How To Get The Most Out Of Tabata Training

What is Tabata Training

With maximum intensity for 4 minutes, Tabata training can take your body to the next level

Tabata training is one of the most popular types of workouts right now and for good reason – it can get you fast results.

Lasting just four minutes in length, Tabata training takes your fitness into high gear, giving you the challenge of a lifetime.

For those who seek workouts that don’t take up all their free time, Tabata training may seem like a Godsend.

But, before you dive in and get started, it’s important to know some of the do’s and don’ts of Tabata training.

Done wrong, this type of workout could either not get you the results you’re looking for or worse, sideline you completely. Here’s what to know.

DO Work On Your Conditioning Before Starting

Before you even consider trying the Tabata protocol, be sure that you are working on your conditioning level.

If you are just starting your fitness journey, Tabata is not for you – it’s simply too intense.

While it’s great as a beginner to be motivated to try this style of training, focus on building up a base level of fitness and then moving forward to try it.

This will help you better prepare yourself so that when you do start Tabata training, you will see excellent results.

Those who aren’t in the physical shape to do it simply increase their risk of injury.

DON’T Do More Than One Or Two Sessions Per Week

As you do get started with Tabata training, aim to do one or two sessions per week max, especially in the beginning.

See how your body responds to this style of training as often that’s all you’ll need to get good results.

If you are doing it once per week and feel fine recovery-wise, consider adding a second session in.

If you aren’t doing much strength training in addition to these cardio workouts, then you can consider a third workout as well.

Always aim to have at least one day off for recovery between each Tabata workout that you do.

DO Perform A Proper Warm-Up At All Times

Just like any other cardio session, make sure that you do a thorough warm-up.

It may seem weird to spend 5-10 minutes warming up for a 4 minute workout session, but you need to do it.

This workout is simply too intense to start up while you’re cold as you’ll be far more likely to tear or sprain something.

DON’T Expect Much More Of Yourself Once It’s Over

Tabata Training Tips

With Tabata training, once it’s over, you should have nothing left in the tank!

After the four minutes is up, you might be tempted to go perform a strength training workout or more cardio.  Refrain from doing this.

If you’ve done Tabata training correctly, you shouldn’t be able to do much more beyond this.

That four minutes will have tired you out and now you’ll simply want to rest.

If you can do more work yet, that could indicate you didn’t reach maximum intensity while doing your tabata training, so consider adding more intensity.

DO Cross Train For Optimal Results

Finally, the last do of Tabata training is to focus on cross training. Don’t do the same exercise each and every time you perform your Tabata workouts.

For instance, the first workout you might do burpees as your exercise of choice.

The second time rather than doing burpees again, try kettlebell swings or another exercise that hits multiple muscle groups at once.

By changing it up like this, you’ll avoid boredom and also ensue that you challenge your body in various ways, encouraging a higher level of fitness.

There are a few do’s and don’ts regarding Tabata training. Do this workout properly and it can yield very impressive results.