Hamstring curl exercise is an excellent isolation exercise to help build and strengthen the hamstrings.

Whether it is used as a warm up before squats or a finishing movement, the hamstring curl is a valuable tool to include into any lower body workout.

Many people suffer from stronger quads than hamstrings, which could lead to knee or low back pain down the road, so this move is an excellent way to fix that strength imbalance.

Hamstring Curls Exercise How To

  • Adjust the machine so the pads and back support are appropriate for your height and build
  • Place the back of the lower leg against the pad a few inches lower than the calves.
  • Pull back on your thighs and squeeze at the peak contraction. Pause and then exhale.
  • Return back to starting position by slowly extending the knee.  Inhale and repeat for desired number of repetitions.

Form and Technique

Focus on squeezing the hamstrings at the top, making sure you do not jerk the weights and use momentum. Keep torso stationary at all times.

VariationsStanding Leg Curl, Seated Leg Curl

Routine for Strength:  3 sets x 12-15 reps

Routine for Muscle Gains: 4-5 sets x 6-8 reps

Hamstring Curls

How To Do Hamstring Curls