What To Know About Fat Burners Before You Start

Fat Burners

Looking to shred up faster with fat burners?

If you’re wanting to get ripped and hoping to maximise your rate of fat burning, one thing that you may have been looking into is one of the many fat burners on the market.

Once you start looking for a fat burner product, you’ll find that the list of options is almost limitless and it can be hard to know right from wrong.

Or, more importantly, which are safe options for you to use.

To help make you more aware of what can potentially happen when using a fat burner, let’s take a closer peek into some of the fat burner side effects to know about.

Increased Feelings Of Anxiety

The first side effect you may find you start to experience is an increased level of anxiety.

This is often thanks to the caffeine and/or bitter orange found in fat burners, both of which, in higher dosages, can cause this to occur.

It may not be anxiety that you feel, but instead, more of a sense of being irritable and restless.

Different people will respond to these products in a different manner, so be aware to watch for any changes in how you feel.

This may or may not be tolerable depending on the individual.

Difficulty Sleeping

The next thing that you’ll want to know about is the issue with sleep.

While if you take your fat burner early in the day, you likely won’t have an issue, taking it too close to when you normally go to bed could definitely leave you struggling to fall asleep.

Many fat burners stimulate the central nervous system, so they’ll be doing their part to keep you awake.

As sleep is also an important factor for ongoing fat loss, this isn’t one that you’ll want to overlook.

Increased Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

One of the more dangerous side effects of fat burners is an increase in your heart rate and blood pressure.

Those who are taking these who already have high blood pressure will want to tread very carefully because they’ll likely notice their levels go up even more once on them.

If you are an otherwise healthy individual and are using the fat burner in moderate safe doses, this likely won’t be an issue, but if you are already dealing with health concerns, always speak to your doctor first before going on them.

Lower Hunger Levels

Another side effect that may seem like a favourable one for most people of fat burners is decreased hunger.

Fat Burner Supplements

Fat burners can be ideal if used for short periods at a time

And while it’s great to have lower hunger to make sticking with your diet plan more manageable, the issue is that it can work a little too well.

Remember that you still do need to eat so much per day to meet your nutritional needs, so if the fat burner prompts you to decrease your calorie intake too much, you’ll have issues with that.

Some people may need to constantly remind themselves to eat while using these fat burners to ensure they aren’t becoming malnourished.


Finally, the last thing that you’ll want to know about is that you will be at a higher risk for burnout and overtraining when using fat burners.

This is due to the CNS stimulation you’ll be experiencing – your body will only be able to tolerate so much before it has the opposite impact on you.

Rather than causing you to feel energised, it’ll cause you to feel tired and experience slow recovery between workout sessions.

The best way to avoid this and all the other side effects listed above is to first, always start with the smallest dose when using a fat burner and second, consider cycling on and off it.

Use it for 2-3 weeks and then take one week off to give your body a break.  Then restart on again if needed.

When used wisely, fat burners can give you an edge on fat burning but when used improperly, the opposite impact can occur.