Bust Through Cellulite With These Top Exercises


Squats are one of the best lower body fat burning exercises

To help reduce the appearance of cellulite, a targeted lower body workout program is key.

The right lower body exercises will help to firm up the muscles lying underneath the skin, toning up muscles and burning body fat.

In addition to that, because the muscles are so large in the lower body, working them will help to dramatically boost your overall calorie burn both during the workout as well as in the hours that follow.

Putting together a mix of high intensity exercises will rev your metabolic rate for up to 48 hours so you can literally burn fat while you sleep.

Wondering what the best lower body cellulite busting exercises are? Let’s go through the line-up…


When it comes to training lower body, few moves are better than squats.

They’ll hit every muscle group in your lower body, while also hitting the core and upper body as well.

When doing the squats, especially to target cellulite, going all the way down is key.

By lowering your bum so it’s almost touching the ground, you’ll ensue that you hit the glute region to the max, which is where you likely notice your cellulite most.

Lower down, pause for added tension on the muscles, and then push back up. If you have to lighten the weight you lift to ensure the full range of motion, so be it.

Walking Lunges

Walking lunges are the next go-to move to help combat cellulite.

The great thing about these is that they’ll really boost your heart rate, delivering great cardiovascular benefits as well.

As you do your walking lunges, be sure to keep the body upright and even leaning back ever so slightly (provided you can still maintain balance).

A slight shift back in your center of balance will mean more emphasis is placed on the glutes and hamstrings during this exercise as opposed to the quads.

Since it’s your glutes and hamstrings where you notice cellulite most, this will work to your advantage.

Stationary Lunges


Stationary lunges can be part of you daily cellulite-busting exercise program

Stationary lunges are a good option for those working out in small spaces since they provide similar benefits of that of walking lunges.

To do these, place a barbell across your back (or hold dumbbells down by your sides) and then simply lunge down and back up.

Don’t switch legs between reps but rather, perform all reps to one side and then move to the other.

The added benefit here is that you’ll fully exhaust the one side of the body before moving on to the next where with walking lunges, each leg gets a short break since you’re alternating legs.


Step Ups are another good lower body cellulite-busting move to include in your workout routine.

Simply stand in front of a bench or chair and then place one leg up on top of the bench and then bring the other up to match.

Once standing on top, reverse the movement, lowering one leg to the floor and then following with the other.

Take note that with this one, the higher the bench or step is, the more glute action you’ll get.

If you really want to hit that area right at the very top of your leg where it connects to your bum, you’ll want to use the highest bench or step you can comfortably use.

Try these four cellulite-busting exercises in your workout program.

You don’t necessarily have to do them all in one session but make sure that you do include at least one or two every time you train your lower body.