Shoulder Exercises For The Ultimate ‘V’ Shape

Shoulder Workout

Boost your shoulder workouts to get the ‘V’ shape physique

One of the things that is key to an aesthetically pleasing physique is great shoulder muscle development.

Your shoulder muscles will give you that nice V-taper appearance, creating a very masculine look if you’re a man or the illusion of a slimmer waistline if you’re a woman.

Strong shoulders are also very important for day to day life.

Because the shoulder joint can be so prone to injuries, doing everything you can to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint is important.

Putting together an effective shoulder workout doesn’t need to be a challenge if you understand a few key facts first.

Let’s go over how to build a ‘boulder shoulder’ workout so that you can start seeing improvements in this area of your body.

Start With Heavy Compound Lifts

You’ll first want to make sure that you are starting your heavy compound movements to begin your shoulder workout.

These are going to best help you gain that functional strength that’ll then lend well to performing other exercises in your program with ease.

These compound lifts are also important for gaining muscular power, which will come in helpful if you happen to perform any sporting activities where you need to be able to generate force quickly in order to excel.

The main compound lifts to know about include the barbell shoulder press, the dumbbell shoulder press, the Arnold press, along with the landmine press.

You shouldn’t be doing all of these with each workout but rather, adding them in one by one as time goes on.  One major compound move per workout is typically enough for most individuals.

Hit All Three Heads With Isolation Moves

Next, you’ll also want to make sure that you hit all three heads of the shoulder muscles with isolation exercises as well.

You want to avoid a muscular imbalance in your shoulder joint so being sure that each part is equally strong (as best as possible) is important.

You have your lateral deltoid (on the side of the shoulder), the front deltoid (on the front of the shoulder) and then the rear deltoid (on the back of the shoulder).

Many people often forget about the rear deltoid because they don’t see it – but you must make sure that you train it.

Shoulder Workout for Women

Tone your shoulders with targeted high-rep shoulder exercises

It’ll be important as well for doing exercises such as rows as it acts as a supportive muscle for those big back moves.

Try Advanced Principles To Fatigue The Muscles

Finally, make sure that you consider bringing in advanced principles to train your shoulders effectively.

You likely won’t get away with seeing ongoing progress if you just keep doing straight sets, so try things like drop sets, supersets, as well as half reps to maximise definition and strength gains.

Again, you shouldn’t be using all those principles at once, but rather adding one or two of them into your workout program at a time.

Let’s show you a fast and simple workout that you can start using right now to optimise shoulder growth and development.

Barbell Shoulder Press – 5 sets of 5 reps
Upright Row – 2 sets of 8 reps
Super Set: Lateral Raise with Front Raise – 3 sets of 12 reps each
Reverse Flys Drop Set – 2 drop sets with 3 drops of 10 reps each

So next time you’re hitting the gym, think about what you can be doing to help spark greater shoulder growth and development.

It’s one muscle group that you definitely want to put some effort into if you hope to achieve a great looking body.