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Welcome to the VIP Area for Cardio Classes & Workouts Combo!

Who’s it for?  This combo is suitable for a couple who’d like to save money and access Classes and Workouts in one account.

How long are the Classes?  The Classes are approximately 12 minutes in length.

How long are the Workouts?  Each Workout will take between 30-45 approximately if you’re following along while working out (press pause while you do your set, then press play again to resume, it’s that easy!)

How much does it cost?  For the Classes & Workouts Combo it’s just AU$34.95 p/mth (approx USD$25 p/mth) after your 9-day trial ends!

As valued Members you have full access to our expert-led Cardio Classes and Workouts to follow along with at home or at the gym.

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