The How-To Diet Guide To A Guilt-Free Weekend

Binge Eating

Find yourself binge eating over the weekend?

Do you want to stick to your healthy eating plan but find that you’re always good throughout the week only to lose focus over the weekend?

If so, you aren’t alone. Most people struggle to stick to their game plan over the weekends.

They are going out with their friends, being social, plus also have more downtime to roam into the kitchen and make food to eat.

If you are constantly binging on the weekends on foods you shouldn’t be, it’s going to have a direct influence on your fat loss success.

Unless you have a plan, that is.  Fortunately, if you make a few adjustments to your normal diet, you can indulge guilt-free over the weekends and still see success with your weight loss goals.

Let’s go over how this works so that you can put it into action.

Planning Your Weekly Diet

So what you are going to do on this plan is cut back harder during the week so you build up a calorie deficit large enough that you can indulge on the weekend, guilt-free, and still see results.

So let’s say you are cutting calories back by 500 per day right now, 7 days a week to lose one kilo per week.

Only, during the weekend, you eat around 2000 calories more than you should, whipping out most of that deficit.

Now you need to address this.

Instead, you’ll want to cut back by around 750-1000 calories during the week, which will now create that large deficit that can withstand some weekend indulgence.

Note that this will make your diet quite strict during the week, so you do need to be able to withstand that.

That is the tradeoff however for eating guilt-free over the weekend.

Moving Through The Weekends

Then, as you move into the weekend, you’ll now be able to indulge. In order to keep your weight loss (or maintenance) in check, you should limit this to one indulgence per day for both Saturday and Sunday (or Friday and Saturday if you prefer).

This will help you keep your total calorie intake in line and not go too overboard.

In addition to that, you’ll also want to try, as best as possible, to choose indulgences that are rich in carbohydrates.

Why carbs?

Binge Eating

Choose natural sugar treats over man-made sugary snacks

Carbohydrates will have a greater overall impact on your resting metabolic rate so they will help to counteract any possible metabolic slow down that could be possibly taking place due to you being on your diet.

This will in turn help you see faster progress as you move throughout the rest of the week, experiencing success with your weight loss goals.

Contrast this to the normal low calorie diet that has you eating a very low calorie intake every single day of the week and you can hopefully see how this is beneficial.

When you set things up properly, you can actually see better results indulging on the weekend then you would have otherwise.

Additional Points To Consider

Finally, as you put this plan into motion, remember that you may see greater weight fluctuations using this approach.

Don’t be surprised if you step on the scale after your indulgence weekend and notice you’re up a few kilos.

Don’t be alarmed – this is likely just water retention thanks to you eating more carbohydrates and will be lost shortly after you go back on your standard weekly diet.

If possible, I’d recommend that you avoid the scale entirely the few days following the weekend, weighing yourself every Wednesday and possibly Friday before you start if you must.

So don’t let losing control on the weekends be a diet deal-breaker for you any longer. Put this plan in motion and you can see the success you desire all while enjoying those few days you have off during the work-week.