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Be a Fit Dad With The 28 Day Day Fit Dads Challenge Starting Monday 16th July 2018!

What Do I Get With The All New 28 Day Fit Dads Challenge?

  • Daily meal plan so you don’t have to ‘think’ what to eat, you just follow Dmitri’s meals!
  • Daily exercises delivered to your inbox with links to exercise demo videos to follow
  • Which foods to eat and when to fuel muscle growth and burn fat!
  • Which exercises help build muscle in the shortest timeframe (this is the key to super-charging your results!)
  • What to eat for your body type so you eat the right foods at the right time
  • Which foods to avoid at all costs (the ones that lead to Dad Bods!)
  • Mind hacks to keep you focused when you feel like giving up
  • How to succeed at weight loss if you haven’t been able to follow through in the past
  • How to exercise in less than 30 minutes per day for maximum results
  • Time hacks to fit more into your day (from a guy who has 5 kids, a full time job and competes in Triathlons!)

Meet Your Trainer…

Dmitri Simons, Father of 5, Triathlete and Personal Trainer
Shows You How

Dmitri ‘Before’

Dmitri in Full Stride During a Triathlon…

Dmitri’s story in his own words…

Fit to Fat

When I was very young I was extremely fit. Apparently I could run before I could walk and I just didn’t stop running. I won numerous school and district sporting competitions from swimming to athletics and enjoyed all forms of group and single sports.

When I was in grade 6, my parents divorced, I began attending a different school and had to catch the train every day. I bought lollies from the train station morning and night, which saw me fast become fat and overweight. I was still relatively fit as I was still fit in my mind. I did not see myself as fat however the taunts in the school yard and the repulsive looks from the girls fast made me understand my physical appearance was repulsive and unacceptable to others.

Fat to Fit

I was fortunate enough to travel the world often as a child and at the end of grade 11 we started a 2 month overseas journey.

We began in England where I bought a packet of cigarettes and tried to hide it from my Dad. I got busted with my first one and I threw the $5 packet away, vowing to give up smoking and get fit on this trip. I began doing sit ups and push ups every night, but still scrounging for cigarette butts to get that little bit of nicotine into me because I was still addicted. On the street of France, I finally found a whole cigarette.

I knew we were going to the Eiffel Tower that day so I decided with a solid mindset that I would smoke my final dart for the trip that day on top of the Eiffel Tower …. and I did! After keeping up the sits ups, push ups and running throughout Europe and Egypt, I came back focused on fitness and began daily weights, running and visualizations of what I wanted my
body to look like. To my surprise, I became exactly like the model I was visualizing. I became successful in school sports again, my peers treated me differently and I began to have conversations with girls again. Things were on the up and up. It’s amazing how differently you get treated according to your physical appearance.

Alcohol to Drugs

My fitness lasted for many years after. In fact, I struggled to put on weight whilst working as a chef, surfing every day and the typical 20’s male testosterone flying through the roof. I found alcohol and recreational drugs such as marijuana, speed and ecstasy. I kept my weight down through surfing and body weight resistance, however became very unhealthy through the use of excessive drugs and really quite a poor diet of diet soft drink and average food. I did look very fit though from all the surfing and dancing.

Fit to Fat Again

My partner and I moved to Tasmania, Australia in 1999 and a combination of stopping surfing every day, a cold environment and working 3 jobs saw me put on weight very quickly.

I was so happy to actually put weight on, I remember ringing a mate when I got to the tonne club and boasting about how happy I was to weigh 100kgs. I blew up to 120kgs at my heaviest, which was significantly heavier than the 70kg’s I used to struggle to hold. After getting married at this weight, my wife must have really loved me (sorry babe!), we moved back to the sunny Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Family to Fit

After my mates told me flat out that I was FAT, oh yeah ‘You’re FAT mate!’, I made an effort to again become fitter. With a family this time and a wife to hold on to, I had plenty of ‘why’ to get me going. I started up martial arts again, daily resistance training through gym work and body weight training and became more focused on fit food choices. I became very fit and started to enjoy competitive sports again. I was so happy with my journey this time that I began studying a Personal Training course, as I wanted to help at least 1 other person on a positive journey such as the one I had just experienced.

Angry to Enlightened

I was looking super fit again and WOW, do people treat you so differently when you look fit. There is a difference between looking fit and actually being fit, but my point here is that your fit journey becomes so much more than just about lifting weights and eating healthier. I became obsessed with finding out the best way to help people transform and for the next 2 years experimented with different techniques and educated myself with all the latest information from America, the kings of obesity. I found 3 simple habits that were essential for permanent change, however the biggest habit and change I found  needed to come from the mindset. I immersed myself in psychology and became fascinated with conscious and subconscious programming, thoughts, fixed and growth mindsets.

I developed a simple system that seemed to work effectively for myself and I started helping more and more people totally  transform their lives through my program. Many turned into Personal Trainers themselves and went on to help so many more.

My ultimate transformation came from within myself, when I finally grew up from an angry boy to a peaceful happy man. I  studied no-movement-energy-healing Qigong with a true Chinese grandmaster. Finally, I found my spirit changing through meditation, peacefully harmonizing my energy with universal nature and becoming comfortable with focusing the scattering thoughts of my mind. I finally started to question the purpose to life and my individual purpose and pathway to existence.

How was I contributing to a better world and what were my true talents? I still don’t believe I’ve found my true purpose yet, however just questioning it and having awareness leads me one step closer every day. I know my talents are with helping and healing people. I have helped and healed others all my life through food, exercise and psychological discussions on mindset and behaviour.

It gives me such great pleasure to see someone’s life totally transform. You see these quick 4,8,12 week transformations that  people do and look great aesthetically, however the most significant transformations take years as you slowly change habits,  lifestyle, friends, social behaviours, mindsets and ultimately the subconscious image of yourself.

Every journey is different but be prepared for massive change in all areas of your life. I can’t wait to be a part of and to hear your story.

What Makes This Program Different?

You’ll be learning from someone who’s ‘doing it all’… the 3 ‘F’s… Family, Fitness and Full-Time Work.

All while raising 5 kids (5 girls!) with his wife Angela. And Dmitri doesn’t just ‘keep fit’… he competes in Triathlons…

His weekly training routine consists of 200-300 kms on the bike, 20 kms running, and 8kms swimming. Then add racing on top of that.

Imagine having Dmitri as your personal trainer, helping you get more from life, in less time…

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried other programs but they didn’t work for me, how is this different?

Where most other programs go wrong is the support, or lack-thereof. Dmitri is here to get you the results you’re looking for. While he can’t do it for you, he’s here to help by providing daily exercises and meal plans and will support you via our private Facebook Group as well as regular phone calls to check-in with you.

I don’t want a 6 pack, I just want to get fit and stay in shape, will this program help?

This program isn’t about being a fitness model, it’s about taking control of your health so that you’re better equipped to juggle family life with fitness and full-time work. We’re here to help you build positive habits that support a healthy lifestyle so that you’re there for your wife and children. It’s not just about fitness, it’s about who you become along the way when you make fitness and healthy eating part of your lifestyle.

What support do I receive?

You’ll be given access to our private Facebook Group where you’ll be able to ask questions, get clarification, learn from others on the same journey and get the all-important support you need to stay on track and get the results you’re looking for.

I’m new to exercise, how will I know if I’m ‘doing it right’?

All exercises Dmitri includes in the program are linked to a YouTube video of Dmitri giving step by step instructions of the exercise, so you simply following along. And you can re-watch the video as many times as you need to get the right form required for the exercise.

How long do I need to set aside daily to exercise?

Between 20-30 minutes per day is required. This is the ideal amount of time to get you building muscle and burning fat. On some days it’ll be cardio based exercises only. Isn’t 20-30 minutes per day worth setting aside for your health?

Do I need any equipment or a gym membership?

It depends on the results you’re looking for. You can stick with bodyweight exercises but this will only get you so far. To increase muscle building and fat burning, you need to add resistance exercises (weight-bearing exercises). This could be in the form of home exercises using a home gym or a basic adjustable dumbbell set. Or to have almost unlimited options, joining a gym is the most complete option to help achieve greater weight loss and muscle building.

We provide you with a list for both bodyweight and weight-bearing exercises during the Fit Dads Challenge so you can start with bodyweight exercises if you like and then build up to a home gym or joining a local gym.

Do I need to take any supplements during the Challenge?

Taking supplements are entirely your choice. We will email you a list of optional supplements you could take, but they’re not necessary to complete the Challenge.

How long does it take to prepare meals?

Dmitri keeps it simple so you’ve got more time for family and for life. Whether it’s yourself, your partner or both preparing meals, Dmitri keeps it simple while giving you the best nutrition to fuel muscle growth and burn fat.

I can’t cook! Is there a simple way to prepare healthy meals?

You don’t need to be a MasterChef to prepare the meals Dmitri recommends. They’re simple recipes with healthy foods in their original form, just like nature intended!

Here’s what a recent Fit Dads Challenge member had to say…

“In 7 days I have lost 6kg and started to see definition that I had thought long gone – all with simple guidance from Dmitri! The 20-30 mins exercises were simple to follow and easy to fit into my busy schedule – having the option to quickly train from home really helped – I was amazed what I could achieve in just 7 days!

Dave Jones

Busy father of 2 girls – London – UK

Just 100 Spots Available!

We’re looking for 100 committed guys to work with.

Dmitri can only support a certain amount of members to achieve their goals, so we’re only looking for guys who are truly committed to making a change.

The Fit Dads Challenge starts Monday 16th July 2018. After that, the doors are closed.

For just $97 you get access to the newest fitness program designed specifically for Dads.

Be quick to reserve your spot today…

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