Setting Up Your Pregnancy Exercise Plan

Pregnancy Exercise

How much exercise should you do during pregnancy?

After finding out you’re pregnant, the next step might be looking at what changes you should be making to your workout program.

Now that you’re expecting, you won’t be exercising at the same intensity you perhaps have been.

You want to ensure whatever exercise you’re doing is both safe for you as well as your baby.

So where does that leave you? How much exercise can you safely keep doing on a weekly basis?

Here are some key points to remember as you answer this question.

Your Current Fitness Level

First take into account your current fitness level.

If you were exercising twice per week before you became pregnant, avoid starting up a plan that has you exercising four times per week while pregnant.

You should aim to maintain the same frequency of exercise or decrease it. Never increased it.

If you never exercised before, you may be able to start some light exercise now if being pregnant has prompted you to take better care of your health and body, but note that it needs to be light in nature.

Now is not the time to focus on increasing fitness. Instead, focus on maintaining your current fitness level or simply staying mobile and active.

Your Choice Of Exercise

Also think about your choice of exercise. You may find that you’re more fatigued during your pregnancy, so if you used to do three cardio workouts and three weight sessions per week, now this may be a little too much.

You may find that you need to drop back down on the intense exercise training, doing just two workouts of weights per week and then add in another two or three very light walking days.

The lower the intensity of the exercise, the more frequently you’ll be able to do it.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Listen to your body to know how much exercise is right for you

Your Trimester

You also need to think about your trimester as well.

As you get closer to delivery, the frequency and volume of exercise you’ll be able to tolerate will decrease, so adjust according to how you feel.

This said, many women find that it’s during their first trimester they’re most fatigued, so you may find that at this time you’re also cutting back on the volume quite heavily as well.

It’s important to listen to your body during this time.

You’ll be going through numerous changes and it’ll guide you to see what’s enough or too much exercise.

Likewise, it may vary week from week. One week you may get in five workouts, keeping the intensity light and then next week, even two workouts feels like its pushing it.

Rest when your body tells you and get active when you’re feeling good.

This will help take some stress away from planning your workout schedule and feeling guilty if you miss a session you had planned.

Your Doctor’s Advice

Finally, be sure to pay attention to your doctor’s advice.

If you are uncertain if the amount of exercise and type/intensity is too much, ask. You never want to doubt yourself on this, so don’t be afraid to speak up at your next appointment.

At the end of the day, the question of how much exercise is too much during pregnancy is not a black and white answer.

It’ll depend on your own body, how your pregnancy is going, and the type of exercise in question.

Generally speaking, anything more than five days a week and two or possibly three days of more intense type of training is going to be too much for you.

During pregnancy, keep it below this level to stay safe, happy, and healthy.