‘Ditch Your Dad Bod’ 12 Week Challenge Is For You If You Want To…

  • Lose Your Love Handles, Banish Your Beer Gut or Fight Your Flab!
  • Stop Feeling Self-Conscious About Your ‘Carry On Baggage’
  • Feel Strong Again, And Gain Back Control Of Your Health
  • Get Your ‘Sexy Back’
  • Get Lean And Build Muscle
  • ‘Prove Someone Wrong’ (Even If It’s You!)

The Dad Bod Challenge Shows You…

  • How To Burn Fat With The RIGHT Exercises
  • Which Foods To Eat And When For Maximum Fat Burning
  • Step By Step Gym Workouts – Simply Click ‘Play’ And Follow The Expert-Led Workout Videos
  • Which Cardio Is Best For Burning Fat

And a WHOLE Lot More!

Get Started Today and Take Back Control Of Your Body And Your Health!

Course Materials

- A Gym! - Or Workout at Home if you have the right equipment - Water to stay hydrated - Towel to use on equipment