Dance Fitness Will Make You Wanna Sweat!

Dance Fitness

Dance fitness can be done in a class, with DVD’s or online videos

Dancing has become really popular since shows like ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ came out on television.

Dance fitness, originally called aerobic dance, comes in all styles and levels of fitness.

Designed for every age, shape and size, genres range from Zumba to hip-hop or rock and roll.

In addition to your normal fitness regime or on its own, there is something for everyone out there.

History Of Dance Fitness

Dancing has been enjoyed since the dawn of time. Evidence that dancing already existed nine thousand years ago was found on prehistoric rock paintings in India.

Also art depicting dancing figures have been discovered in tombs and temples dating from ancient Egypt. But, it is not until the last fifty years that aerobics, which inspired dance fitness, were created in the 1960s.

At the time, Dr Kenneth Cooper and Col Pauline Potts both worked for the US Air Force and NASA, training soldiers and astronauts. They invented the term ‘aerobics’ which was a basic exercise regime including swimming, running and cycling.

Cooper then founded the company called Cooper Aerobics and, shortly after, published the book simply called ‘Aerobics’ in 1968. The same book inspired dancer Jacki Sorensen to incorporate her own choreographies and aerobic dance was born.

Types Of Dance Fitness

Since the 1960s, aerobic dance has developed into many styles of dance fitness.  Classes are now becoming increasingly popular and are designed for all music tastes and dance genres.

Dance Fitness Class

Try a dance fitness class for beginners and meet people too!

Fitness classes are available for a broad range of music lovers from all ages and fitness levels.

One example is Zumba which includes a mixture of various Latin American dances and a dash hip-hop or disco depending on your teacher who will add their own personal style.

Doonya is a Bollywood style dance on steroids while QiDance, or Batuka, involves all the above.

Another example is pole fitness which evolved from pole dancing and is now designed for men and women alike.

Rock and roll aerobics is another example amongst many others. These are some of the many dancing styles available at dance fitness classes. The possibilities are endless and there is something for everyone.

Benefits Of Dance Fitness

All dance fitness start and end with a warm-up session including stretching exercises. Dancing is an amazing cardiovascular exercise and a full body workout. It is very beneficial to your general health and will improve your flexibility.

Learning a new fast paced choreography on your favourite music will also improve coordination all the while giving you a leaner body as you burn calories. At the same time, dancing is excellent for your posture.

Sweating to the music will increase your metabolism and tone your muscles all over, and not just your lower body but your upper body as well.

Dancing involves your arms, legs, bum, core and back muscles. And classes can sometimes provide dumbbells for extra weight on your arms.

You will mingle with people from all backgrounds as you let go of your worries. Learning new moves and making new friends will certainly boost your self-esteem.

Not to mention you will become popular at the next party and meet other like-minded people on the dance floor. As you dance to the music, you have a lot of fun and therefore it is the perfect stress relief.

How To Get Started With Dance Fitness

Music is most important when it comes to dance fitness. Do some research on the internet to find a dance that suits your needs, style and most importantly your taste in music.

Don’t be afraid to try different classes to find one you really like. Nowadays, many fitness clubs also host dance fitness classes.

Wear comfortable stretchy clothes and appropriate shoes for your style of dance. It is not advised to use your regular running or fitness shoes. They will put too much pressure on your joints and twist your knees.

There are shoes specifically designed for Zumba or aerobics. Do your homework first before you show up for class. All the information you need should be on the website itself, if not then call the venue to find out.

If you do not like to go alone, bring a friend for added fun. Dancing is sexy as you will learn new techniques on how to move your body to the beats.

Be ready to sweat, get your sexy on, dance to your favourite music and have an awesome time!