Great Ocean Road Marathon: One Of The World’s Best Marathons

Great Ocean Road Marathon

Take in breathtaking scenery in the Great Ocean Road Marathon

When you hear the word “marathon” usually the cities that come to mind are New York, Boston, Paris and Athens.

These are the destinations that are most popularly associated with this grueling road race that tests mind, body and spirit.

But a survey by Daily Burn listed Australia’s own Great Ocean Road Marathon Australia as one of the world’s best marathon races at number 23!

There are over 700 marathons scheduled in different locations worldwide each year.

What is the fascination with a race that has a median finishing rate of 20%?

What Is The Great Ocean Road Marathon?

The Great Ocean Road Marathon ran its first race in 2004. It is considered to have one of the most visually stunning, panoramic views of all marathon races.

But despite the beauty of the Southern Ocean, the course offers serious elevation levels and a much longer distance at 44 kilometers!

The Great Ocean Road Marathon runs its course from Lorne to Apollo Bay; one of the most breathtaking coastlines in Australia.

This makes the Great Ocean Road Marathon a must – run destination with runners from all over the world.

The Daily Burn described the Great Ocean Road Australia as a “true beauty; traveling along one of the world’s most iconic coastlines but it can also be a beast!”.

According to the Daily Burn the race from Lorne to Apollo Bay is closer to 45 km but because of the scenery, you can achieve times better suited for a 42 km race.

In 2016 the event will feature an Ultra – Marathon which is a 60 km road race! It is literally running one and a half marathons!

The Ultra Marathon will run the same course from Lorne to Apollo Bay but will include two detours at Sunnyside Road and Hickey’s Cutting.

Sunnyside Road and Hickey’s Cutting will have a 10km and 5km run back respectively plus treacherous elevations.

In addition to the marathon and Ultra – Marathon, the Great Ocean Road Marathon also includes the following:

  • Half Marathon – a 23 km race from Kennett River to Apollo Bay
  • Paradise Run – a 14 km race that starts and finishes at the Apollo Bay Hotel with the Paradise Picnic Reserve as the turn point.
  • Mizuno Run – a 6 km run that starts and finishes at the Apollo Bay Hotel with the Barham River Road as the turn point.
  • Kid’s Gallop – a 1.5 km run that starts and finishes at the Apollo Bay Hotel and passes through Breakwater Road and Trafalgar Street.

What Does Running The Great Ocean Road Marathon Feel Like?

Great Ocean Road Marathon

Join thousands of other competitors in this grueling 44km race!

The Great Ocean Road Marathon is widely acclaimed for providing the best scenery and panoramic views for runners.

But no amount of scenery or view will cover the fact that the marathon remains a very challenging event.

However for those who have run the Great Ocean Road Marathon, having all of these beautiful sights and surroundings definitely helps because it takes your mind away from the pounding taken by your knees and lower back.

These wildly amazing views is just one reason why the Great Ocean Road Marathon is such an incredible experience.

The second reason is the competitor. Yes, just like other marathon races there are the world class, highly acclaimed runners who are the consensus favorites to place among the top 10.

After all, the Great Ocean Road Marathon is reputed for having a fast course ideal for recording fast times. But then you have the runners who just want to have fun!

You will not miss them in the line-up. They are not the ones wearing the typical runner’s outfit.

Some are dressed like their favorite comic book or cartoon characters.

You’ll see a few runners wearing the most outlandish get ups which will make you think, “Can they really run in those?”

In truth an event like the Great Ocean Road Marathon brings together a collective of individuals with terrific and inspiring back stories.

If you must know why a person would subject himself or herself to a two hour run, the motivation runs very deep inside their core.

A marathon represents more than a physical race or a test of endurance to a runner.

It is an event that helps them overcome fears, self- limiting beliefs and an opportunity to regain confidence.

For many runners, running a marathon isn’t a test of endurance. It is a test of character.

If you must run a marathon once in your life, run it at the Great Ocean Road Marathon.

While running a marathon will never be easy, you will always remember the race not by how you finish but by the experience.