Don’t Eat These Foods If You Want To Lose Weight

Foods to avoid when losing weight

Think a ham and salad sandwich is healthy? Think again…

Trying to lose weight? If so, you should be taking special care to monitor what you are eating on a daily basis.

Knowing which foods to avoid when losing weight will go a long way towards helping you reach the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

You must remember that while it’s great to exercise, your daily nutrition is going to have the largest impact on the weight loss results that you see.

So let’s talk about the top foods to avoid when losing weight so that you can steer clear of those options.

Processed Snack Foods

The first type of food that you’ll want to avoid if weight loss is your goal is any sort of processed snack food.

Not only are these foods going to provide empty calories, meaning they offer very few nutrients, but they tend to break down rapidly in the body, resulting in a spike to your blood sugar levels. This sets your body up for weight gain.

What are some examples of these foods?

Some common examples include:

•    Granola bars
•    Cereal bars
•    Energy bars
•    Crackers
•    Chips
•    Cookies/Biscuits
•    Pretzels
•    Sugary cereals
•    Frozen waffles/Pancakes

Anything along these lines you want to avoid.

Baked Goods

Next, also be sure that you are steering clear of all baked goods.  Unless you know for a fact it’s a healthy baked good, these are not going to assist with your weight loss progress.

They’re rich in calories, sugar, flour, and often contain high amounts of saturated fat as well.

The typical baked goods to avoid include:

•    Cake
•    Pastries
•    Strudels
•    Croissants
•    Doughnuts
•    Muffins
•    Cookies

If you want to have baked goods, find yourself a healthier recipe and make it on your own.

Deep Fried Foods

Deep fried foods are the next items on the list that must be avoided if you want to lose weight successfully.

Deep fried foods are also high in calories and will typically contain a high dose of saturated fat along with some trans fats as well in many cases.

These are very detrimental to your health, so if you don’t avoid them for bodyweight reasons, do so because it’ll help you be healthier.

The common deep fried foods to avoid include:

•    French fries
•    Deep fried fish/chicken fingers
•    Potato chips
•    Onion rings
•    Burgers
•    Corn dogs
•    Tortilla chips

Basically, if it’s heavily greasy, don’t eat it.

High Sugar Beverages

The next item to move off your diet if you want to lose weight is any sort of high sugar beverages.

These are very problematic because most of them do not contain any nutrients and in addition to that, they’re also very high in calories.

Many also contain high fructose corn syrup, which will lead to rapid fat gain if consumed in high dosages.

The most commonly consumed beverages to avoid entirely include:

Weight Loss Foods To Avoid

Stay away from all fast food if you’re serious about weight loss

•    Soft Drinks
•    Fruit juice
•    Fruit drinks
•    Energy drinks
•    Gourmet coffee/tea
•    Milkshakes

Try as best as you can to steer clear of these at all times.

Processed Meats

Finally, last on the list of foods to avoid if you hope to see successful weight loss is processed meats.

These meats will contain some protein, although it will be lower quality, but more importantly, also contain a high dose of saturated fat as well.

If you are going to eat meat, eat unprocessed meat that is as close to the animal source as possible.

The key processed meats to avoid include:

•    Ground beef
•    Deli meats
•    Sausage
•    Hot dogs

Now you know all the foods to avoid when losing weight. If you can take steps to eliminate these from your diet plan, you can move forward towards successful weight loss.