- AssaultB
Weight: 44.5kgs (97.9lbs)
Dimensions: 130cm x 60cm x 123cm
Colour: Black


  • Console with 7 workout programs
  • Moving Arm Bars
  • 25” Fan with 6 Fan Blades
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Wireless Heart Rate Receiver
  • Warranty: 5 years on frame, 2 years on parts, and 1 year on labour

Features & Benefits

25” Fan with 6 bladesSmooth motion; more controlled resistance levels
ConsoleChoose from 7 workout programs; track your heart rate and performance
Moving Arm BarsWorkout your upper body
Adjustable SeatAccommodate various heights to improve workout comfort
Transport WheelsBring the Assault Air Bike anywhere you want in your home

What I Like:

  • Built for strength; constructed with durable steel frame
  • Sturdy industrial cranks
  • Adjustable seat
  • Variable resistance levels
  • Moving arms allow you to get effective upper body workouts
  • Competitive warranty

What I Dislike:

  • Saddle can become loose.
  • Shipping costs are not included.

Editors Rating:  4.9 Stars (out of 5)

Lifespan Fitness Exer-90H Fan Exercise Bike Review

Lifespan Fitness Exer-90H Air Exercise Bike Review
Lifespan Fitness Exer-90H Air Exercise Bike Review

You don’t have to be a world-class athlete to enjoy and reap the benefits of the Exer-90H Exercise Bike from Lifespan Fitness. The main feature of this amazing Air Bike is its patented Air Resistance System. The resistance level adjusts according to the effort you put in.

Furthermore, the Air Resistance System has no limits – pedal as hard as you can go and see how far you can handle the resistance. This Air Bike will be a great way to strengthen and build the muscles in your legs, glutes and core.

The Exer-90H has a fully adjustable seat that will allow riders of varying heights to have productive and safe workouts. It also features a patented product called the Comfort Saddle that can be adjusted in 4 different ways to fit all builds.

The Exer-90H has received mostly positive exercise bike reviews.

Product Snapshot

Brand: Lifespan Fitness
Type: Air Bike
Category: Exercise Bike
Model: Exer-90H
Weight: 42.5kgs (93.5lbs)
Dimensions: 115cm x 57cm x 148cm
Colour: Grey


  • Air Resistance System
  • 25” Diameter Steel Fan
  • Dynamic Rotating Crank
  • LCD Display
  • Commercial Chain Drivetrain
  • Commercial Steel Frame
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Steel Pedals
  • Floor Levellers
  • Transportation Wheels

Features & Benefits

Air Resistance SystemAdjust resistance level according to your level of effort
25” Diameter Steel Fan Higher resistance levels when going at faster speeds
Dynamic Rotating CrankElliptical motion allows you to generate more power
LCD Display MonitorKeep track of your performance indicators in real-time
Commercial Chain DrivetrainAccommodate high-speed and high-torque riding
Adjustable SeatEnsure better riding comfort
Steel PedalsGive the feel of an outdoor ride
Floor LevelersMaintain a stable ride on uneven surfaces

What I Like:

  • Smooth ride
  • Gives a great workout for the upper and lower body
  • The dynamic rotating crank allows for more explosive and intense workouts
  • Air Resistance System allows beginners or those with limited experience have great workouts
  • Impressive maximum user capacity at 160kgs (352lbs)

What I Dislike:

  • Pricey compared to other Air Bikes

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1203 Chain Drive Indoor Cycling Trainer Review

SF-B1203 Exercise Bike

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1203 is a good stationary exercise bike to use at home. It’s fitted with a smooth felt fabric brake pad system to ensure a noise-free experience while working out.

Your family will thank you for it!

This is a no-frills and inexpensive exercise bike that can get the job done. You can adjust the resistance level with an easy-to-reach manual knob and its 10kg (22lb) flywheel assures you of a smooth and stable ride every time.

To keep track of your exercise intensity level and performance, the SF-B1203 has a built-in LCD and heart rate monitor.

Product Snapshot

Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness
Type: Flywheel Bike
Category: Stationary Bike
Model: SF-B1203
Weight: 30.4kgs (66.8lbs)
Dimensions: 95.25cm x 22.86cm x 67.31cm
Colour: Grey


  • 10kg (22lbs) Flywheel
  • Adjustable seat
  • Chain Drive Mechanism
  • LCD Performance Monitor
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Rubber Foam Handlebars

Features & Benefits

Chain Drive Mechanism with Felt Fabric Brake Pad System – Ensures a quiet, noise-free ride all the time
Adjustable Seat With Ergonomic Design – Greater comfort while riding
LCD Performance Monitor – Track your exercise numbers in real-time
Heart Rate Monitor – Stay on top of your intensity level
Rubber Foam Handlebars – Avoid slipping and developing blisters on your hands

What I Like:

  • Ergonomic seating design assures a comfortable ride every time.
  • Chain drive mechanism allows you to have a great workout – without the noise.
  • Manual resistance knob makes it easy to adjust intensity level of your workout.
  • Very affordable exercise bike.

What I Dislike:

  • Questions on durability. But low price point makes it an entry level option.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Exercise Bike

In addition to the variety of exercise bike models, there are also several exercise bike brands to choose from. Each manufacturer will entice to choose their product by highlighting its unique features and the latest technologies.

But having all the bells and whistles does not guarantee you the ideal exercise bike for your money.

The answer to the question, “Which exercise bike should I buy?” depends on your answer to another question:

“What are your fitness goals?”

  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Do you want to strengthen/tone your leg and glute muscles?
  • Do you want to improve your cardiovascular strength?
  • Are you following a rehab program?
  • Are you just looking to stay fit and maintain bodyweight?

Your fitness goals should be your guide in buying a new exercise bike. Once you have identified your fitness goals, here are the key factors to compare before you buy an exercise bike:

Level of Resistance – The exercise bike’s level of resistance allows you to adjust the intensity of your workouts. Does the exercise bike have a mechanical or magnetic resistance system?

With a mechanical system, the resistance level is changed with the use of an adjustment wheel. In contrast, with a magnetic exercise bike, the change in resistance level is carried out by the bike’s built-in console.

Built-In Technology – A good exercise bike is fitted with a console that displays information to help you gauge your performance. For example, the console might show information on calories burned, distance, heart rate, riding time, and riding speed.

Some exercise bikes have Bluetooth technology that will allow you to connect with your smartphone and other devices. If you prefer more relaxing workouts, you might want an exercise bike with a TV.

Level of Comfort – The flywheel is the heart of your exercise bike. It takes the place of the wheel and is located at the front of the exercise bike.

Essentially, the heavier the flywheel the more smooth, stable, and comfortable the ride. If the flywheel is too light, you may feel the other parts of the exercise bike moving around.

An exercise bike for beginners should have a flywheel that weighs a minimum of 7 to 9kgs. For more experienced trainers, we recommend looking for an exercise bike with a flywheel that weighs more than 15kgs to get challenging workouts.

Maximum User Weight – There is a correlation between the maximum user weight that can be accommodated by the exercise bike and its cost. Exercise bikes that can accommodate riders who weigh between 130 to 150kgs are more expensive than brands that can manage riders who weigh no more than 90 to 100kgs.

Compactness/Portability – The size of your exercise bike will depend on the area in your home where you plan to place it. If exercise space is limited, choose a small exercise bike that has a more compact design.

You may want to consider buying a fold away exercise bike or one with built-in wheels so you can move it around for easier storage.

Safety Features – If you’re looking for one that can make rehab work hassle-free, buy a model that is easy to get on and off. Exercise bikes for seniors are those that are more compact and more stable.

And if you have small children at home, choose an exercise bike where the chain and the flywheel are enclosed.

Price – “Health is wealth” but it doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive bike to get the best, most productive workouts. At the same time, remember the saying, “You get what you pay for”.

The 6 Types Of Exercise Bikes

The exercise bike has come a long way since it was first introduced in 1796 by Francis Lowndes as “Gymnasticon”. Back then, the exercise bike was set upright and was made of a combination of wood and metal.

The exercise bike has gone through several iterations the last couple of hundred years and remains a popular choice of home gym equipment.

Here are the 6 types of exercise bikes:

1. Upright Bike – Closely associated with the basic stationary exercise bike, its upright design allows you to lean forward a bit and shift the focus of the workout to your glutes, hamstrings, and glutes.

2. Dual-Action Stationary Bike – You can perform different workouts because the design is a cross between an exercise bike and an elliptical machine.

3. Recumbent Bike – The reclined position of the seat in the recumbent exercise bike improves its level of comfort and is the most recommended exercise bike for seniors and those undergoing rehab.

4. Spin Bike – Also referred to as Indoor Exercise Bike or Studio Bike, the Spin Bike replicates the feel of an outdoor ‘road’ bike. You change resistance by shifting gears and the height of the seat is at the level of the handlebars.

5. Air Bike – With the Air Bike or Wind Bike, the harder you pedal the greater the effort because it uses wind to increase the level of resistance.

6. Interactive Bike – A high-tech exercise bike with a screen and uploaded with interactive technology such as mock spin classes or the great outdoors to heighten the workout experience.

Which exercise bike is for you? It would depend on your exercise goals and fitness level.

The Upright Bike is a good entry level exercise bike because it’s equipped with the standard features of a basic home exercise bike.

It’s a simple, no-frills piece of home gym equipment but with a good exercise bike workout program and consistency, an Upright Bike can help you lose weight, stay fit, and build leg muscle and strength.

If you are looking for a cheap exercise bike, many models of upright bikes are affordably priced, and the design is more compact. You can even find upright bikes that are designed as folding exercise bikes.

Don’t be misled by the low pricing of these upright bikes. Although designed for home use, many are durable enough to pass off as a commercial exercise bike.

A Recumbent Bike is the perfect exercise bike for those who have limited mobility or are dealing with chronic pain issues and need a form of physical activity as part of their rehab work.

This type of exercise bike has an open design that allows the user to get in and out easier and the adjustable seat back reduces the strain on your lower back.

It is worth noting that some models of Upright and Recumbent exercise bikes in Australia can be interactive. They are programmable exercise bikes; fitted with a computer and a monitor so you can change up your workout routine regularly.

If you want to get fit or stay in shape but aren’t the type who exercises regularly, the Upright Bike and the Recumbent Bike are the ideal exercise bikes for you.

No doubt you’ve heard about spin classes; the popular group exercise program that simulates the experience of riding an outdoor bike inside a studio. Spin Bikes are designed to feel like a regular outdoor bike. They even look like one.

If you don’t have the time to attend a spin class regularly, you can buy a Spin Bike for home use. These spin exercise bikes are fitted with consoles that are pre-programmed with various spin workouts to challenge you and build your fitness, burn fat and lose weight.

The Air Bike and the Dual-Action Stationary Bikes are the recommended exercise bikes for fitness enthusiasts. The handlebars are movable (like an Elliptical Cross Trainer) to enable you to train your upper body and the resistance levels can be very challenging.

The Air Bike is popularly used by cross trainers and those who compete in fighting sports such as MMA and boxing.

For the regular trainer, the Dual-Action Stationary Bike gives you a 2-in-1 exercise bike – an Elliptical and an Upright Bike. Switch between the two to keep your workouts more interesting.

To make it easier for you to make your choice, we featured some of the best exercise bike brands in this buyer’s guide.

6 Different Options For Your Exercise Bike

With so many brands in the market selling different variations of these types of exercise bikes, how do you compare exercise bikes?

To stay ahead of the competition, these brands must have their own differentiator – a feature that defines their product and make it stand out from the rest. These differentiators are presented as a form of innovation that has upgraded a standard feature of the exercise bike.

For example, variable resistance levels are a standard feature of an exercise bike. To change up the intensity level of your workouts, you should be able to vary the resistance or range of difficulty of your exercise bike.

Some resistance levels can be controlled by a computer while in some exercise bikes, the resistance can be controlled manually with a turn of a knob. Both equally effective but resistance levels that run through a console will generally offer other features.

Here are 6 different options that you should consider before buying an exercise bike:

1. Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike – Resistance is created when the flywheel passes through a field of 2 magnets and generates forces that apply pressure on the flywheel.

2. Flywheel – A heavy metal disk that is located on the front section of the bike and is connected to the pedals with either a chain or a belt. As you pedal, the flywheel creates resistance.

3. Friction Resistance – Sometimes referred to as manual resistance, friction resistance bikes have a felt pad that is positioned on the flywheel. When you turn the knob, the felt pad is pushed against the flywheel and creates resistance.

4. Belt Drive System – The belt used for this type of system has “teeth” that fit precisely into the grooves of the pedals and results in a smoother riding experience. It is also a quiet exercise bike and makes it perfect for home use.

5. Electric Exercise Bike – An exercise bike that uses electronics basically does everything for you except pedal and burn calories. You can pre-program the workouts to choose the level of difficulty, type of terrain, distance, and scenery. With an electric exercise bike you can also keep track of your performance.

6. Air – This bike option uses blades that generate wind to create resistance. Thus, the harder you pedal the greater the resistance.

"What are the Australian Government Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults 18-64?"

  • Accumulate 75 – 150 minutes per week of vigorous physical activity (approx 10-15 minutes p/day)
  • Do muscle strengthening activities on at least 2 days each week.


Exercise Bikes Australia FAQs

Question:  What is the best exercise bike to buy?​

The best exercise bike for you is one that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, has features to support your level of fitness, and falls within your budget.

If your exercise goal is to lose weight or stay fit, a simple exercise bike such as the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-82952 upright exercise bike should be good enough.


Question: How much does an exercise bike cost?

The cost of a good quality exercise bike can range from $500 for a solid upright exercise bike for home use to $5,000 for top-of-the-line models from the popular brands.

When shopping for an exercise bike for sale be sure to weigh up all the factors we’ve outlined above to ensure you’re getting a bike that meets your immediate needs and your future needs as your fitness improves.


Question: Where can I buy an exercise bike?

There are several trusted retailers of exercise bikes in Australia. You can visit some of the reputable stores in your area or you can buy exercise bikes online.

Check social media. There are social media pages dedicated to home gym equipment that will tell you where to buy an exercise bike that fits your goals and meets your budget.

Question: What is a good exercise bike?

A good exercise bike is one that meets your fitness goals and fits your budget. Don’t judge an exercise bike by its price. Take the time to read exercise bike reviews online and if possible, give it a test ride before deciding.

Question: How to choose an exercise bike?

After you’ve identified your goals, do a bit of research by reading a few of the best exercise bike reviews in Australia like the ones we’ve listed above.

Read up on the pros and cons of each exercise bike and make a shortlist of models that interest you the most. Compare exercise bikes and find out which model best fits your budget.


Question: What is the best exercise bike for seniors?

The best exercise bike for seniors is a recumbent exercise bike as the sitting position is easier to get into and out off and it places you in a more natural seating position, which means less strain on your lower back as well as your neck.

Comparing Exercise Bike Brands

What’s in a name? The best exercise bike brands are the ones that have stood the test of time. The ones we’ve featured in this buyer’s guide have certainly lived up to their reputation.

So how do you compare one from the other? It all starts with what you want out of the exercise bike – and of course – your budget.

York exercise bikes are budget-friendly and some of their lower priced models are among the best reviewed in Australia.

While buying these lower-priced models may save you a few dollars, there could be a trade-off in terms of quality and durability when compared to the premium exercise bike brands.

Schwinn has built a solid reputation as an exercise bike manufacturer over the last few decades. Schwinn exercise bikes are typically more expensive but you can be assured of enjoying several years of riding and burning calories.

If you’re looking to improve sports performance, your workouts will be more effective using an Assault Fitness Air Bike. You’ll have to stretch your budget a bit more but you’ll definitely get what you pay for.


Riding an exercise bike is a fun way to stay healthy and fit in your home. You don’t have to worry about the weather or traffic.

We featured some of the best home exercise bikes in Australia for 2023 – you can’t go wrong with any of them! Just make sure you choose the type of exercise bike that fits your goals and your budget.

If you have other questions, feel free to post them in the comments section. We will get back to you right away.

Happy training from the team!