Fast Food Doesn’t Need To Mean Unhealthy Food

Fast Food Restaurants

Going to a fast food restaurant doesn’t need to mean eating bad food

There’s going to come a time in everyone’s life where eating fast food is pretty much inevitable.

Maybe you’re on a road trip and it’s the only thing that you have access too or you’re out and about in a time crunch and don’t have a proper snack on hand.

Whatever the case may be, learning how to eat healthy in these instances is important.

Believe it or not, fast food doesn’t need to derail your diet plan. You just need to be smart with your choices.

Let’s look at some of the best tips so that you can see how to eat healthy at fast food restaurants.

Be Smart With Salads

Salads are generally a great choice when eating fast food because they aren’t entirely cooked – which means you have more control.

The key things to watch for when ordering a salad to ensure it’s up to par is that the meat is grilled (not breaded) and that there isn’t a load of croutons, cheese, dried fruit, or other high fat, high calorie items being added.

If they are, simply ask for it to be removed.  Then have dressing on the side, only using a very little bit and you’ll be all set with this menu option.

Try Sandwich Alternatives

It’s also a good idea to consider sandwich alternatives if they offer it. For instance, chilli can be an excellent choice provided you don’t get it in a bread bun.

It’s high in fibre, will offer some protein and complex carbohydrates and if you get a small size, won’t be too high in calories.

Likewise, a baked potato can be a good choice – but top it with some salsa rather than sour cream.  Then order some grilled chicken on the side.

Don’t automatically think that just because you’re in a burger place, you need to have a burger.  Branch out and your body will thank you.

Opt For Chicken

If you are going to go in for that burger, the least you can do is make sure to order grilled chicken.

This will be far leaner and lower in calories than your classic beef burger, so is a much wiser choice.

Healthy vs Unhealthy

Self discipline is all it takes to choose healthy over unhealthy foods

If you’re on a low carb diet, don’t be afraid to order the chicken burger and then ditch the bun – or at least half of it. This is an easy way to control your carbohydrate intake during that meal.

Think About Your Beverage Options

If you’re dining fast food, you simply can’t afford to waste calories on a beverage.  Always opt for water.

While diet soft drinks may seem like a good choice, remember that this beverage is still full of artificial sweeteners, which are chemicals to your body.

Do you really want to be putting that into your system?

It’s important to stay hydrated as this will help to keep your appetite under control and prompt you to eat fewer calories, but don’t go in for that super-sized soft drink like so many people do.

Watch Your Sauces

Finally, make sure that you note the sauces being placed on your meal.  If ‘special sauce’ is included, request it to be off.

Instead, keep any condiments strictly limited to mustard, a little bit of tomato sauce, or a little bit of relish.

Any creamy based sauces are only going to pack in a high dose of both fat and calories.

So there you have the key tips to know and remember when dining at a fast food restaurant.

If you choose wisely, it definitely doesn’t need to break your diet plan.