After A Warming, Hearty Breakfast? No Oat Oatmeal Is Your Answer!


A bowl of this noatmeal will keep you going until lunch time with plenty of protein and healthy fats

If you haven’t tried it yet, noatmeal is the bomb!

Take the oats out of oatmeal and replace them with the goodness of ground almonds, coconut, flax and chia seeds and you have a warm, hearty, low-carb breakfast that’s just as satisfying as it is nutritious!

A bowl of this noatmeal will keep you going until lunch time with plenty of protein and healthy fats (including omega 3’s) to keep you full and satisfied.

Thanks to the chia and flax seeds, it’s also high in dietary fibre which helps to regulate your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

It’s also essential for a healthy digestive system and aids in weight loss by supressing your hunger and cravings.

Coconut milk has a great vitamin and mineral profile including vitamin C, E, B6 and calcium.

However, if you’re trying to lose weight, try this recipe with water instead for a lower calorie option that’s still deliciously creamy!

Top this noatmeal off with antioxidant rich blueberries and walnuts that promote a healthy brain and heart and know that you’ve started your day in the very best way!

It’s also perfect to reheat so make a big batch at the weekend for effortless weekday breakfasts.

Recipe Snapshot:
Sugar Free – No (but natural sugars from fruit)
Gluten Free – Yes
Dairy Free – Yes
Grain Free – Yes
Protein – Medium
Carbs – Low
Fats – Medium

Coconut Blueberry Noatmeal with Cinnamon and Walnuts

¼ cup almond meal
¼ cup shredded coconut
1 tbsp. flax seeds
1 tbsp. chia seeds
½ tsp ground cinnamon
1 cup water or coconut milk
2 tbsp. coarsely chopped walnuts
2 tbsp. fresh or frozen blueberries

Makes 1 serving

Combine almond meal, shredded coconut, flax seeds, chia seeds, cinnamon and water or milk in a small saucepan over medium heat.

Simmer for 5 minutes or until thickened, stirring constantly.

Pour noatmeal into a bowl, top with walnuts and blueberries and enjoy while warm.