Boost Your Fitness And Have Fun Exercising With Tennis


Tennis is not only fun but great for fitness

Played as a competitive sport or as a recreational activity with friends and family, Tennis is the ideal way to improve your health, fitness, strength and agility.

Tennis is a complete body workout.  As you hit the ball, your whole trunk gets a workout especially your shoulders and upper back. And, the lower body works hard too during all that running, jumping and crouching.

The History Of Tennis

It is believed a game similar to Tennis was played thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome as the word racket is very similar to the Arabic word ‘rakhat’ which means hand.

Later during the eleventh and twelfth century, French monks would play what they called ‘jeu de paume’ (or game of palms) within the monastery walls using only the palm of their hands to throw the ball which would bounce off the walls.

The French ‘tenez’ meaning ‘take’ would be shouted by the monks when they served the ball which is where the term ‘tennis’ could have come from.

As the game became increasingly popular, especially with royalty throughout Europe, it was first played indoors and in courtyards against a wall using a glove or paddle and no longer the bare hand.

As the game evolved and rules were maintained, it became known as ‘real tennis’.

The sport reached its peak in the sixteenth century and the racket replaced the paddle. In 1571, the Corporation of Tennis Professionals was set up under King Charles IX of France and the first professional tennis tour was born.


Tennis ia a great full body workout and stress reliever

Subsequently, the first codification of the rules was published by professional player Forbet in 1599.

But as real Tennis was dying out, it was reborn during the nineteenth century as lawn tennis.

When Charles Goodyear invented rubber in 1850, tennis balls became bouncier and the sport had to be taken outdoors mostly on crocket lawns.

That’s when, in 1874, Major Walter Clopton Wingfield patented the game of Lawn Tennis. At the time Wingfield played on an hourglass shaped court during his garden parties on his Welsh estate.

In 1877, the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club held the first Wimbledon tennis tournament opting for a rectangular court instead and introducing the basic rules that we now know.

The original scoring system of 15, 30, 45 was inspired by the clock face. The same system was slightly altered to 15, 30, 40 as it was easier to call during a game.

The very first Australian Open was played in 1905 and was known as The Australasian Championships.

In 1986, white balls were replaced by yellow balls at Wimbledon so they could be more visible on television cameras.

Benefits Of Playing Tennis

There are so many physical, psychological and social benefits related to Tennis.

One short term benefit is stress relief, which improves your mental state as the body produces more serotonin.

Long term benefits include weight loss as an hour-long game of Tennis can burn between 400 and 600 calories.

Tennis is a great cardiovascular exercise. You can not only improve your circulatory health but also lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes as well as strengthening your bones.

Additionally, as you improve your tennis skills, you will notice an increase in your coordination as well as improved balance, speed, flexibility and accuracy.

Lastly, Tennis has a social element to it as you compete with an opponent. Additionally, by joining a club you will be able to learn from the best and share a passion with like-minded people and exchange experiences and ideas.

And playing doubles can improve your communication and team skills greatly.

How To Get Started With Tennis

Please note that you need to consider the following before getting started with Tennis.  It is a sport which is fast-paced and can be very demanding for the body.


Tennis can be played as a single or with a partner

Therefore you will need to have strength, agility and endurance to play long matches. In this case, it is advised to train properly and prepare your body as you can put stress on your joints and muscles.

It is a good idea to join a Tennis club in order to receive the advice and the support to play Tennis safely and minimise your risk of possible injuries which can include tendinitis, inflammation as well as various strains, pulls and tears.

Tennis can be inexpensive or expensive depending on your goals.  A lot of people have access to public Tennis courts for free or at low fees.

However, if you are serious on improving your skills you may want to join a club which will involve a membership fee.

Equipment including a racket can be found at your local sports store at an affordable price for beginners.

However, advanced players prefer more expensive equipment. And if you wish to play tournaments, you will have to consider private lessons as well as various additional equipment and travel expenses.

Playing Tennis allows people of all ages and levels to spend more time with friends, family or meet new people. You can enjoy Tennis if you join a club for fun or for competitive matches. The choice is yours!

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