Boxing Your Way To Peak Fitness

Boxing for Fitness

Boxing can take your fitness to a whole new level

If you are looking for a complete cardio workout but you get easily bored running on a treadmill, if you need a challenging sport that gets your heart pumping and give you a real adrenaline rush, then you should try boxing.

Boxing is not just an awesome full body workout; it also requires power and endurance, as well as speed and agility.

And it can be both mentally and physically challenging, but also highly rewarding.

Boxing is high intensity training so you will burn lots of calories even hours after your session has ended. This is why boxing can help you lose weight, should this be your goal.

The History Of Boxing

Boxing has existed for as long as people threw punches at each other. According to records, the ancestor of boxing as a sport was born in Ethiopia.

Egyptian hieroglyphs from 4000BC were found depicting boxing matches after Egypt conquered Ethiopia.

The sport spread all over Ancient Greece and Rome and became part of the Olympics in 686 BC.

Then, matches were held in an open arena with a live audience. Boxers were usually slaves or criminals and fought until one opponent was either seriously injured or even dead.

Instead of boxing gloves, leather straps were used to protect the hand and wrists.

Later, in gladiator fights in Rome, metal plates with spikes were added to the leather straps for maximum damage.

Boxing Training

Boxing training in a specialised facility can help you develop great skill, agility and fitness

After the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity, boxing was forgotten until its revival in England in the late seventeenth century.

Regular fights were organised in London where pretty much everything was allowed as there were no particular rules.

Gloves were not used yet and gambling was common. As it became outlawed, it still grew in popularity.

That’s when, in 1743, Jack Brownton came up with the first Code of Rules.

Subsequently, in 1838, a man called Broughton wrote the London Prize Ring Rules and invented mufflers, the first boxing gloves.

The London Boxing Society was created in London in 1814 and, in 1867, John Gram from the Chamber of Amateur Sport Club introduced the new ‘Queensberry’ rules (named after the Queensberry Marquis). Boxing as we now know it was born.

The Benefits Of Boxing For Fitness

Boxing is one of the most challenging sports. And we certainly wouldn’t recommend taking up competitive boxing as it’s detrimental to your health, but certainly learning boxing for fitness and/or self-defence is a great way to go!

From fast repetitive punching actions, you can develop a toned physique without the bulk.

It will increase your cardiovascular fitness and your muscular endurance. With every hip turn, your lower back and abdominal muscles give power to your punches.

Striking will work out your arm and shoulder muscles. Additionally, the exercises added to your training regimen will have all kinds of physical benefits.

Jumping rope is the perfect warming up and cooling down exercise. Plus it’s perfect to burn more calories and keeping a high level of fitness.

Add sit ups and push ups for greater fitness and fat burning benefits. Additionally, running is another way of keeping fit and building endurance and strength between those boxing sessions.

Boxing is probably one of the best stress relievers out there. And all of this in a safe, controlled environment.

Boxing Classes

Boxing classes are a great intro to boxing and provide a very motivating environment

Boxing can improve your self-confidence and with enough discipline, as you better your technique and improve your strength, you can feel a great sense of achievement.

How To Get Started With Boxing

Firstly, you need to purchase the necessary gear. You can order on the internet or go to your local sporting goods store. All you need are:

–    Long cloth wraps to cover your knuckles. These will support your wrists as well as prevent scraping and bruising. The Mexican wraps with velcro are cheap and easier to use.

–     Bag gloves are padded and ideal to use for hitting the heavy bag. They are different from the gloves used in the ring. Try before you buy a pair to ensure you feel comfortable and safe.

–    Heavy bag: made with vinyl, leather or canvas. It contains soft or hard filling and can be easily found at your local sports store. Hitting the heavy bag is a serious workout in itself.

If you find that you get bored training on your own at home you may be interested in joining a local gym for boxing classes, also known as Boxercise.

Or for even more specific boxing training, find a local boxing gym which often are run by ex-boxers and now offer one-to-one or group boxing classes for people of all ages.

Before joining a boxing gym, do your homework first and find out about who fights and coaches there.

As you need to be fit before you start competing, it is advised that you regularly exercise to get into shape.

Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods including protein as the base of your diet. You will need to turn your back to junk foods as much as you can.

For more information on boxing training, search via google for local gyms that offer classes or find a boxing club for more advanced training.