Banish Flabby Arms With These 5 Exercises

Arm Flab

Want to know how to get rid of flabby arms?

Feel like no matter what you do, you just can’t shake the weight off your underarms?

If you have a severe case of under arm flab and just aren’t sure what you can do to eliminate it, it all comes down to two things: diet and exercise.

There’s no special supplements or devices that will banish flab from this area. You need to work hard and regularly.

The good news is that as you do lose fat from your underarms, you’ll also be losing fat from all other areas of your body as well.

Remember fat loss is a full body affair: you can’t simply pick and choose where you will or won’t lose excess body fat.

This said, by choosing your exercises wisely, you can certainly do your part to tone up that region of your body.

Here are the main fixes to know.

Elliptical Training

First, as far as your cardio training goes, choose the elliptical whenever possible.

This machine will work far better to fix under arm flab because you are actually using the muscles as you do the movement.

In addition to this, remember that sprints burn fat much faster, so incorporate those in whenever possible. Do 30 seconds hard and 60 seconds at a lighter pace and then repeat 8-12 more times.

Overhead Extensions

Moving to the strength training side of things, the overhead extension is a great move for isolating the under arm region, the triceps.

This will help to firm up the muscle, adding more muscle definition.

Then, as you do lose the fat, you’ll be able to see the toned muscle underneath.

Perform this in a very slow manner, focusing on lowering the weight behind you as far as you can go.

Close Grip Bench Press

The close grip bench press is another move to add to your regular workout routine.

This one is great because in addition to hitting the triceps, it also works the chest as well.

So, you’ll burn more calories at once when doing this exercise.

Overhead Extensions

Overhead extensions are ideal for toning triceps

As you do this, think of pressing up through the chest while also feeling it in the back of the arms.

Triangle Push-Ups

Another good exercise to start adding into your protocol that you can do right in the comfort of your own home is the triangle push-up.

Simply place the hands in push-up position but then shuffle them closer so that the thumb and forefingers form a triangle.

Now in this position, press down into the push-up. You should immediately feel the greater strain this exercise is placing on the tricep muscle.

You will still feel it in the chest, but you will feel it more predominately in the arms.

Chair Dips

Finally, the last isolation move to get into the picture is the basic chair dip. There are also a number of ways that you can do this move as well.

You can simply place the hands up on the chair, feet on the ground or you can elevate the feet as well for an even greater challenge.

Or, you can consider placing the hands or feet up on an exercise ball, which will then add an element of instability to the exercise, making your core muscles contract as well to keep you balanced.

That will be a more advanced exercise however, so note that those who are just beginning with their program should not be doing it.

So there you have some key tips to use to help banish underarm flab.  Keep working hard at it and you will get results.  Just remember that diet, along with exercise, is vital.