Put A Spring In Your Step And Get Fit The Fun Way!

Trampoline Fitness

Bounce your way to fit in just 20 minutes a day!

From the very first origins of the trampoline to gymnastics, trampolining has grown into a sophisticated sport.

Many families now have a trampoline in their backyard or garden, for their children to play safely.

Trampolining has never been more available and affordable for all to enjoy.

The History Of Trampolining

The early beginnings of trampolining may be traced back to the Inuits.

During the whaling festival, which occurs in USA’s northern part of Alaska in the month of June.

After hunting season the Inuits always shared their bounty with the local community as a sign of plenty and success.

As it is customary, they will throw each other up in the air on walrus skins in what is called the blanket tossing ceremony.

In the meantime, various acts of blanket toss have been witnessed for different reasons in many parts of Europe.

And in 1887 the safety net, resembling the trampoline, was invented and used by firemen to catch people jumping out from burning buildings.

A century ago, trampolines started to show up in circus acts across the globe. Mostly  clowns and acrobats used the trampoline to amuse crowds or as a safety net.

But the trampoline as we now know it was invented in 1936 by American gymnasts George Nissen and Larry Griswold.

The Swiss Kurt Beachler and the British Ted Blake introduced trampolining to Europe and from then on it became a huge commercial success worldwide.

In the second world war, the trampoline started being used in exercise training for pilots and astronauts.

In 1964, the first world trampolining competition happened in London and the International Trampoline Federation was born.

Eventually, trampolining proudly became part of the Olympic Games in the year 2000.

Benefits Of Trampolining

Trampolining has so many benefits. First of all, it is such a fun way to keep fit and one of the best exercises to share with your children in the comfort of your own home.

And for all the ladies out there, jumping on your trampoline is known to be one of the best ways to fight that normally hard to reach cellulite as it increases the length of your legs as well as tone. Need we say more?

Additionally, trampolining is a lot easier on the joints than running for example. In that sense, it is one of the best ways for the elderly and injured to keep fit as well as people who are not used to exercising.

A lesser known fact is, due to low impact on the joints, trampolining improves bone density and therefore can help prevent osteoporosis.

All the while you lose that extra weight and improving your co-ordination and balance.

It is one of most enjoyable cardiovascular exercises there is.

It does not only tone your muscle all over but in no time, you will see many improvements including increased energy, metabolism, and blood and lymphatic circulation.

As the oxygen flow through the entire body, it will keep you more alert and improve your mood.

It is not just beneficial for your overall health, but it is also a great way to have fun with the whole family as it is effortless and barely feels like a form of exercise at all.

The more your practice, the more you enjoy it. Imagine exercising putting a smile on your face. How does that sound?!

How To Get Started With Trampolining

The best part about trampolining is that you do not need any special clothing or footwear.

Any comfortable or stretchy attire will do. So you can basically exercise barefoot in your pyjamas in the comfort of your own home. That’s the best form of exercise.

According to experts, all you need is fifteen minutes on your trampoline on a daily basis to improve oxygenation and strengthen your muscles and joints. Trampolining is twice as effective as running with way less impact on your knees.

There are two different types of trampolining.

Exercise Trampoline

Men and women are adding trampoline workouts to their exercise regime

One is the competition style trampolining where trampolines can be used in combination with gymnastics.

It can be used as training for various sports including diving. Trampoline gymnastics, or TRP, also include synchronised trampoline and tumbling.

The other trampolining style is leisure. There are many ways to enjoy leisurely trampolining both at home or at an indoor commercial trampoline park.

Safety is essential in order to enjoy trampolining. Beginners must first start with little jumps increasing the height as you gain more confidence and strength.

To avoid injury, it is essential to avoid multiple persons jumping at the same time. This will avoid collisions and potential broken bones. It is best advised to use the trampoline one person at a time.

Chose a trampoline which is surrounded by a padded area and a net.

Indoor trampoline parks are the safest option as they provide the safety of padded walls. Plus you can purchase packages for special events including food and beverages.

Also, more fitness clubs now have trampolining classes where you can enjoy the sport safely and receive great advice and feedback from your teacher as well as make new friends.

Mini-trampolines, or rebounders are quick and easy to use as they can fit in your bedroom or living room.

They are a great source of daily exercises used between house chores or while watching television.

So what’s stopping your from trampolining your way to health and fitness? Try these trampoline exercises on our site today to get started.

You can involve your whole family and friends and is set to put a smile on everyone’s face when your host your next barbecue!

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