How To Ditch Your ‘Dad Bod’,
Get Ripped And Rediscover The Energy,
Sex Life And Physique You Had In Your 20’s…With This Easy Step-By-Step Program…

Calling All Dads!

Is there a spare tyre where your six-pack used to be? Are you just tired of always feeling tired? Has your love-life gone cold? Do you get puffed out playing backyard sport with your kids?

If you answered ‘yes’ to even one of these questions, it doesn’t need to be this way…

Men all over Australia are winding back the clock with life-changing results and it’s much easier than you think.

Hi, I’m Dmitri Simons, and I’ve trained hundreds of guys just like you to lose weight quickly by making simple daily changes that restore your body to it’s natural state of health.

I’m 46, have 5 kids (!!), work full-time, workout regularly, compete in Triathlons and I’m a qualified chef, so I’m constantly ‘life-hacking’ to fit it all in while cooking healthy, delicious food for myself and my family.

My weight fluctuated constantly in adolescence through to my late 20’s, and it was only thanks to keeping active with various sports that I was I able to drag myself out of the ‘rut’ eventually.

I know how it feels to be carrying a ‘spare tyre’, feeling self-conscious, lack motivation and not know how to ‘break out‘ of the cycle.

Getting in shape and shedding your Dad bod after kids, marriage and turning 30 is a challenge many men face.

But the thing is… it’s not your fault!

Even the so-called ‘healthy foods’ these days are loaded with sugar, wheat, dairy and nasty preservatives and additives that guarantee you’ll keep that spare tyre!

Add to that our busy, stressful lifestyles… and your body fights to hold onto your fat stores ‘just in case’ (It’s just doing what evolution taught it to do)

So no matter where you turn, it seems like there’s no way out of middle-age weight gain?

That’s how most of my clients feel until I show them the secrets to burning fat with simple diet and lifestyle changes.

I teach them what’s causing their body to hold onto their spare tyre, what foods to avoid and when’s the worst time for eating that caused their weight gain in the first place!

I also show them which form of exercise is the most effective for burning fat… even up to 48 hours after they finish exercising!

It’s amazing how simple it is when you have the knowledge and follow some simple daily habits that literally transform your body within weeks.

For 15 years now, I’ve trained guys just like you to lose weight safely, naturally, and look and feel awesome with just a few simple lifestyle changes.

Is Middle-Age Weight Gain Unavoidable?

Shedding weight and getting ripped gets harder as you get older, but the Dad Bod Rewind ebook shows you exactly what’s caused your Dad Bod, and what to do to get on track to a healthy, muscular body.

It draws on the SCIENCE OF METABOLISM and exercise to help men over 30 SUPERCHARGE THEIR WEIGHT LOSS AND FAST-TRACK MUSCLE GROWTH… all without spending hours in the gym, or eating nothing but chicken and rice.

Dad Bod Rewind reveals little-known hacks celebrities and bodybuilders have been using for years to get ripped fast and melt away excess weight. Now you can too.

Sick of wasting fruitless hours in the gym trying for results that never seem to eventuate? I certainly didn’t have time for that.

Dad Bod Rewind isn’t just another one-size fits all health and fitness regime. It’s a comprehensive weight-loss, muscle-building and nutritional body-transformation formula.

It targets the specific weight loss and muscle-building challenges men over 30 face to get you fit and muscular, fast!

With Dad Bod Rewind

• Discover the secret to boosting your body’s leptin stores (Leptin is your body’s inbuilt fat-fighting system. Find out how to switch it on to SUPERCHARGE your weight loss)
• Learn about glycogen stores, and why depleting them is crucial to winning your battle with the bulge.
• See why running and other sustained aerobic exercise could be making you fatter.
• Discover the secret to keeping your gym sessions shorter with a specific type of exercise.
• Learn how to shift your metabolism into overdrive naturally, to keep your body burning fat for days after exercising.
• Discover why the foods you eat account for up to 80% of your body transformation success. And learn how to get it right!

You Get

• A detailed workout plan to take the guess work out of ditching your dad bod
• Advice on the 3 basic principles to apply to every meal
• The low-down on the secret food additives linked to cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, strokes, organ failure and high blood pressure and how to avoid them
• The scoop on macro-nutrients, plus advice on when to eat each one to reduce fat storage and promote muscle growth instead

You’d have to spend thousands of dollars on a personal trainer, PLUS a nutritionist, an exercise physiologist, AND a dietician to get anywhere near the amount of advice and guidance contained in Dad Bod Rewind.

What’s Your Health Worth To You And Your Family?

You earn tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to turn up at work. You’ve paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for your family home.

Could you afford any of it without your health?

You spend 8 hours at work every day. You spend your weekends either with your family or working on your house.

How much time do you set aside each day to focus on your health?

And do you see health as an expense or an investment?

If your family relies on you being healthy in order to earn income for the family, isn’t it time to…

Make Health A Priority?

How much would you expect to pay for all this… to experience the life-changing benefits contained in Dad Bod Rewind? $1000? $2000?

For a short time is practically giving it away. Thousands of Aussie men have already gone from flabby to fit with Dad Bod Rewind and you can join them for less than the cost of two cups of coffee.

At just $7 can you afford not to get Dad Bod Rewind?


It’s your ticket to reigniting your love life, finding the energy to keep up with your kids and investing in your future health.

You owe it to your children to be the healthiest, fittest version of you that you can be… And YOU CAN DO IT with minimum effort and time, and the loose change in your pocket!

Make your kids, your partner and yourself proud by investing in yourself, and take control of your body and your health today…

It all starts with downloading your copy of Dad Bod Rewind.