Busselton Ironman Western Australia: Top 25 Triathlon Events In The World

Busselton Ironman

Have you got what it takes to compete in the Busselton Ironman?

If you have been longing to test your fitness level, look no further than the Busselton Ironman Western Australia which has been regarded as one of the top 25 triathlon events in the world.

In the world of triathlon, if the course is in the top 25 that only means it features unique and interesting challenges compared to other events.

What Is The Busselton Ironman Western Australia?

Busselton Ironman is part of the series of races by the Ironman global brand in triathlon.

There are over two dozen Ironman triathlon races held all over the world.

The objective of joining these races is to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kailua- Kona, Hawaii.

Ironman Western Australia has been organising races since 2004.

It takes place in the scenic town of Busselton which is located in the South West region of Western Australia.

Many triathlon participants like the course in Busseltown because the flat surfaces are ideal for registering fast times in cycling and running.

In 2013, Ironman Western Australia was given top honours in the Major Festival and Events category in the Perth Airport Western Australian Tourism awards. It was also nominated in the same award in 2014.

The Ironman Western Australia Course

Each Ironman course is designed differently and plays up to the available terrain and conditions of the host country. One thing is for sure, there is no easy Ironman course!

The challenges may be unique but these remain difficult and require tremendous endurance, determination and strength of will to overcome.

The Busselton Ironman course consists of the following:

  • 3.8 km Swim – After a start at the beach, participants do a one lap swim around the Busselton Jetty from east to west then a quick run for the Bike Ride.
  • 180 km Bike Ride – This is a two-lap course from the outskirts of Tuart National Park into Capel Shire. You have an amazing view of the scenery including Geographe Bay.
  • 42.2 km Run – This is a four-loop run course along Geographe Bay and is reputed for being among the flattest of the Ironman courses.

Because Ironman races are subject to qualifying times, Ironman Western Australia presents a course that could be ideal for making it to the World Championships in Hawaii.

What Does It Take To Complete In The Busselton Ironman Triathlon?

It takes a special kind of person to complete a triathlon. Along with a marathon, a triathlon is an event that pushes the boundaries of endurance, conditioning, mental acuity and the human spirit.

Ironman Busselton

Ready to take on the 3.8km swim?

You read about people thrashing about in the waters in the Swim event; of being unintentionally hit and dragged down amidst the sheer volume of participants.

There are also stories of participants pushing past the pain barrier as their legs and backs pedal through the Bike leg of a triathlon.

Finally, we’ve always read about marathon runners hitting the dreaded “wall” which is the supreme test of endurance and fortitude.

It becomes more of a mental and emotional challenge than a physical one.

Training for a triathlon involves specialising in three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running.

These are all distinct events that require their own training programs.

Even Ironman is primarily an endurance event; these activities use different muscles and affect the body’s systems in unique ways.

We all know that you have to invest in great training methodologies in order to excel in a triathlon.

You should hire a good, reputable coach, purchase the best equipment and plan your training for at least 6 months.

Most of all, you should have a strong support system behind you.

When you are competing in a race as grueling as a triathlon, you would only want to focus your energies on the event itself.

A good example would be Susan MacCormick, the wife of triathlon competitor Ian MacCormick who ran the 2010 Ironman Western Australia.

When Susan and Ian arrived in Busselton, Susan immediately took note of the facilities offered by the town and the organisers.

Here are a few of the notes taken by Susan:

  • Adequate first-aid stations and support facilities
  • Bike emergency stop: “Fat Duck Bikes” and “South West Bicycles”
  • Good surf shops to buy accessories

If you plan to do a triathlon at least once in your life, make it the Ironman Western Australia series!