Mindset Tips for Healthy Habits

Healthy Mindset

What are your thoughts and habits about exercise?

Perhaps one of the most devastating habits you can get into as you move toward your health and fitness goals is black and white thinking patterns.

How many times have you found yourself completely falling off the bandwagon for instance after one slip where you ate a cookie you were craving?

Perhaps, that single cookie slip turned into an entire box of cookies, which quickly went down into your stomach.

Black and white thinking is to blame for this. It’s the notion that you must be perfect or else instead, you are a complete failure.

If you think like this, like it or not, you are destined to see a lack of results.  Let’s go over how to banish these black and white thinking patterns for good so that you can move on to the success you desire.

Look For Lessons

First, rather than focusing on ‘good or bad’, start looking for lessons. If a slip up happens, don’t view it as a complete failure. Rather, think of it as a learning opportunity.

Step back from the situation and do some evaluation.  Why did what happened, happen?

And more importantly, what can you do in the future to prevent this from happening again?

These are the main points to be focusing on.  If you learn from the lesson, you’ll move forward and be better because of it. As such, you could never view this as a failure.

Note The Positive Changes

Next, you also need to consider the positive changes that are taking place.  If you only ever look at the bad things that happen – the set-backs you face, the screw-ups you made, and the short-comings you have, it’s only going to make sense you are more likely to throw in the towel.

Instead, also take note of all the good things you are doing. If you keep those in mind during those hard times when things don’t go quite as planned, you’ll be more likely to come out keeping a positive frame of mind.

Practice Self-Talk

Speaking of positive frame of mind, that brings us to the next point – positive self-talk.  Chances are high you say a number of statements to yourself each and every day. In some cases, you might not even realise you’re doing so.

Become more aware of this.  Each time you hear yourself saying something negative about your efforts, progress, or performance, turn those negative statements around.

Instead, say two or three positive things about yourself. This will help to re-program your mind to start looking more at the positive element of things.

The more aware you can become that you are doing this, the better. Many people don’t even realise the impact all these negative statements are having on them.

Strive For Effort, Not Perfection

Make the Effort

Start from where ever you are now

Finally, when all is said and done, stop striving for perfection. The sooner you can realise that no one is perfect so there’s no point in trying to be, the better.

Instead, strive for effort.  Effort is something that you can have direct control over.  How hard you try – how much effort you give as you do – these are both things that you can change.

You can’t always change the outcome of a situation. Often there are outside factors beyond your influence that come into play. So don’t let those get you down.

Instead, focus only on what you can control – your own effort.  If you are giving it your all, this should be viewed as a success.

There you have a few quick and simple tips to help you combat black and white thinking.  What do you find is the best way to get past this?