How Will You Shape Up With These Fitness Tests?

Push Up Fitness Test

How many push ups can you do in 60 seconds?

After putting in a few months of hard work with your fitness program, you may want to assess how your effort is paying off.

Doing a few fitness tests every three to four months is a great way to determine how well your fitness and/or workout program is working, what areas you may still be lacking in and need to focus on, as well as for helping build your motivation.

When you do these fitness tests and see that you have in fact made great progress, it can be very inspirational.

But what fitness tests should you be doing? Let’s go over the best fitness tests that will help rate your conditioning level.

As you do these tests, focus on comparing your results with that of your previous results – not with anyone else. 

Every person progresses at their own rate so it’s most important that you are better than you were before.

Here are several fitness test options…

The One Mile Walk Or Run Test

First, to assess your cardiovascular fitness level, consider doing the one-mile walk or run test.

To do this, simply mark out a one mile distance (or do this on the treadmill if you prefer) and then cover that ground as fast as possible.

If you need to alternate between walking and running, so be it. Once you’ve finished the mile, jot down your time. That is now your time to beat.

The Push-Up Test

The next test is one for upper body strength – the push up test.

For this, you’ll simply perform a series of push-ups, aiming to do as many as you can in a one minute time frame.

Females are welcome to do their push-ups with their knees on the floor while men should aim to perform the standard push-up if possible.

If you need to stop and rest before that minute is up, that’s fine, but do pick up again as soon as possible.

Once that minute is up, track how many you did and that is your new score.

The Crunch Test

The crunch test is performed the same way that you’ll do the push-up test only this time you are doing front crunches.

When doing these, be sure to use proper form, not letting momentum carry you up through the crunch and being sure to keep the elbows pointed out to the sides, rather than to the wall in front of you.

If your elbows are pointing that direction, it’s a good indication you are ‘pulling’ yourself up with your arms.

Count the crunches you can do and then record that score.

Your 1 Rep Squat

To assess your lower body strength and power, you’ll do the one rep squat.

One Rep Squat Fitness Test

What’s your maximum lift on a one rep squat?

If you are doing this all on your own, aim for a three rep squat as it’ll involve using less weight so is less dangerous and can be done without a spotter.

Be sure to position yourself in a power cage or squat rack with side bars in case you do need to bail halfway through the rep.

Load up the weight and see what you can press. As this is an ‘all-out’ test, do it early on in the workout session and don’t plan to do too much strenuous lifts afterwards.

It will take it all out of you, but it is an excellent way to assess your total body strength and power.

The Sit And Reach Test

Finally, the last test is the sit and reach test. This one is a flexibility test for the hamstrings as well as your back.

To perform it, simply sit down on the ground with the legs extended in front of you, back upright.

From there, lean forward as you reach toward the toes. Focus on keeping your knees straight but not locked.

Continue to lean forward as you bring your chest towards the shins, reaching as far in front of you as possible.

If doing this with a partner, have them mark how far away/past your toes your fingertips are able to reach.

Pause in that position and then return to the start.  Try and increase the distance past your toes (or get closer to your toes) with each test that you do.

These are a few of the best fitness tests to consider doing as you move through your fitness plan.

Doing these evaluations over time is a great way to ensure that you are moving forward and that the plan you are using delivers the results you want.