Can You Really Tone Up In 12 Minutes?

HIIT Routines

Is 12 minutes all it takes to tone up and get fit?

How often have you found yourself missing workouts because you had “no time”?

If your schedule has become such a daily grind that exercise has become an after-thought, your best option is High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT.

What Is HIIT?

HIIT is a method of exercise whereby short bursts of all-out effort are followed by rest periods that are just enough to allow some measure of recovery.

There are studies that show muscles recover by 90% to 95% within 60 seconds.

Most HIIT programs advocate a rest period of 30 seconds to 45 seconds.

By reducing the amount of rest between intervals, you effectively increase the intensity of the exercise.

The Benefits Of HIIT

HIIT was ranked 3rd in the 2016 Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends.

More and more exercise classes and methodologies are applying the principles of HIIT. These methodologies include Tabata, Boot Camp and Turbulence Training.

HIIT is becoming increasingly popular because it offers a variety of health and fitness benefits:

1. Burns Body Fat – HIIT will push you to work at 90% to 95% of your maximum heart rate. At these levels, the exercise has become anaerobic.

Oxygen cannot be delivered in time to the muscles and glycogen becomes the primary fuel.

This reduces the risk of converting excess carbohydrates into stored body fat.

2. Tones Muscle – Performing exercises at an all-out effort engages the largest muscles in the body and recruits the highest number of muscle fibres.

The final product will be a tight, toned and well-developed muscle.

3. Improves Overall Health – HIIT raises your metabolic rate which means your body will continue to burn off body fat for the next 48 hours.

Blood circulation will also be more efficient and this ensures your vital organs receive oxygen and valuable nutrients.

Blood sugar will also be regulated and reduce the risk of acquiring type II diabetes.

For time-constrained trainers, you only need 15 minutes to have a highly productive and effective HIIT workout!

Here are 2 HIIT workouts you can do on a cardio machine or at home:

HIIT Program #1: Indoor Sprints

Exercise Equipment: Choose one…

  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical
  • Versa-Climber
  • Exercise Bike
  • Rower

Warm Up:
2 minutes at 50% of max speed
2 minutes at 65% of max speed
1 minute at 50% of max speed

Interval #: Max Speed: Time: Max Speed: Time:
1 75% 30 sec 50% 30 sec
2 75% 30 sec 50% 30 sec
3 75% 30 sec 50% 30 sec
4 80% 30 sec 50% 30 sec
5 85% 30 sec 50% 30 sec
6 90% 30 sec 50% 30 sec
7 95% 30 sec 50% 30 sec
8 95% 30 sec 50% 30 sec

Warm Down: 2 minutes at 50% of max speed

HIIT Program #2: Bodyweight Complex

Exercise Equipment:

  • Jump Rope
  • Medicine Ball
  • Yoga Mat

Warm Up:
2 minutes Down Unders

HIIT Training

HIIT puts your body in fat burning mode to tone up fast!

1 minute Plank

Duration: 12 minutes

Instructions: Perform as many reps as you can per exercise in 30 seconds

How Often Should You Do HIIT?

As the acronym states, HIIT is very intense. When you are working at 95% of your maximum heart rate, you are testing the boundaries of your Central Nervous System or CNS.

If you push the CNS too hard and too often, you may burn out and compromise your progress.

You should limit your HIIT workouts to no more than 3 workouts a week.

Each workout should be spaced by at least 24 hours to give your body sufficient time to rest.

Another way would be to sandwich your HIIT days with 1 strength training day.

A sample schedule would look like this:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Rest HIIT #1 Rest Strength Rest HIIT #2 Rest

Strength training has its own set of benefits that will complement your quest for a toned body.

With HIIT, the reason of “Not having time” will no longer carry weight.

For only 12 minutes, 2 to 3 days a week, you can be healthy, fit and toned!

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