How To Gain Weight Even With a Fast Metabolism

Fast Metabolism Weight Gain

Feel like no matter what you do you simply can’t gain weight?

If you are looking for information about fast metabolism weight gain, it’s important that you first realise that you are different from most people who set about the goal to pack on lean muscle mass.

While some people can simply hit the gym and focus on eating a bit more food and gain muscle easily, you will need a more specific protocol.

As a ‘hard gainer’, when you attempt to start building muscle, your metabolic rate just speeds right up, making it nearly impossible to gain weight.

Fortunately, there is a way around this.  Let’s look at some of the best tips and tricks for fast metabolism weight gain.

Get A Good Calorie Tracker

The very first thing that you must do is get yourself a good calorie tracker.

If you are going to see weight gain, you can’t be guessing as to how many calories you’re consuming.

You need to know for certain what your body is taking in.

A good calorie counter will allow you to enter what you eat on a day to day basis so you know exactly where you stand.

Then if needed from there you can begin adding more food into your diet until you see the weight gain that you desire.

Drink Plenty Of Liquid Calorie Shakes

One of the best ways to start adding more calories to your day is to prepare very calorie dense shakes.

The great thing about liquid calories is you won’t register them like you do solid calories, meaning you can drink energy and still go on to eat your meals.

This makes getting in say 4000+ calories that you’ll likely need, much easier.

Blend up your own weight gainer shakes using protein powder, whole milk (or coconut milk) nut butter, avocado, frozen bananas, as well as chia or flaxseeds.

You can quickly get up to 400 calories per shake or more, so if you drink two of these per day, it’ll put a huge dent in your total daily calorie intake target.

Sneak Calories Into Your Meals

Along with your beverages, also focus on sneaking calories into your meals as well as often as you can.

Fast Metabolism Weight Gain Diet

Try adding nut butter to everything whenever possible or alternatively, sprinkling nuts and seeds into your dishes.

Likewise, you can add dried coconut flakes to many foods including your breakfast cereal or pancake recipe.

Melting cheese over top main meals can also be a fast and easy way to add in more calories, as can using salmon over white fish or beef over chicken.

Just do be sure that you try and stick with wholesome natural foods as you work to get your calorie intake up as this will help ensure that you are optimising your health along with that calorie intake.

Minimise Cardio Related Activity

Finally, the last step for fast metabolism weight gain is minimising cardio related activity.

Basically, the more you move, the more you’ll burn and this will then be calories that you need to replace through more food intake.

As someone with a fast metabolism, you simply don’t need cardio training to keep fat at bay, so lay that to rest.

If you are doing intense enough strength training workouts, you’ll be getting all the cardiovascular conditioning that you need, so there’s just no reason to be doing that as part of your protocol.

Rest after each session is done and you’ll minimise your calorie burn while optimising your recovery.

There’s a few quick tips for hard gainers to start packing on muscle mass.

With consistent weight training in addition to a high calorie diet, you’ll be on your way to those gains you’re after in no time.