How To Get Motivated To Exercise


Looking for mental tricks to love exercising?

Feeling like you’d rather pass on the gym today?  Or, maybe you feel like you just don’t have it in you to say no to that piece of cake that’s been sitting in the fridge for a few days now.

Whatever the case may be, motivation can begin to wane and when it does, don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling a little like nothing will get you back on track.

Often those who are suffering from floundering motivation see two scenarios: bad and worse.  They either give half effort or they give up entirely.  Actually regaining their motivation doesn’t seem to even be an option some of the time.

Fortunately, there is one trick that you can use to help regain your motivation instantly.

What is this trick?

Think to yourself, what if you couldn’t.

Let me explain.

Looking At Exercise Differently

When you think about exercising, do negative thoughts come to mind?  Perhaps you imagine pain or discomfort, or, if you are new to exercise, you might imagine embarrassment as you make your way around the gym, not really knowing full well what to do.

Whatever the case may be, think about those who simply cannot exercise. Even if they wanted to, they can’t.

This could be due to an injury or a permanent rehabilitation that will prevent them from exercising for the rest of their lives.

Chances are, they would give just about anything to be able to get up and exercise. But here you are, taking that entirely for granted.

You don’t think about the fact that you are blessed and lucky to be able to exercise – period – you just think about how you would rather not.

By switching your thought pattern around like this and focusing instead on the fact that you are fortunate enough to be able to exercise, you can re-awaken some inner motivation that you may have never even known you’ve had before.

Looking At Healthy Eating Differently

A similar principle can be applied to sticking with your healthy eating plan.  This time, it’s not about whether you can or can’t eat healthy; it’s about whether eating healthy will make a difference.

Right now, you may be in quite good health.  Sure, you have 5-10 kilos to lose and may have a little high blood pressure or cholesterol, but there are no major problems at play.

Bad Eating Habits

Pleasure now but pain later?

At this point, with a few smart changes to your diet, you could completely transform your life. You could prevent disease and improve your day to day energy levels.  You have that power.

But, if you don’t – if you take this power for granted and keep going on the path you are right now, you may not have that power forever.

For instance, keep eating sugar laden foods and in some time, you could be struck with diabetes. Once you have it, you’re never getting rid of it.  It’s with you for life.  At that point, you won’t be able to eat those cakes, cookies, or pastries that you may love so much, so there simply will be no option.

Likewise, if you keep eating as you are, you might find yourself suffering from a heart attack. Sure, you might survive that, but do you really want it to come to that to get you to realise you need to take action immediately?

Stop taking for granted the fact that you are an able-bodied individual who can make positive changes to their lifestyle.  Make those changes today so that you don’t find yourself in a position tomorrow where you can’t.